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I want to meet New year from favourite

Hello, dear my Father Frost. You can tell:“ And you there! It is so much years, and you write everything, you write how the child small“. Also you will be the rights, me already whole 23 years. Neither it is more, nor it is less. For a long time grew from age when still it is possible to write you.

But is not present

, you will not tell it, you are Father who loves all and everything, despite everything. Good we, bad, but you all the same give us a gift - this remarkable holiday New Year. Which without your presence just not a holiday, but only its similarity.

you Know

, I always liked to write letters. To you - it is obligatory, traditional every year. Even it seems and of gifts - that did not ask, just there was a wish to tell you about what occurred, to share thoughts, to ask for suggestions. My mother liked to claim that you the most fair, the cleverest, the best. Still I am sure of it. And here I write.

I Write

, and at heart it becomes easier. And gradually I feel that I become morally ready by new year. I do not know why, Father, but is not lucky the last several years me for New Year. I constantly remain one. That is not absolutely alone, of course, nearby relatives, girlfriends, but are not present what is wanted by me. There is no love. So it turns out that before New year I leave darling. Not necessarily for ever, just we swear totally, and the holiday is celebrated separately. Already every year... And no, to it explanations.

Now it seems do not have

prerequisites, special to it, but I am afraid, Father, I am afraid of repetition again. Therefore I ask for your help. Please, make so that this New year was wonderful, unique, cheerful, and, above all, I want to meet it with darling. Only one desire. Nothing material because there is a sea of people who need your gifts more, than I. And I need only a miracle, your unique miracle. To make it only in your forces. And I trust, Father that you will be able to make me happy. And if is not present... No, even I will not think of it because you will be able.

Thanks, Father, you the best on light. And please, be always near us.