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Let will be healthy close

Dear Father Frost! When I was small, I believed that you are, but never wrote letters to you but only I said to mother and the father that I want from you to receive as a gift. They are some in the way to you my wishes gave, and under a fir-tree waited for me Pigeon`s milk candies, skates, the new book of Dumas.

Then I became more senior than

and began to doubt whether there are you. But it happened so that you made a miracle.... Fourteen years ago I met New year with the future husband. And I believed in you again. And then, 5 years ago, I asked you on New Year`s Eve about the second child, and you granted my desire - at the end of September us became four.

I here kids grew up. Last year we for the first time wrote you the letter. Father Frost, forgive, I so was afraid that you will not answer my children, and they so waited for your letter! I wrote the answer from you and when came from work and from a threshold declared that I from a mailbox pulled out the letter, three pairs of surprised eyes stared at me: the husband took away children from a garden, and they got the letter from you from a box! Here I finally believed in your existence!

Now kids already wrote you the new letter. It is written though printing letters, but you will manage to read. Here only afflicts me that inquiries at them very much high, want the game console. Though I explained to them that very much it expensive, they have an answer:“ Well, Father Frost not in shop will buy it, he should not pay money“. You tell my kids that advantage of the game console any especially as also we have a computer. Early to them still such toys and there is nothing. Books let are read better.

Father Frost, I want to ask you. Grant my most treasured desire. Very strongly the father is ill me, since spring already. Doctors already performed operation on it, it is necessary now most to be restored. Give to my father of forces vital, self-confidence, hope and health! We very much all love it, we need it very much! Help, Father, please! And too give to my mother forces and patience, it is hard for her now very much. I understood that the most important in life - health, support of relatives and understanding. I ask all this for all of us. See you again!