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Our life is filled with warm light and good of

Hi, Father Frost! I am so glad that again soon New year, very much I wait always for it. My name is Ksenia Merenkova, I am 8 years old, I live in Nizhny Novgorod. I prepared the whole year for a holiday, I will tell - why.

At school I have girlfriends who claim that Father Frost is an invention. I argue with them that it not so. But all - doubts crept in, and I decided to make small investigations which will help me to find out everything.

So, the first. I write the letter to Father Frost every year where I tell how I and my brother Denis we study at school what new learned how we behave. I, of course, know that in a fantastic kingdom there is a special plateau with an apple where it is possible to look about any child. But it is necessary to remind of himself also in the letter. Of course, I write requests for gifts, our with Denis. And on New Year`s Eve our dreams come true. Means, it proves that Father Frost - real. Someone can argue, tell that gifts are a work of parents. But how then to explain that mother with the father order to themselves too presents which appear under a fir-tree too?

Second. I watched many movies and animated films about Father Frost, Santa Claus and I know that they at all have a list of ill-natured persons. In this list children and adults who offend kids, animals, old people. Our family will never be included in this list because we since the childhood are accustomed to care and kindness. But I want to tell that those people who were included in this list have a chance to leave it. It is necessary very much to try to become the kind person. Perhaps to try to care at first for some little kitten or a shchenochka. And, here you will see, Father Frost will strike these people off the list of ill-natured persons.

my Third proof that Father Frost real is a New Year`s Eve. We do not go to bed, we wait when after speech of the president and peal of bells in our house Father Frost, more precisely, a bag with gifts appears. It is such concerning moment! To me it is always a little frightening. I know that not parents enclose presents. Every time Father Frost leaves a little snow, and in the house begins to smell present New year. Began to smell fir-trees, tangerines, multi-colored confetti, festive fun.

all the proofs of existence of Father Frost I told

to the girlfriends. You represent, they began to trust in a miracle too, wrote letters which disappeared in a magic way. Now wait for Father Frost.

Should be trusted

always in a miracle, and it will occur. My parents still believe in Father Frost therefore our life is filled with warm light and good!

Father Frost, I believe in you! Thank you for the fairy tale!