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History with continuation of

Ya - mother of the beautiful sonny Aleshenki who was 8 years old.

I Remember

this day on June 16 as now. And fear tears gather in the eyes.

All pregnancy I very much was nervous, shouted, went into hysterics, constantly proved something to the husband and very much wanted that we passed childbirth together, but the husband (as always!!) did not want to support me. Of course, me offensively still. Girlfriends dissuaded that supposedly at the man interest in you will be gone, but I considered that then it and not the man at all.

I here the 6th o`clock in the morning 16. 06. 2001 waters began to depart, I called mother, and we called ďambulanceď. I was sent to the 17th maternity hospital. After the first check of the gynecologist I was wanted to be sent back home, having told that the uterus neck did not open yet, but left for some reason.

I here I in patrimonial chamber. To me kapelno injected the stimulating drug, and then I for the first time learned what is fights. After the next fights is closer to 20. 00 I regained consciousness with the torn chain and a cross. Did not remember herself... The doctor even told that more I did not come back to this maternity hospital. So loudly I shouted.

B 20. 00 childbirth began. I remembered breath on yoga and not only it. It is possible to tell, all my life flew by for one instant. Most of all I was afraid to die in the prime of life. But then me time 2 pressed a stomach. Did not manage to look back as the live lump lay at me on a breast and was silent. I did not understand that did me a section, one word - was shocked. Soon I heard thin peep. Such voice only the newborn kitten peeped unless, but it was my sonny.

After the delivery me was transported to separate chamber, the sonny I was not given at once, but I constantly watched it through glass in boxing.

I Remember

, at 5 o`clock in the morning (so I got up daily) to me its thin voice was heard. I, hobbling, with a temperature, went on its voice, but he constantly slept on one, on other side. In several days to me brought the kid, and we were unseparable. Doctors taught to nurse and gave several small bottles with milk and water. The sonny lovely sucked, and then hiccupped. Every day to us there came the family, but we could communicate only via phone, and I so wanted that the husband came and saw the lump at least just once. I saw how to mummies their husbands come, and they at least see tears of joy on their eyes.

Stayed maternity hospital 2 weeks... I was happy that I go at last home with the kid. And as my family was happy: husband, mother, father and brother. All amicably exhaled, and new life began.

Now, in years, I can tell

: only the child can make us by really happy.

Now I am pregnant with

again and I am on 21 weeks, but it is already other history.