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The developing book for Mikhail I very much want to tell

about the developing book which I made for my son Mikhail.

the Idea appeared even during pregnancy, but started its embodiment when the son was two months old.

right at the beginning everything reflected as the rug consisting of 16 squares. Each square with the plot. All plots were worked out on paper:

I wanted to create didactic material for knowledge acquisition, skills. There was a wish that the rug was not only developing and training, but also interesting at any age, and also safe, convenient and mobile. I revised many articles on the Internet on this subject - many thanks for ideas!

When the most part of fragments was created by

, it became clear that such volume of information needs to be given in the portions that the attention was concentrated on a certain plot. Besides, to perform operations with some details the rigid basis is required. And usability of a rug of 1,5 in size × 1,5 m always raised doubts.

at this moment the developing rug turned into the developing book. As a result on the first birthday the son received a remarkable gift - the developing book.

Now I will in detail tell

about the book

the Book consists of 12 sheets, two of which - a cover. On each leaf there are loops through which the lace is stretched. By means of a lacing all sheets are attached to a cover. Such connection allows to sort all book according to sheets (for example if it is necessary to distribute to several children).

the Book is closed by

on a fastener which serves also as the handle for transfer.

the Basis of each leaf of the book - the thin synthetic winterizer tense on DVP of 30 in size × 30.

Everyone the leaf of the book is made by

in such a way that on the one hand a leaf there is a plot, and on a reverse side - the picture with figure. On pictures except figures animals (a bear, hares, kittens, ducklings, chickens, a hedgehog, a dog, dragonflies, mice), fruit, vegetables, objects (raspberry, carrots, a stone, a basket, apples, a watering can) are represented. Therefore by means of such pictures we study not only figures. The son sounds all animals who are represented on pictures, shows them to part of a body. Calls vegetables and fruit. Did not reach the account yet.

All even figures are sewed by

on material of one color, odd - on material of other color.

Each leaf is framed with a satin ribbon of the color.

Sheets in the book are located

as complication of actions which the child with each plot can make.

practically all material was found

At production of the book in granaries at the family, only satin ribbons, children`s buttons, multi-colored threads, DVP were bought.

the Book was created by

with such calculation that the child can play with it and without supervision of adults, and not only the house therefore all details are strong attached to pages of the book.

All speakers of a detail - buttons, beads, spangles - are sewn by strong kapron threads through buttons which are on inside. Such strengthening was made in order that they could not be uprooted.

All removable details on long strong threads are attached by

to the page basis in order that they were not lost at game.


1 page

On the page sewed two rows of pieces of fabrics of the different invoice: silk, wool, flannel, chintz etc. Pieces of fabric are sewed in the same row from left to right, and in another - on the contrary. The most part of fabrics of the same kind repeats also in another, but in each row there are unpaired. Pair fabrics in ranks are sewn by differently: strips in the same row lengthways, in another across, fabric in one person up, in other row - facedown.

right at the beginning the son just turned over fabrics. Then some fabrics were named: father`s scarf, granny`s jacket, Mishina diaper. Began to look for certain fabrics in the same row. Now we look for pair fabrics.

the 2nd page

On the Magic seven-petal flower page. Petals are made of a wide satin ribbon, the core is connected by a hook. At a flower only the core which is filled with a synthetic winterizer is sewn. Petals correspond to flowers of a rainbow, they can be pulled, it is possible to turn out.


the 3rd page

On the page represented the star sky in which center on a flypaper either the full moon, or month is attached. Both the moon, and month connect a satin ribbon to the center of the picture, it allows not to lose details. Stars are made the different size and of different materials: fabric of two types, buttons, beads, spangles.

Now the son looks for the smallest, biggest asterisk, unfastens and attaches the moon or month.

the 4th page

On the page a small fragment of traffic - three machines and the traffic light. One of cars small is a purchased application.

In the lorry the dog goes to the right side. The car body is a pocket in which satin ribbons are hidden. On tapes wooden beads are strung: white, black, brown; round, oval; big, small. Wheels at the lorry are made of pieces of linoleum, they freely rotate on buttons.

to the left side go a bear with balls By the passenger car and a calf. Wheels are made of big wooden buttons at which the middle is drilled, and they freely rotate on buttons.

Forward headlights of these cars - buttons, back - are embroidered with threads.

the Traffic light is a piece of a thick woolen cloth which part is sewn to the picture basis, on it three buttons are sewn. Other part allows to open and close buttons.

the 5th page

On the page a lodge on which roof there is a garret window. Near the house a wooden fence. The fence is made of a piece of a straw napkin, densely sewn to the picture basis.

the Lodge is filled with a synthetic winterizer and stitched - imitation of logs. In the center of the house a big window with the revealing sun blind. A sun blind is fixed on a flypaper. Behind a sun blind - a curtain. If to remove or lift a curtain, then there it is possible to see a dog. The garret window is made of a piece of linoleum. The window is sewn in one place to the basis and rotates around the place of an attachment. On an attic the mouse hid. If to unbend the roof edge, then it is possible to see butterflies.

the 6th page

On the page - a ship. The stern of a ship is sewn to the basis. Aft three windows - a window - made of a piece of linoleum. Each window is sewn in one place to the basis and rotates around the place of an attachment. Behind each window the passenger - a bear, a dog, a bee. On a rostrum there is an anchor which is attached on a flypaper. An anchor on a thick rope - imitation of an anchor chain.


