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Games and exercises for prevention and strengthening oporno - the motive device of preschool children

Recently owing to increase in number of children with violation of a bearing there is a need for creation of preschool institutions with an orthopedic orientation.


Why at modern children often observe violation of a bearing? Obviously, it is necessary to refer high percent of birth rate of the weakened children, reduction of physical activity to number of the major reasons from - for a priority of “intellectual“ occupations and, as a result, decrease in a muscular tone, and also the general weakness of the muscles incapable to hold a bearing in the correct situation. It is important to begin as soon as possible prevention of postural defects and correction of the available type of its violation that at school the child had no increased fatigue, headaches and trunk muscle pains.

the Bearing is formed by

since the earliest childhood and depends on a harmonious muscle work, a condition of bone system, svyazochno - articulate and nervously - the muscular device, uniformity of their development, physiological bends of a backbone. Poor physical development of the child leads to violations of a bearing, and violations of a bearing complicate work of internals that leads to further deterioration in physical development.

Should remember

that it is always more difficult to treat, than to prevent development of pathological process. Tisso`s aphorism became the motto of physiotherapy exercises:“ The movement can replace different drugs, but any medicine is not able to replace the movement“.


In our kindergarten created all conditions for systematic, preventive influence on the growing child`s organism. For all day in group the optimum motive mode is supported: LFK, sports occupations, fizkultminutka, outdoor games, finger-type gymnastics, games in the fresh air, sports festivals, entertainments, medical massage, lechebno - corrective gymnastics, phytotherapy, the pool.

Systematic occupations by swimming, bathing are favorably reflected in development of respiratory organs of preschool children. When swimming the carrying power of water supporting the child on a surface as if facilitates a body therefore pressure on oporno - the motive device of a skeleton decreases, especially on a backbone. Therefore swimming - an effective remedy of strengthening of a skeleton, is actively used as corrective means.

we begin to Form in children desire to be healthy from conversations about a bearing. The tutor tells what bearing is considered correct what types of its violations happen as it is important to korrigirovat the bearing for normal functioning of internals and systems. On the first occupations it is necessary to teach children to accept correctly basic prone positions on a back and a stomach, sitting on a gymnastic bench, standing. In each subsequent occupation we remember everything that was passed on previous. In a game form children get acquainted with a structure of the body, appointment of bodies and systems, with what is useful and that is harmful to an organism. They are taught elementary skills of personal care and first aid. The nurse and the orthopedic surgeon are frequent guests on such occupations. These occupations have huge value for education of need for a healthy lifestyle. Children fix the received skills in syuzhetno - role-playing games, in independent activity.


In the second half of day hold games for strengthening of muscular system, skills of a correct posture, prevention of flat-footedness. It is important to know flat-footedness it is necessary to treat, he can even be warned by means of preventive actions.


To treatment and prevention of flat-footedness applies a number of methods. Children on occupations do remedial gymnastics barefoot. It renders not only the improving, but also tempering influence. For strengthening myshechno - the copular device of an ankle joint and foot different types of walking are recommended: on pebble, sand, ridge and orthopedic paths, massage rugs, on the inclined plane. Foot at the same time reflex “is selected“, there is an active formation of the arches. As a result leg pains decrease and stop, spring function of foot is restored, besides, the general tone of an organism raises, the weakened muscles of legs become stronger, coordination of movements trains, the correct and beautiful gait is formed.

Each loving parent wants to see the child happy. At the same time it is meant that the happy child is a person physically healthy and strong, intellectually and esthetically developed, possessing various practical abilities which will help to be approved with life, to achieve success, to be loved by people around. Therefore in preschool educational institution search of new approaches to improvement of the children who are based on the multiple-factor analysis of external influences, monitoring of a state of health of each child, the account and use of features of its organism, individualization of preventive actions, creation of certain conditions is necessary.

