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Whether we are ready to learn the truth about Father Frost?

to Father Frost, Velikiy Ustyug
From Mavrysha, Volgograd.

Father Frost Respected by all, such mysterious and many-sided! It would be desirable to see sometime in this life your real face. How you actually look? You live in the hearts of millions of citizens of our country and are, perhaps, only an imagination fruit? Having embodied in the one whom we since the childhood got used to call Father Frost, not the fact that you look quite so. What you? What you think of? To whom you make wishes on a magic New Year`s Eve? Whether you are ill? Where you were during World War II? How old are you? And when you came to a position of Father Frost? Whether you are immortal? And, above all, who you, you, that initial (when there was a need for the new fairy tale character from the fairy tale - Father Frost) appointed to your position? To the position obliging to bear to people the fairy tale (all our fairy tales make real sense, but this sense in the form of the fairy tale is presented)...

Probably when you materialized that image of Father Frost to which we got used since the childhood, universal suffrage (but whom and when is a question too) were nominated to such responsible position. But what in your power to make actually?

It is possible, to learn the truth about Father Frost is from the same series of questions...

our religion - with her various questions without answers (and as soon as you learn answers, the disappointment comes)... whether

It is valid there are other reasonable beings (possibly, we learn about them in 2012)?

I other questions, the tormenting our minds...

Therefore all truth we never learn

and if we learn, then, perhaps, not all will take out it! But so far did not open for us all truth about Father Frost (though who has to make it?) for the first time decided to write the letter to lives (I this year was 25 years old) to you! I understand, of course, that it as the letter to the president... His special person who is responsible for Father Frost`s correspondence, but perhaps, perhaps, perhaps my letter will read you will read personally... You for certain will reflect why such person, with so many questions and, perhaps, not believing in Father Frost and his magic, writes you.

to my daughter Ulyana 2 years... She does not even know so far that there is Father Frost (this year he will be represented by our grandfather who beforehand began to release absolutely gray-haired dense beard)...

Perhaps if I learn more about you (that truth about which I write in the letter), it will be easier for me to explain to my kid who you are as you achieve dream (you do it by own efforts or someone helps you) etc. I think that it is necessary for our new generation which since the birth differs from generation of previous years...

Despite my skeptical mood, I nevertheless trust in the fairy tale, on a magic New Year`s Eve, a zagadyvaniye and fulfillment of desires... Also I write the letter to you, Father Frost!

I Know

that it is possible to ask gifts for Father Frost. Taking an opportunity, too I will make it, but as I already asked you that I actually in your power, will ask gifts real (of course, it would be desirable that you helped our government to resolve burning issues; especially I am concerned by a question, concerning the birth of children in socially - dysfunctional families, defective families where money is enough for alcohol, drugs etc. and is not enough for protection; the solution of this problem is many-sided, at least one real idea to our government). For New year I would like a small sofa for my daughter, the computer it is already possible too, and itself at least the construction stapler (it from small wishes)... More I will not distract you. Huge to you thanks, Father Frost!