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Sour ball of

at the end of fall, in the winter in the markets begin to sell a cranberry, and the season of its sales lasts to the middle of spring.

How not to indulge an organism with useful sourness? And what objedenye grandmother`s kissels from a cranberry! However, now it is necessary to cook them most.

the Cranberry - mainly the inhabitant of bogs, and this fact gives it an aura of a certain mystery in the opinion of the city dweller knowing about bogs generally according to movies and from books.

the Cranberry ordinary - the evergreen, creeping semi-bush from family cowberry. The name - a cranberry - is translated from Latin as “a sour ball“. It belongs to its berries.

Leaflets at a cranberry small, leathery, it is brilliant - green. The cranberry in May small faintly - the pink flowers collected in the hanging brush blossoms. Fruits dark-red color, are similar to round beads, ripen in August - September. On taste the sour, cultivated cranberries turned sour - sweet.

Berries of a cranberry are picked not only in the fall, but also in the spring when snow begins to thaw. Such cranberry call subsnow.

The fact that it wintered under snow to it did not damage, on the contrary, some berry of a subsnow cranberry more with pleasure than that at all that it is collected in the fall. However, the wintered cranberry becomes very gentle, it is difficult to transport and store it.

the Cranberry grows at

in Siberia, in the Urals, Distant the East, the Leningrad region... The marsh cranberry grows also in Moscow area. But does not differ in big productivity.

the Cranberry which lodged in gardens very much of a vlagolyubiv also suffers from

even from a short-term lack of moisture, in especially early spring. And it has an adverse effect on fructification of a cranberry any year.

it is the is best of all than

at dachas the cranberry grows on the open, well lit places.

the Cranberry a frost-resistant plant, she with firmness transfers adverse conditions, poverty in the minerals which are in the soil, to it temperature drops of air and the soil are not terrible. It quietly treats a penumbra from big trees.

Bolotnaya Square a cranberry is recommended to be grown up on pure sfagnovy peat, with thickness of a peat layer not less than 50 cm of Pereuvlazhneniye to a cranberry are not terrible. Saplings from the wood are steady against wreckers and diseases, but it is necessary to remove carefully all weeds which clung to bushes. In one nest two bushes of a cranberry are planted. Depth of 10 cm of Distance between nests of 20 cm. Shanks have to be from 10 to 20 cm. Usually they take roots by fall and form a gain. Blossoming and fructification steps on 4 - 5 year. needs to weed a cranberry, relieving its landings of weeds.

the Cranberry not only a valuable food plant, but it is still used also in the medicinal purposes. For example, Pyotr I considered cranberry juice as a youth elixir.

In old times a cranberry was used at cough, to it treated and warned avitaminosis and a scurvy. Our grandmothers used cranberry juice in fight against catarrhal diseases as it possesses anti-inflammatory and febrifugal action. Increases appetite. And with honey successfully wins against quinsy.


the Cranberry is useful to people with the lowered acidity of a stomach.

the Confectionery industry uses a cranberry for jams, jam, for candy stuffings.

Skilled hostesses add it to sauerkraut.

of Berry of a cranberry contain glucose, fructose, organic acids, vitamin P, vitamin C, tannins, pectins, phytoncides, mineral substances - potassium, calcium, iodine, manganese, iron, phosphorus, silver...


Sour relish a cranberry is impacted by high content in fruits of lemon acid.

the Cranberry is well stored by

long time on a balcony if its berries are not damaged. It is not necessary to wash them. Still the cranberry is filled in with water. In such state, on assurances of experts it can be stored several months.

Ya I freeze a cranberry for the summer. During a heat so there is a wish kislenky. Drinks from a cranberry well satisfy thirst.

Some recipes from a cranberry.

Cranberry juice

Can use

the juice extractor. And grandmothers just defroze, kneaded a cranberry and wiped through a sieve, or at once filtered through two layers of a gauze.


On 1 liter of juice adds 1/2 glass, or 1 incomplete glass of honey. Liquid is carried to boiling and spreads in bottles.

Honey can replace with sugar, then 1 glass of sugar with 1 liter of cranberry juice.

Kissel from a cranberry

  • 1 glass of a cranberry
  • 3 - 4 glasses of water
  • 1/2 of a glass of sugar (if you love sweet kissel, then 1 glass)
  • 2 tablespoons of potato starch (if you love dense kissel - 4 tablespoons of starch).
to the Beak to wash out

, it is possible to knead and fill in with cold water. To cook 20 minutes.

to Add sugar. To bring to boiling, to boil 5 minutes. To pour, stirring slowly, the starch divorced in cold boiled water.

at will to cranberry kissel are added by blackcurrant jam, lemon, orange crusts.

is Given with bread, a roll, fritters.

Cranberry jam

  • of 1 kg of a cranberry
  • of 1,5 kg of sugar
  • 1 honey tablespoon (it is better buckwheat).

of Berry to touch, wash out, put in a basin or the enameled pan for cooking, to a floor to cover with a cover and to cook to softness of berries. Water has to cover berries on 2 fingers.

From water and sugar to weld syrup, to fill in with the boiling syrup berries and to cook to readiness. Minutes for 5 until the end of cooking to add honey.