needs to establish to

unity in approach to strengthening of health of children in kindergarten and at home. For this purpose we regularly hold PTA meetings, consultations of experts, open viewings of occupations, joint occupations of LFK, sports leisure, holidays and entertainments. Parents take active part in creation of the developing environment in group, production of orthopedic paths. The relation of parents to physical training, to interest of children in outdoor games and exercises influences formation of children`s interests and preferences. We have to remind of it constantly to parents, inducing them to joint occupations with children morning exercises, games and exercises. Education at the child of long term habit to regular participation in morning exercises is promoted by an example of parents. At home it is expedient to use complexes of morning exercises which are carried out in kindergarten.

the Content of occupations of parents with children in many respects depends on their interests, desire to be engaged various mobile in both sports and exercises, to participate in different competitions. However parents should not be guided only by desires of children or own. It is necessary to explain them value and advantage unloved children of exercises, to advise to be engaged with children proceeding from features of their development, those exercises which turn out worse. We recommend to parents in what games to play with children (the description of games are exposed in a parental corner).

for summer vacation for preservation of the achieved results in strengthening oporno - the motive device and skills of a correct posture to parents descriptions of sets of exercises and methodical recommendations about carrying out occupations by remedial gymnastics of the house are issued. Games are the cornerstone of all sets of exercises.


In game form positive traits of character, sense of justice and associations. Being fond of game, children fix the necessary skills, transfer the corresponding loading. Each game has the rules defining activity of participants. Before game we intelligibly explain to pupils of its rule and strictly we monitor their performance. After each game we estimate actions of players.

of the Purpose of our work: improvement of younger generation; creation of conditions for protection and strengthening of health of children; formation of the valuable attitude of children towards health and healthy lifestyle; prevention of diseases oporno - the motive device of children through orthopedic game.

of the Problem of orthopedic games:

orthopedic games divide

According to tasks into five main groups.

  1. Directed to acquaintance with properties of materials (stones, sand, water etc.).
  2. Directed to improvement of separate elements of technology of the movements (hold a back, check a bearing etc.).
  3. Directed to acquaintance with people around (animals, plants etc.).
  4. Aimed at the development of physical qualities.
  5. Carried out as with objects (balls, hoops, sticks etc.) and without them.

In our practice we successfully use the equipment intended for prevention of flat-footedness and preservation of a correct posture.


the Path is made by

of the dense fabric folded double (fabric is exposed sanitarno - hygienic processing) and stitched on several offices. Various fillers are enclosed in each office (peas, stones, cones etc.).


“Flower glade“

On dense fabric sew various objects (buttons, plastic flowers, stones counting etc.) .


“Twisting path“

On a strip of dense fabric sews a rope with the small knots tied on it which settles down in the form of a snake.

Foam rubber is divided

“Obstacle course“ into squares 50 × 50 cm are also sheathed by dense fabric. On each square various irritants for feet are sewed (sticks, pencils, buttons, plastic covers from bottles, strings of various length and thickness etc.) . Squares are connected among themselves in various ways: a lacing, locks “lightnings“, buttons, carbines etc.

This equipment helps children to perform surely a task, at the same time to keep a correct posture and position of the head in space, serves as prevention of flat-footedness, forms skills of a correct posture, power endurance of muscles of feet at children; cultivates desire to try to obtain the correct performance of exercises.

of Game on strengthening of a bearing, muscles of a back and an abdominal tension

of the Purpose: to improve skills of a correct posture in various starting positions, with various movements of hands; to strengthen muscles of a back and an abdominal tension; to improve coordination of movements.

“Small fishes and sharks“



driving - “shark“, other children - “small fishes“. On a signal “Time, two, three - catch!“ they run up on the hall, and driving them “salts“ - touches a hand. To escape from a pursuit of “shark“, the player stops in any place of the hall and adopts the provision of a front rack.



  1. can run up only after the Catch! team
  2. if, having stopped, the player was not in time or did not manage to adopt the provision of a correct posture, driving “salts“ it;
  3. the caught “small fishes“ depart to a wall and adopt the provision of a correct posture, standing a back to a wall (heels, gastrocnemius muscles, buttocks, shovels, a nape touch a wall, the belt is tightened, hands below palms forward).

“Sea figure“

Children, having joined hands, form a circle, standing facing the center. Swinging hands forward - back, they pronounce words: “Waves shake - time, waves shake - two, waves shake - three, on the place, a figure, stand!“ After the word “stand“ children adopt the provision of a correct posture, standing, sitting, having kneeled. The teacher chooses best “figure“ - the child who managed to accept and keep the provision of a correct posture.



