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Maternity hospital from the fairy tale

to feel confident within nine months and just before childbirth, future mother needs to provide a set of things.

the Choice of the maternity hospital meeting all requirements and the individual obstetrician - the gynecologist - the main questions on the agenda.

the Perinatal medical center on Sevastopolsky Avenue is constructed by

recently and completely conforms to requirements imposed to modern obstetric clinic of the European level.

the Distinctive feature of this new obstetrical establishment - a wide range on an outpatient basis - the polyclinic help to future mothers and children from the birth till 15 years.

the Uniform team of the qualified doctors of various profile will provide to

for each patient exclusively individual approach in permission of any problems connected with the course of pregnancy will conduct all necessary researches, including the most modern, taking into account wishes of the patient and results of inspection will choose a rodorazresheniye method, will carry out childbirth and the postnatal period.

the Delivery room consists of individual maternity boxes which are equipped with the latest equipment. Experience and knowledge of obstetricians - gynecologists, anesthesiologists, neonatolog, use of modern techniques of conducting pregnancy and labor pain reliefs allow to give birth to the healthy child. And existence of the round-the-clock laboratory and ultrasonic service ensures safety of mother and newborn.

Existence of 3 maternity blocks, features of a structure of the building and the structure of system of ventilyation and air filters allows the Perinatal medical center to work all the year round without interruption for a sink.

After the delivery mother and the child are in separate one - two and three-room chambers. And at desire the father also can join them. Specialists of postnatal and children`s offices of the Perinatal medical center will give help to mother in breastfeeding maintenance, will prompt as it is necessary to eat, will teach to look after the kid, will give advice as correctly and quickly to be restored after the delivery. Visit of relatives and friends happens in postnatal office of the Perinatal medical center in time, convenient for visitors and the woman in labor.

Indisputable advantage of the Perinatal medical center - existence of children`s reanimation. It allows doctors of a message premature birth and childbirth with heavy obstetric and somatic pathology. Existence in a staff of various experts (neurologist, ophthalmologist, ENT SPECIALIST, etc.) allows to carry out complex rehabilitation of children, since first days of life. At the same time mother and the child are not separated - mother is in office in individual chamber. Joint stay is unique psychological aspect of recovery of the child and allows not to interrupt breastfeeding.

the Perinatal medical center offers

After an extract supervision of children on an outpatient basis and at home on any of the programs submitted to parents.


To services of little patients presented a wide range laboratory - diagnostic opportunities, to consultation of children`s experts: neonatologa, pediatrician, neurologist, orthopedist, oculist, otolaryngologist, allergist, dermatologist, logopedist, cardiologist, children`s gynecologist and other experts.

Vaccination in the Perinatal medical center is carried out by

both on Russian, and according to foreign calendars of preventive inoculations. When carrying out inoculations the consent of parents is considered.

For rendering urgent home visiting service, for transportation of children from other hospitals for the purpose of continuation of treatment of the child in children`s offices of the Perinatal medical center own service of “children`s ambulance“ exists.

We are glad to welcome you in the Perinatal medical center on Sevastopolsky Avenue. We hope that our cooperation will be useful to you and your children, and they will grow up healthy and strong. Good luck!