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Microclimate in the apartment

It is possible to air the city apartment at least ten times a day - air indoors from it not will become purer: the ecological situation in any megalopolis leaves much to be desired. Those at whom windows come to parks and forest belts were lucky, of course, more, they at least have a chance to breathe more - less fresh air, the rest should be looked for other exit...

have not enough

of Apartments overlooking green zones in the city, will definitely not be enough for all. Therefore many citizens begin to think sooner or later of how to purify air in the apartment of a smog, unpleasant smells and various bacteria. One buy conditioners, others - Split - systems, but it is not panacea. Such systems, as a rule, only cool or heat the room, some more advanced models filter air, but need a permanent care as quite often become soiled. Besides air in apartments is, as a rule, strongly overdried by from - for a central heating and needs additional moistening. Therefore views of many buyers, especially newly made parents, often address on air cleaners, ionizers, humidifiers and quartz lamps. However it is still unclear, these devices bring benefit or harm.

Ionizers - air cleaners

Ionizers - air cleaners - devices exclusively technical. They have no relation to medicine and therefore many physicians oppose their use in premises. Therefore on such devices medical certificates are not issued, but surely there has to be a hygienic conclusion issued by Gossanepidnadzor and confirming safety of materials of which the ionizer - the air cleaner is manufactured. If that conclusion is absent, then it cannot be bought: it is not intended for premises.

the Ionizer radiates oxygen aero ions which quantity of many confuses. Researchers of the device claim that fear of overdose by aero ions has under itself no reasons as blood will not connect more oxygen, than “will allow“ it hemoglobin molecules. All other, untied aero ions, just exhaust back. Concentration of aero ions in air depends directly on time of holding a session. Useful doses are calculated and specified in the passport of the device.

Harm of ionizers is still seen by

only in nitrogen oxides and ozone which are developed at the expense of a high voltage. Both oxides - dangerous toxins if their concentration in air is exaggerated. In particular, ozone dioxide in excessive doses promotes the accelerated aging.

If to use ionizers in big rooms, precisely following the instruction, then harmful substances dissipate and do not do harm to a human body. Besides ozone in small doses “works“ as the disinfector. But there is one “but“: producers of some devices write in instructions that they can work round the clock. However the staff of the Center of electromagnetic safety at Institute of biophysics of the Ministry of Health and social the Russian Federation categorically does not agree with them. The strong electrostatic field which source is the ionizer can make negative impact on a human body. Therefore you should not leave the device included constantly. And in general, it is the best of all to keep at from it. In the passport the safest distance from the working device has to be surely specified.

one indisputable advantage of the ionizer Exists - it partially removes a static stress from electric devices that allows to avoid a congestion of dust on them. According to many experts, the ionizer as, however, and the air cleaner, perfectly works in the company with conditioners, Split - the systems and other devices controlling a microclimate indoors. Besides conditioning of the room purifies air of positive pseudo-aero ions and of surplus of negative aero ions. However when using the ionizer of a microparticle will be besieged on a floor and other open surfaces. It will demand frequent damp cleaning and whitewashing of a ceiling.

As for ordinary air cleaners, they are suitable more for working rooms, and also for rooms where there are heavy smokers. Such devices neutralize unpleasant smells, are harmless to an organism, but are unjustified in houses - too frequent change of filters and the big area of “service“ do ordinary air cleaners unprofitable for use in our apartments.


Air in our houses is strongly overdried by a central heating. People, animals and even houseplants suffer from it. It is possible to avoid it if to use special humidifiers. Practice of their application and the conducted scientific researches in this area proved that work of humidifiers favorably affects a house microclimate. Besides they are not unhealthy people. However there are several types of humidifiers, and each of them has the merits and demerits.

Cold humidifiers work with

by the principle of natural evaporation. They are equipped with paper cartridges with antibacterial impregnation or plastic disks. Result - effect of damp cleaning in the house. But such device has shortcomings. In particular, diseconomy (frequent replacement of cartridges or disks is required, and when using tap water it is necessary to change components even more often), a negigiyenichnost (on cartridges and disks harmful microorganisms accumulate), a maximum level of humidity - 60% - it is normal for people, but it is not enough for plants. At the same time devices are easy-to-work, safe, naturally purify air, have the low level of energy consumption and are absolutely silent. Are ideally suited for use in nurseries.

work of steam humidifiers boiling is the cornerstone of

. Water is evaporated by two electrodes shipped in it. Among shortcomings of such devices are registered diseconomy (big energy consumption and need of use of the additional device - a hygrometer not to go too far in moistening), a negigiyenichnost (surplus of evaporations gives condensate on walls, and from here - a mold), danger (high temperature of steam and the case of a humidifier is dangerous to children and animals), excessive heating of the room. But in too time steam humidifiers in itself cost not much, do not demand replaceable expendables, naturally purify air, are suitable for use of tap water and can be used not only for moistening, but also for an aromatherapy and inhalation. Besides steam humidifiers give the increased humidity and are most effective in greenhouses and winter gardens.

at the heart of work of ultrasonic humidifiers - high-frequency fluctuations which turn water into an easy water suspension. There is an opinion that the air sated with an aerosol is harmful to respiratory system of children and adults, however one business the aerosols filled with chemistry, and another matter - just water. So there is no consensus concerning harm of ultrasonic humidifiers. Devices are considered uneconomical as they in itself expensive also demand pure use or the special filter. Though partially it is possible to solve this problem by means of the ordinary household filter. Ultrasonic humidifiers of a shumna, after their use on surrounding objects the white raid can appear. In too time they consume a little electric power, possess high efficiency, are hygienic, safe, compact and allow to regulate humidity level indoors. The most expensive models are equipped with memory, automatic inclusion (in certain time) and shutdown (in certain time or in the absence of water in the device), the built-in hygrometer. Therefore ultrasonic humidifiers are suitable for premises, but it is better not to use them in bedrooms and nurseries.

Quartz lamps

Quartz lamps - a good way to disinfect the room. But use them, as a rule, in medical and educational institutions. Some time ago in news information that from - for misuse by the teacher of a quartz lamp several pupils of one of the Russian schools were hospitalized with the diagnosis “an eye cornea burn“ flew. In it is that and danger of use of quartz lamps in house conditions is covered. It is impossible to be in the room during quartz treatment at all. Lamps during which work patients in clinics remain in chamber - are screened, but they are not intended for small-sized apartments.

of the Lamp, intended for house use, have no screen, but they have one more useful property: them it is possible to warm up ears and the top airways as prevention and treatment of ORZ and a SARS (before application it is necessary to consult with the doctor). For warming up special nozzles are used, and for work with a lamp the set joins the special darkened glasses which are carrying out function of the screen for this purpose who uses a lamp at present. House quartz lamps are simple in use and cost rather not much.

Sometimes doctors advise

to get a quartz lamp if the child with the lowered immunity and without inoculations lives in the apartment if the kid often has catarrhal diseases or if in the apartment there lives an elderly weakened person. Processing of the room a quartz lamp significantly reduces probability of infection with the diseases which are transmitted vozdushno - a drop way. Only you remember that quartz treatment will kill live plants therefore clean them to other room for the period of procedure.