Aft sewed a bear - purchased application. The sail of the ship is sewn only by the lower party to the basis. The top end of a sail is sewn to a satin ribbon in such a way that if to pull for a tape down - the sail will go down if to pull up - the sail will rise. The red flag is in the same way made. Other tags of a garland (other colors of a rainbow) are cut out from a wide satin ribbon and sewn to the basis only by one party.

Near the ship seagulls fly - they are cut out from a wide satin ribbon and sewn to the basis only by a body, and wings are free. That satin ribbons were not dismissed, all edges melted off.

the 7th page

On the page summer day. Brightly the sun shines, at the sun rays are not sewn.

butterflies fly Nearby (all butterflies on strong threads which are fixed under one of rays).

of the Butterfly fly over florets (at florets only cores and small stalks are sewn).

Florets grow at

on the bank of a twig in which cockleshells also float small fishes. Cockleshells are buttons, one is sewn below on the right, another at the upper left.

of the Small fish of two types: buttons and purchased applications. Small fishes - buttons are sewn in different places and float diversely. Small fishes - applications on strong threads which are fixed in the bottom of a pond.

of the Butterfly and a small fish are attached by strong threads to the basis in order that were not lost at game.

of the Small fish, florets and butterflies of different flowers. Further it is supposed to give tasks in a look:“ put a red butterfly on a yellow flower“, or “put a green small fish in a pond that it floated to the right“, or “put a blue butterfly above red“.

On a lawn is costed by an apple-tree with ripe apples. Apples are made of buttons of two types and different color.


At the basis of a tree trunk the grass grows, in it a pocket in which the worm (the head of a worm - a bead, a body hid - it is weaved out of kapron threads. The worm on strong threads is fixed in a pocket. On krone of an apple-tree the dragonfly sits, it sewed only a little body. Under a tree there is a basket with berries.

All buttons are sewn by strong threads through additional buttons which are on seamy side (not to uproot).

the 8th page

On the page a New Year tree under which gifts lie. Gifts are tied up by satin ribbons which are tied by a bow. Bows it is possible to untie and train them to tie.

the Fir-tree is connected by spokes from woolen strings of two flowers. Toys on a fir-tree are children`s buttons: cat, lion, chicken, engine, frog, duck, cockleshell, elephant, horse, mushroom, bear, asterisks of three flowers. The son shows, calls and sounds all toys.

the Garland on a fir-tree consists of beads of different diameter, color and a form which are strung on a strong thread. And beads are strung so that on each tier many repeat, but there are also not repeating. Beads freely move on strong threads.

So far the son only moves beads here and there. Let`s look for further pair and unpaired beads.

the 9th page

On the page the blue sky and three cloudlets. The dark cloudlet - storm, it rustles (cellophane inside). The cloudlet is sewn only by one party and in it the rain (the white and blue beads sewn on transparent chiffon) and a lightning hides (a satin ribbon, pinched in a certain form).

the Blue cloudlet is sewn by one party and under it the opening where the sun hides is made. That the sun hid, it is necessary to pull for a tape which is in the top part of the page. That the sun looked out from - for clouds, it is necessary to glance for a cloudlet and to pull for rays.

Behind a white cloudlet, in a special opening, the rainbow hid. At a rainbow the tape thanks to which the rainbow moves. The rainbow similar to the sun appears and hides.

the 10th page

On the page four pockets. At all pockets the feature of opening. To look what is in the first pocket, it is necessary to unbend an elastic band. In a pocket the family hid: mother, father, son. Figures are made of threads and fixed in a pocket by a satin ribbon.

to look what is in the second pocket, it is necessary to undo at first two buttons, and then to unfasten a flypaper. In a pocket the hare with accounts hid. Are scores made of wooden beads of three flowers. Beads are strung on a strong thread on which they freely move. At a hare on a neck a bow which can be untied and tied.

to look what is in the third pocket, it is necessary to unzip. In a pocket in two opposite corners on multi-colored satin ribbons multi-colored wooden beads are strung.

So far the son just unzips, gets and cleans beads on tapes.

further is planned to give to

look tasks:

to look what is in the fourth pocket, it is necessary to press the button on a clip and to remove a clip on a lace.


In a pocket on a lace strung the objects made of different materials: fabrics, skin, rubbers, tree, plastic, glass, iron.

the book Cover contains

a lot of interesting too. On cover inside on the one hand the main geometrical figures (a circle, an oval, a rhombus, a rectangle, a trapeze, a square, a triangle, a parallelogram) are sewed. They are made of different fabrics (silk, astrakhan fur, a chintz, a velvet, fur fabric). Figures are sewn to the basis under different corners to teach the child to determine figures by the main signs.

On other party - game. Two labyrinths are made of two different fabrics, it is necessary to move beads which are in labyrinths.

Between the parties the secret pocket is. In a pocket details on which both parties letters are scribbled are hidden. Vowels are embroidered with red threads, concordants - blue. It is possible to make the first, main words of these letters: mother, father, son, woman, grandfather and their names.


On the face of a cover sewed a pocket on a lightning. On a pocket initials of the son and year of establishment of the book are embroidered. In this pocket there is a bilateral puzzle. The puzzle consists of nine details, on both parties of each detail drawing. Edges of details are sheathed by different lines, prompting, external, and what internal, what of the parties of a detail.

of the Detail of a puzzle and a letter are the only details in the book which are not attached. If to attach them, then it will be very difficult to play with them. But that to get them, it is necessary to make small efforts, and so far the small child, he will not be able to make it independently.