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Waiting for the Sun of

I dreamed Of the child long ago. There was a strong wish to hold it on hands, to look in its clear eyes, to see a smile on his face and to hear ringing “Aga“. to Someone happiness comes to become mother in 18 years, and to me it came in 26. Before there was a study, work, and the most important - arrangement of private life.


in the park with the future husband, we spoke about our family, about the birth of children much. My future spouse told at once that we will have a daughter by the name of Ania. I was not against this name since it was pleasant to me. But I for some reason thought of the son. I wanted to run with it on a football field and to drive a ball, there was a wish to roll toy machines with the son and to build for them garages of cubes.

amicably and cheerfully there took place our wedding. At once we did not begin to bring the baby. We enjoyed with each other, equipped our family nest. When time to think of the child came, I caught a cold a little, in the next favorable time for conception the husband was unwell. We with the husband were with might and main revitalized, accepted vitamins, often went on nature. We very much wanted the baby, but pregnancy did not come.


to me became knows feeling when you do not wait for critical days, and they come when you see on the street of mummies walking with the kids, and at most so nothing and is impossible. You begin to think: “Of what I so was guilty before God that he does not give me children? Or “childless“ time is a test for us with the husband which we have to pass before conceived comes true?“

at the end of the next month of unsuccessful attempts I went to a maternity welfare unit to the doctor on infertility problems. There to me appointed various analyses. In the following reception the doctor frightened me of some an illness, and the midwife shouted at me that I came not in due time. As it appeared in a few minutes, there was a confusion. From registry in an office brought not my card, and washing it appeared at other doctor. My mood was impaired a little. I left from the gynecologist, got up at a window and told: “Be that will be!“ I mentally released the problem to become pregnant.

Employees at work suspiciously glanced at me since they wanted to see me with the growing tummy for a long time. Two women soon told that I expect a baby. I did not know about it so far.

there Came December. Monthly did not come to the necessary time. We with the husband decided to wait several days, and then to make the test. And here they are long-awaited two stripes! To our happiness there was no limit! There was a wish to shout joyfully for the whole world! In several days we congratulated my parents on the scheduled anniversary of their wedding. It was the remarkable occasion to please them with news about the forthcoming birth of the grandson or granddaughter.

the joyful waiting time of our firstborn Began to flow. On term six weeks I got registered in a maternity welfare unit. The first two months at me the breast ached a bit a little, having felt thirsty tomato juice and mineral water. Began to miss a dinner, for some reason the type of fried, baked and stewed food caused in me disgust. There was a winter, there was a strong wish to go skating and on skis. All these sports hobbies had to be postponed for few years.

Ya regularly visited the gynecologist, made necessary tests, demanded delivery of the free vitamins put to me. My gynecologist was very reticent, something was necessary always to to ask it. Elicited at it permission to visit of the pool. In our city at children`s policlinic the pool where there are groups of swimming for pregnant women works. In the same place, in policlinic, in a gym there take place sessions of respiratory gymnastics for future mothers. All spring to off-duty time I went to swimming. We, future mummies, floundered in water, swam, dived, did different “floats“, “asterisks“, relaxation exercises. And still we just communicated. There I got acquainted with the remarkable girl who became my friend. We with it together gave birth, and now we raise the children. On gymnastic activity, I learned to breathe and control the muscles correctly. The family approved my trainings.

We with the husband walked much. Sometimes we went to the cinema. Viewing of movies gave pleasure, but a smell of beer which was used by some audience irritated my sense of smell. I wanted beer too! Sometimes there was a strong wish for some champagne. I understood that it is only “pregnant“ whims.

on March 7 I felt the first stir in a stomach. It was the real gift by March 8! Every day our baby (I called the child the baby, without knowing his floor yet) moved more and more. We with the husband saw how it pushes kolenochka and lokotochka my tummy. Delightful show!

my tummy gradually increased. I ceased to be located in favourite jeans. My elder sister - the remarkable needlewoman. She sewed to me an excellent set of “pregnant“ clothes: trousers with a vstavochka, a vest, a wide blouse and a skirt with the regulated elastic band. It was pleasant to feel as beautiful and stylish mummy.

