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Tomorrow early to get up early

“Tomorrow to rise, say goodbye to Bonilaska“, - my cub sang to himself under a nose, being put to bed at one o`clock in the morning. Bonilask is a clown about whom fairy tales are told by Natalya Varley, and we listen every evening to this disk.

to the Son 2,7. And it now in a difficult situation: notorious crisis of three years steps on heels therefore he falls asleep not earlier than one o`clock in the morning. Well as: absolutely adult!

I even my admonitions that tomorrow it is necessary to get up early to go to the Darvinian museum, the child did not apprehend seriously.

However, it is easy on rise. However until we reached the museum of Ch. Darvin, he was already tired and from the subway did not wish to walk, alternately sat on hands at the husband, at me.

Frankly speaking, I was sure that he will be delighted with the animals who stiffened in an exposition behind glass. But Vadka, having only glanced at them, started cutting circles around the central statue in the first hall.

- Mother, - he joyfully shouted, - here it is possible to run!

- Sh - sh, - I hissed, trying to appeal to the conscience of the son, - right there the museum, but not stadium!

Fortunately, two inspectors of the hall were so busy with the talk that did not even notice how my son rushes around, getting in the way at the next excursion of school students.


On the second floor of Vadk pass - the platform for children and the machine for which it was necessary to buy a counter, then it began to sing and move. On the machine swept, on the platform jumped, and, perhaps, it was the only thing that the child in general remembered from visit of the museum. As I tried to pay its attention to dinosaurs (by the way, the first 5 minutes of each hour “connect them in a network“, and animals begin to growl, wind the heads, to clap wings (it is not terrible at all, the truth)), it reacted extremely quietly.

- Watch

what big bear, - I tried to turn the child to exhibits. - You remember, we read the fairy tale...

- Ma, - it interrupted me, - and where here buttons?

of the Button were on two devices in one of halls: you press the button with the signature “bittern“ or “wood-grouse“, and you hear a sound which is made by this or that bird. By the way, about birdies: on these two devices voices of birds were recorded, and among them for some reason the gopher wormed way.

generally, the child joyfully pressed the buttons and listened, listened, listened... To his honor it is necessary to tell that he obediently waited when one birdie stops singing, and only then was accepted to the second...

So far he had a good time, I found to myself occupation too: in the hall with audio recordings of birds there is a rack with computers on which it is possible to look eko - system in the area. I took seat on a chair and in five minutes found out that Hugo - east district of the capital very much loses in ecology to others: the gas contamination, radiation, pollution of the soil at us reach the top limit.

of the Aunt, watching an exposition, glasses forbade the child to touch, to rustle and run on the hall. The upset kid slightly was delighted, only when we found a rack with a bronze bumblebee: it was possible to press it, and it buzzed. Still there was the same rack in other hall, with a frog, but it did not work.

- Of course, does not work, - the employee of the museum spitefully responded to my surprise, - here just there took place excursion at fifth-graders...

But our father was happy: having paid photographing, he removed and removed, having absolutely forgotten that somewhere here his wife and the child. Frankly speaking, I do not even doubt now that excursion first of all was arranged for the father, but not for the son.

We all were in turn weighed by

on “live scales“ which show your weight in mice, frogs etc.

At four o`clock the movie about evolution on Earth began, turned off the light, it was necessary to leave in gallery or it is the best of all to go down to the lower hall: there it is possible to watch this half-hour movie sitting. The binaural sound, bright pictures to the son too not too attracted. Already in a couple of minutes, having looked as from the ocean life arose, he loudly told:

- Mother and why there are a lot of children?

indeed was very many

of Children, generally it were school eskursiya.

I can tell

About the museum here that: I plainly did not manage to consider anything - first of all looked for the son. But there is a lot of animals, many look as live. Having read responses on the Internet that children negatively perceive information what the animal dead, I at once told the child that they just sleep, and wake up when people leave the museum. However, I could it and not speak: he did not look around at all.

to the Husband very much everything was pleasant to

, he with pleasure considers photos many days. The child, remembering the museum, first of all speaks about buttons, then - about the singing car.

Ya could think that the son is still too small for visit of the similar place. However the teenager with the little sister occurred in the path to the next exposition to us. The girl looked my Vadki`s coeval, however at the same time she stuck with a finger into a bear and spoke:“ This is a big bear, and here nearby small“. That is, it will be interesting to some children to visit this museum.

It is amusing that in nearly four hours which we spent inside the child never asked on handles. But on the way back in the subway fell asleep, despite of noise, an uncomfortable position at me on a lap, transitions to other line at the father on hands. It is necessary to tell that it never was since to it half a year was executed!

Means, emotions he nevertheless received some !