  1. accepted after the word “stand!“ the pose cannot be changed;
  2. needs to find
  3. at repetition of game a new pose;
  4. the child who did not manage to keep the provision of a correct posture steps aside
  5. and carries out corrective exercise according to instructions of the teacher.


Children lie on a stomach around, the person in the center of a circle, a hand under a chin, legs together. Driving throws a ball to any player, that beats off it two hands, at the same time, caving in, raises the head and a breast. Legs remain pressed to a floor.


Children lie on rugs on a stomach. Hands under a chin, legs together. In the face of a cup with water and the boat with a sail. It is necessary to cave in, raising the head and a breast, exhaling quietly air on the boat. It is necessary to blow quietly that the boat floated, but did not overturn.

of Game and exercise for prevention of flat-footedness

the Purpose: to form skills of the rights of an ilny bearing, to strengthen muscular system; to exercise in the correct statement of feet when walking; to strengthen muscles and a linking of feet for the purpose of the prevention of flat-footedness; to bring up a conscientious attitude to a correct posture.

Relay “Load the car“

the Equipment: cars, sticks, pencils, felt-tip pens.

Children cost

barefoot, hands on a belt, a back direct, toes serially take sticks and transfer them each other on a chain, the last puts in the car.

the Complicated option. Two teams compete.

Relay with a stick

the Equipment: sticks 20 cm long

Children cost

to one line, shoulder to shoulder. The first child takes toes a stick and gives it to the following participant, without lowering on a floor.

the Complicated option. Two teams compete.

Relay “Let`s construct a short flight of stairs“

the Equipment: the same.

Children cost

in a rank, shoulder to shoulder. Near the first child lies of 12 - 18 sticks. Children transfer on one stick each other, and the last builds a short flight of stairs.

Relay with car

the Equipment: the car with a string.

Children cost

in a rank, shoulder to shoulder. Near the first child there is a car with a string. It toes takes a string and tightens the car to the second child, transfers her to the following, without lowering on a floor.

the Complicated option. Two teams compete.

Game - imitation “Ford“

the Equipment: the box filled with stones (pebble, stones counting).

Children imitate the movement of little mice. An added step go on stones one after another.

“Paint a picture“

the Equipment: sticks (felt-tip pens, pencils of various length and color).

Children, costing barefoot, toes make various plots, using sticks of various color and length.

“Put a pattern“

the Equipment: the same and a sample - the scheme - drawing.

Children, costing barefoot, toes make a pattern on a sample and the scheme.

“We draw

a brush“

the Equipment: paper, gouache, brushes.

Children take

toes a brush, gather gouache and draw the sun (a berry, a tree, a small fence, the house, the car, etc.) .

“Catch a small fish“ (“Get a pearl“)

the Equipment: a basin with water, floating objects (traffic jams), stones.

carrying out Technique: stones and traffic jams, children toes “fall to a basin with water catch fishes“ (traffic jams) and get from a bottom of “pearl“ (stones).


a treasure“

the Equipment: a basin with water, small stones and any subject different from stones a form and size. The child becomes in a basin with water and, touching pebbles, looks for the hidden subject.


Equipment: kerchiefs (napkins).

On a floor before children kerchiefs. Children collect by toes a kerchief in an accordion and release 2 times (erase). Then take a kerchief by the edge, lift and lower it (rinse) and again collect in an accordion (wring out) and hang up a kerchief to dry.


as a result of carrying out orthopedic games and correctional work with children, on the basis of the LFK diagnostic cards and survey of the orthopedic surgeon, revealed positive dynamics in strengthening of a muscular corset and formation of a correct posture. But we are convinced that a problem of improvement of children - not campaign, but the purposeful, systematically planned work of all staff of preschool educational institution and parents for the long period. Such form of joint activity allows to establish unity of requirements to physical training of children in preschool educational institution and a family.

We are glad to

that by results obsledovaniye of the City physician - the pedagogical commission noted that our children have no deteriorations in a state of health, and on the contrary, improvement and stabilization are available.