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I consider myself as the happiest on light of

Hello, my name is Aleksandra. I am 20 years old. When I learned that I am pregnant, at first I from a fright burst into tears: I did not know that to do to me: to take or not to take such responsibility at such early age! But then thought: “And suddenly, the second chance will not be?“ What of it! Decided to become mother! Went to a maternity welfare unit, doctors put the term of childbirth on April 14.

Time of pregnancy was the happiest time in my life. I very much waited for each arrival to the doctor to learn how my kid develops. I will honestly tell that very much wanted the boy and when on the first ultrasonography I was told that there will be a girl, burst into tears because my dreams collapsed. Probably, each mother wants that the first was a boy, and the second girl that the brother interceded for the little sister! But there is nothing to do, now you will not get to anywhere. Besides the husband calmed me what just dreams of the girl!

All pregnancy I had a uterus tone, doctors could not understand in any way in what business, me was terrible for the baby. I very often went to ultrasonography to check whether everything with it is good!

the Baby felt

just fine. From it and me it was quiet! However, doctors warned that it does not gather additionally in weight: for the term it is very small. Also put me on a fruit stoutening. When I went to hospital, term was 36 weeks. Time came to childbirth, and it was impossible to hesitate. I was in hospital 2 weeks. There came day of an extract, and at me all body ached, I could not sleep, I was tormented by sleeplessness, and did not leave belly-ache. The doctor decided to check me - all - term was 38 weeks. I laid down on a couch and when me the doctor began to check, I felt terrible, intolerable pain, and the doctor at the latest moment found in me the latent pathology, and told that I will never give rise!

“My God, - I thought. - I was afraid of it most of all...“ To me it was very terrible, I thought that I will not love the child as if I gave rise. After survey of the doctor I began fights, and doctors directed me to unplanned Caesarian!

Operation took place

successfully, however, the baby really was born small - 2640 gr. and 49 cm. I did not sleep and heard everything when I heard the first shout of the daughter, I understood that it is the happiest moment in my life!

Now to my baby 8 months, call her Ksyush, in walkers and something already runs it is tender in own way gurlykat. However, all the same small - in a month gains only 200 grams, but doctors say that it is normal, such constitution at it. And I do not know with it troubles at all and I consider myself as the happiest on light!