From work me was released in the next holiday from which I went to decretive at once. Spring ultrasonic research of a sex of the child did not show. My baby - the modest woman turned to us a back. In June went with the husband for the third ultrasonography. The doctor told that we will have a girl! I even burst out laughing as the husband was right! From that day we began to name the baby Anyuta. I still store a picture of my baby which to me was made on ultrasonography.

We carefully prepared for

our apartment for the daughter`s birth. My husband and parents did repair, and I had a rest at the dacha at this time, gathered currant and strawberry. In a maternity leave I began to go shopping a kidswear, bought diapers, baby`s undershirts and objects of care of the child. In this remarkable time I had an interest in needlework. I began the first embroidery with a cross, and also connected by a hook a vest and bootees.


during pregnancy at me aggravated female intuition which prompted the right answers and pushed to adoption of the correct decisions. I easily guessed mood of the husband and knew his further actions. It seems that with sacrament of origin of new life we are become more available by almost all secrets of the world. I tried to listen to the feelings, to catch what my baby wants “to tell“ me. I often talked to the daughter, ironed a tummy. I wished it to be fed with my breast milk as long as possible. I wanted that she liked to swim in water as I like to do it.

Here there came the day of childbirth appointed by the gynecologist, but I was not going to give birth yet. In couple of days according to the recommendation of the doctor, I came to maternity hospital on supervision and the preparing therapy. In office of preservation of pregnancy it was boring and sad, there was a wish back home to the family. In the evening my friend with whom we talked till late evening arrived. I went to sleep with thoughts of when I see the baby... People speak:“ Berry will ripen - itself will fall“. And it turned out.

term Came, and the daughter hurried to me on a meeting. Closer by midnight I began the first insignificant fights. The doctor on duty woken by me examined me, allowed to drink a pustyrnik and sent to sleep, having told that it is yet not patrimonial activity but only training. Till one o`clock in the morning I went along corridors of maternity hospital, there were no wish to sleep, it was already inconvenient to sit and to lie. After the next night survey the doctor sent me to prenatal chamber. At once for me my friend arrived there. We underwent all necessary hygienic procedures and began to wait for appearance of our babies together. Since it was impossible to sit, and it was inconvenient to lie, I till seven in the morning went on chamber, it was so easier for me to transfer fights. Became Sil gradually less, there was a wish to have a sleep. I was laid on a bed and put a dropper for strengthening of patrimonial activity.

Disclosure of a neck of a uterus went slowly, time was played infinitely. The gynecologist periodically examined me, opened a bubble, waters departed. We with the girlfriend lay on our beds, tried somehow to suffer from pain, remembered what we were taught on courses for pregnant women to.

Wants to remember with gratitude the employees of the patrimonial block who were patiently transferring all our groans, with understanding and care reacting to our requests. We begged about carrying out anesthesia, about Cesarean section, but doctors went on: “Suffer! You will give birth!“

is closer than

to two o`clock in the afternoon the gynecologist who examined me ordered: “Let`s go to give birth!“ From this message pain of somewhere left at once. Attempts were easy and painless. Under commands of the doctor and midwife for the third attempt I gave rise to the Sun, the Sweetheart, the Lassie, the daughter Anyutka. Its ringing shout lit up my heart! There was a wish to cry with happiness overflowing me, with feeling of full harmony, tenderness and love. I with the daughter spent week in maternity hospital, receiving congratulations and getting used to new life.

For me happiness did not end with

on the term of 9 months. After the birth of my daughter it proceeds every day. What this happiness - to see the first smile of the kid, to hear the first word “mother“, to be glad to the first independent steps of the child on the apartment. It is impossible to describe the feelings in a word is both pleasure, and happiness, and responsibility for life of the little man. But also huge desire that to carry by the feeling of maternal happiness which arose during pregnancy through all our bright and interesting life!

P. S. Now our Sun is 7 years old. The daughter went to 1 class, perfectly studies. She was fed with a chest milk till 2 years and 3 months. She very much likes to swim in the pool, to dive and in general to lap everywhere where there is water. Anyuta adopted at me interest in needlework, is engaged in an embroidery, beadwork, visits studio decoratively - applied creativity. And still she very much dreams to see quicker the baby whom we with the husband plan next year!