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Miracle we create the hands

Hi, Father Frost!

is Written to you by Mingazov Bulat. To me only - 13 years were only executed.

How many, probably, letters to you come with the similar contents: with requests, with wishes, with hopes for a miracle. As you deal with all this as you are in time, I cannot even present. New year - a favourite holiday of all children, and mine including. All want to write to you, all seek to see you, to receive a gift.

Me somehow had not to write

with to you earlier. I for some reason thought that it is waste of time. I did not believe in you, it was sure that Father Frost does not exist. Argued with friends who proved the return. Ridiculously, truth. And it turned out that you are.

You forgive to

me, I doubted you. I know, so it is impossible. I will improve. I very much, very much will try.

Here also I write with

to you this letter... On the one hand, to apologize, I want that you knew, I believe in you. And in soul, probably, never also ceased to trust. And on the other hand, I want to tell about myself. That you learned about me more, were proud of me.

this year in my life big changes occurred. My most cherished dream came true. Here how many I dreamed to study in the city where there is a sea of opportunities to realize the abilities, to be engaged, study, to develop. And it came true. But it was given me hardly. At first it was necessary difficult Olympiad tasks to solve. When to me the letter on pass to internal round came, all family was very glad, and and there is nothing to speak about me.

the Olympic Games in which I acted not bad too... On the one hand, the tenth place - it seems not achievement, but if to consider that the number of participants passed for one hundred... Agree, the grandfather, me is what to be proud. Thanks to it I received the invitation at once to the second round of entrance examinations in which I did not shame the family. Now I am called the proud word “lyceum student“.

I do not say

Ya that my former school was bad, no, of course, no. I love the former teachers. They are lovely, clever, careful. But here, in RBLI, all in a different way, is more serious than somehow perhaps. In a word on - adult all. Very much I hope that my study will develop successfully here. And here I also hope for you, the grandfather.

For this year I learned to be independent. Life far from parents - a heartrending experience. Nobody will remind that he forgot to put on a cap, nobody will console when you sit upset from - for a bad mark. Everything should be done most. I also learned to wash things the, and in study I cope independently, without hints of adults. I am not late anywhere, I forget nothing. I know that it is possible to rely only on himself. Well and on the friends, of course. I consider, it too achievement considerable.

Ya gradually I develop in myself male lines. I try to be courageous, strong, hardy. For example, this year transferred serious test - operation to eyes. It was sick, terrible, but I did not cry, sustained everything. I am a man, small, but the man.

Every weekend I try to come to parents. Very much I miss them, and they - me. I help them about the house and everything, than I can.

By the way, Father, you do not think that I am praised, but I am a good pupil. All six years of study at school was an excellent student. And how many the Olympic Games I saw... At first, however, no prizes could be taken, but then everything became into place. For example:
the I place in the zone Olympic Games on mathematics;
the I place in the all-school competition “The Most Competent“
the III place in the regional Olympic Games on Russian;
the III place in regional tournament on checkers.

Ya participated in the competition “The Russian Bear Cub - Linguistics for All“. It is not a lot of of course, but this year I will try even more.

Just the other day I have to act as

in a regional competition of research works of pupils with the report. I look for answers for a republican quiz on study of local lore. Interesting and fascinating occupation. Thanks to it I learned a lot of interesting about our native land.

I Like to draw

though inclinations of the artist in me and it is not observed. I like to make. There was a strong wish to go to a circle of young technicians and to plunge into the fascinating world of new opening. But, unfortunately, at the moment it is impossible.

Eh, Father Frost, I all hey yeah about. And here to ask, what about you, forgot! What I inattentive, appear. And I so wanted to ask you on everything. Here tell, please, how you manage to guess all our desires, and, the main thing from where all these gifts you get? Especially this year. Even we, children, have heard a lot about this crisis. You know, Father, I understand how it is difficult for you. I see how it is difficult for parents. Therefore I do not ask much. Friends speak supposedly ask phone to yourself abrupt, well you go with this old mobile phone, or the computer. But I do not want. On the one hand, I know that I will upset with it the parents, to them and so hardly to have. And it is a shame to me to ask from you. I do not want to be the egoist, you still need to be helped so many children which need more, than I. Here I will grow also itself by everything I will earn. Though the laptop is very necessary to me right now. Not for games, you do not think, me it is impossible for connection with operation so far not that to play, and even long to sit at the monitor. It is necessary for me for study. Now it is very difficult to do without computer, it appears. And if you suddenly are able to present it to me, I will be glad to madness.

For me now the main thing is well to study that it was not a shame to parents with me. To enter to the UNIVERSITY. Only I cannot still be defined whom I want to become. And still I want to skate. The sister here everything promises to teach. Quicker the skating rink would be filled in!

But the main thing - that my family was live, healthy for me that everything at us was good.

Father Frost, probably, is already time to finish with

the letter. And so took too much your time. And you, especially in December, do not have it at all, probably. I wish you health that you were never ill and much - many years pleased us with the presence.

Oh, the grandfather, slightly about a gift did not forget. I specially prepared it for you.

Thank you that listened. I love you, Father Frost. Come to us on a visit. Not only 31, and any convenient time. I will wait very much.

R. S. Still the grandfather, make, please, so that our football players at last learned to play well. It was so painful to me to watch how the sister when they lost to Slovenia cries and did not reach the World Cup final. And I would like that she always smiled, was joyful. Make so: they play and win, and the whole world is proud of our national team. Well, you can, I know.

R. S. S. We long argued with mother as it is better: to write the letter or to print. Mother inclined to the first option. But I insisted that it will be better to type into the computer. Probably, it is already heavy to you to make out handwriting of each child, of an eye - that the should be protected. I hope, I was not mistaken, and you will not think that you were too lazy and therefore sent so.

With hope for a miracle...