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The best gift on birthday of

August, 2008 - wedding efforts, vanity, a registry office, cafe, cheerful guests, a celebration...

Sensation behind. A honeymoon trip at the sea... Beauty... As well as planned, in Croatia we also conceived our kid. I understood at once that I am pregnant. This maternal feeling heated me before arrival home. Without buying the test, in 1 day of a delay ran on ultrasonography as in accounts department behind a salary - like mad. But the doctor nothing and nobody saw. But you will not spend me: I - that know that I am pregnant!

At last, long-awaited already 2 - x a week delay. I go to a maternity welfare unit, the doctor to the touch defined pregnancy existence. Oh, yes! The husband is happy too. But so far it is our small family secret. Every day I talked to the kid, and at once called him “the sweet leveret“, was already sure that there will be a boy. The first ultrasonography, and I see mine krokhotulyu! We tell parents. As they are glad for us! Analyses, turns in policlinic... Nothing, we patient, will worry. At last, the first stir when was at work... What happiness! I call the husband, he even jumped up! And it in 16 weeks, and the doctor told that earlier 18 - oh not to wait for week. Hm...

all are glad to

For us, except my head mistress. Expelled from office as leprous. So what! “We will find money, the main tranquility“, - the husband and parents calmed.


that in our maternity welfare unit classes with the psychologist and gymnastics for pregnant women are given. My God, what pleasure. I am a person sociable and sports. At last I can practice and get acquainted with the same happy mummies. At once there were general subjects, and problems, fears, cares at all similar. Fine! All the friend worried about the friend and rejoiced.

Already a tummy absolutely big, the kid is actively kicked, and we with the husband stir with it, we iron, we allow to listen to music. The term of childbirth was put for May 19. Hm... And I have that birthday 18 - go May. Well, I also hinted the kid that will be cheerful if he is born at birthday of mother.“ Consider, agreed,“ - the strong kick followed in reply.

Thanks to the psychologist and little girls, I am not afraid to give birth any more, and very much I want to see and take the son. Interestingly, to whom it is similar? And what it will be? Blue-eyed or green-eyed? Brunette or blonde? Unambiguously - clever and beautiful!

on May 15 me all - the mother-in-law and the husband persuaded to go to maternity hospital. I do not unpack a thing in chamber - it is sure that today I will give rise and I will all the same be transferred to postnatal chamber. No, the son decided to constrain the arrangement, and days off I just slept off in a bolnichka.

on May 18th strange some spasms at 5 in the morning began

A. Fights! Hurrah, at last! Found the nurse, punctured a bubble, moved in prenatal. My God, at last! I will see it! Fights not such and painful, thought, it will be worse. I listen to radio on phone and favourite songs which downloaded before. So easier, I distract. I iron a tummy and I say to a synulka that very much I want to meet it that he was afraid of nothing that everything will be good somewhat quicker.

I go, I lie. Disclosure goes, the kid falls. “Not painfully, and frightened as“, - I think. Already 11. 00. The doctor feels again and says that the head big, does not leave. Yes will leave that you begin here! Ah, here they and attempts, well... Unpleasantly. But nothing, so it is still sensitive remained. I suffer, all give birth and are happy!

Already 13. 00. Something did not leave the kid yet. The doctor pressed on a stomach: “Let`s push out, it is already time to leave!“ One it did not cope, the midwife helped - does not leave. Called still the doctor... Still midwife... The surgeon - the man. That also helped, men, as they say, agreed... Pushed out! Well, the robust fellow, 5 people and mother helped to be born! Well, athlete!

Shout... Krasnenky. Volosiki black. Sweet mine, at last! I could!

is Sewn up, processed, and I look at it and I pay. My God, as I am happy! Thanks to You! The midwife laughs: “Such serious, as minister“. Still! the Name - that at it serious - Lazar. At birthday of mother gave her the best gift, the good fellow such!

Crisis, lack of money, problems... So what! You forget about everything when he smiles to you, such carefree, such beautiful, such interesting... My beloved son!