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As I gave birth to Anzhelochka of

We lived with the husband of 10 years and in 2000 made the decision to immigrate to Canada. When our documents were already ready, I learned that I am pregnant and we decided to keep, of course, this pregnancy because earlier I could not become pregnant. I am 30 years old and I heard from girlfriends in Russia much about how they gave birth, and I had a fear for myself and for the child: suddenly will bring some infection or there will be some patrimonial injuries … We went to Canada, to Vancouver in July, 2000, and my daughter was born in October. I want to share with you the story about my childbirth.

on October 26 I had next appointment with my doctor. I went as usual for reception, without suspecting that me will put this day in hospital since they do it only in exceptional cases and always when you came, they have all perfect. The doctor as always examined me and, having measured pressure (and it was then 164/115) and, having seen my terrible puffiness, right there suggested me to go for couple of days to hospital to look on the child`s monitor, to take which - what analyses, to carry out therapy on pressure decrease, and in case everything is good, promised to write out in couple of days. We went home, packed things and went to hospital. When I came there, on a reception the official fax in my occasion already lay and all documents for my stay were processed there. Having risen in office of maternity, I saw the sister who already too met me. Put me in single chamber, right there gave hospital clothes, put on a bed and, having told that the doctor will be in a few minutes, began to ask various questions. When the doctor came, she won my arrangement immediately. The doctor examined me, here made ultrasonography, and began to explain me various risks and the plan of her actions, namely: it was necessary to bring down my pressure and to cause fight since it told that it is impossible to wait in my situation more that the child as it should be, but my health under the threat. I all was covered with droppers, set a heap of pricks, on a stomach there was constantly a monitor which monitored heartbeat and mobility of the child, the sister measured every 10 minutes my pressure. My pressure became sharp to increase and reached a point 194/135, to me added still some drugs that to lower it, but at the same time I had to feel fights since medicine for this purpose too was already entered, it seems, I began to feel something, but then everything passed. I naturally could not go to a toilet, and the catheter through which they measured the liquid which was coming out me was entered. Eventually, pressure was brought down to about 150/115, but waters already departed, fights were not, and threat for the child appeared. All this epic proceeded more than 10 hours and already at the end I was in general any and was ready for everything. The doctor constantly kept me informed all my affairs and, seeing my weak reaction to the events, constantly asked me: “All of you understand? Perhaps to explain me everything in other words? You understand what occurs?“ and when she told that it is necessary to do Cesarean section, and I answered that I rely on its experience and agree to everything. I was struck by the medical staff relation - as far as they to me were attentive, and their actions were smoothly running. I consider that they made everything that they could. During the events the sister and new exchanged asked the doctor: she will give birth itself or we will do Caesarian? That quietly answers it: it is such young, it is necessary to make everything that she gave rise itself, maybe, it will want to have children still. It struck me. I started to respect local doctors.

Sergey constantly was with me, but in the operating room it was not let at first, and I constantly asked where my husband. I was answered that it will be let when everything is ready to operation. To me gave an injection in a backbone, I any more for fatigue felt nothing, and periodically tore me. Let Sergey, cut to me a stomach, I was afraid to faint, without having learned who was born, and asked: “who there?“ . Then heard sharp and loud shout and words: “It’s a girl!“ I was scary glad. To me put it on a breast, I looked at it and fainted. Regained consciousness already in reanimation, after the birth of the child there passed more than 4 hours. I terribly wanted in office to see the child and the husband. Struck the equipment in reanimation and everything was as in the movie “Emergency“: constantly someone was brought and taken away, doctors around ran, and all were busy with something. At last, I appeared in chamber in office for that who have difficult childbirth, and stayed 2 more days there, went to a toilet through a catheter, and saw the child very seldom. Here too treated me very kindly, I strongly there is nothing did not complain, I understood that everything here in comparison with Russia is just remarkable and when I was transferred to other office, for given rise normally, one sister - the Canadian speaks to me:“ I somehow looked after one woman in labor, the Russian too, and now saw you how you can be such strong?“ In other office, I had to lie in chamber for two since reserved for herself the place in advance, because chamber for two free of charge and if you lie one, then it is necessary to pay $90 a day. I told that I want in single and agree to pay. When I was brought there, I was told what I as I the patient with a high pressure, and me is necessary separate chamber which will be paid by insurance company do not need to pay. And here I understood how I am obliged to this country, I already just love Canada.

Food at me changed every day, depending on my state the special diet was written out, and to me all brought to chamber. In chamber there was a TV, a shower, a toilet, an adjustable bed, a folding chair for the husband. Brought Pump machine, disposable small bottles, nipples, laying, pampers etc. The child was dressed, nurses, having learned that we with Sergey arrived only 3 months ago and we have no relatives here, connected and presented 2 caps, a jacket, socks and a small blanket for the child. While we were in hospital, representatives of any companies came allowed to try free of charge their production (small packings home): any pampers, children`s soap, cream, even presented a beautiful diaper and a rattle. Well, just paradise.

All together: the relation of personnel and a condition, smoothed all my sufferings connected with health. I am very glad that gave rise here. It is felt that wash the daughter already the Canadian - yesterday we were written out, and today already came from a social service to look how we live, checked how I nurse, nadavat a lot of phones for the immediate help, weighed it, measured and told that will come still tomorrow.

I do not know

that was if it happened to me in Russia. In total I was in hospital of 6 days from - for the pressure, do not hold so much here, and wrote out me too with the small pressure which passed through couple of days.

the Girl at us was very much and very small since was born before term, her weight 2320, and height of 45 cm about it at an extract told: “It is very small, but it has all as it is necessary“. Now it has such age that grows before the eyes! And, it was extended in length and gains weight very in proportion in all places (harmonous very much), the truth of a cheek otjet such that they are visible from a back. It is interesting to see how the child grows in the eyes, she was born such tiny. As it is good that I have a girl.