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Roller educational program of

For the third day after the delivery I looked at the reflection in a mirror and... was surprised. As probably many young mothers. Pleasant surprise: I got prettier and grew thin. Here only the stomach left much to be desired. The huge little son well worked to give him the form of the big balloon - now looking as the ball presented by Piglet on birthday of news agency.

Sighs about long ago the left youth and former beauty were replaced by desire something immediately to undertake. And I called the girlfriend - the shaping instructor. It long showed what I should do exercises, and already in the middle of our conversation, I understood that laziness will get the best sooner or later, and my poor press and will remain nice reminiscence of student`s life. In the head questions crowded: where I will put the child where to find three hours on occupations if is not enough for a lunch. Generally, business looked black...

But, leaving, the girlfriend saw old rollers in a corridor case. As it appeared, in the past the figure skater with an experience, I not bad moved on roller skates.“ Forget about shaping, - Olya told, - just skate on roller-skaters several times a month: both aerobic loadings, and the necessary muscles work“.

However rollers lay the whole year - so far I went the pregnant woman. Wheels were erased after a trip to Kiev, bearings it was necessary to change. And rollers were, in effect, Chinese. On a family council (and the husband, of course, approved my decision to play sports) we decided to get out in day off to the city and to buy new equipment. It already had excellent rollers with gel wheels, with a removable frame. Therefore experience of acquisition of rollers already was.

these basic rules of purchase of rollers we will share

I with pleasure :

  1. Before going to sports shop, be defined for what purpose rollers are necessary: for rest or aggressive exercises. So, rollers happen several types: children`s, special, for rest, type fitness and agressiv. All types of rollers are created taking into account certain loadings. Of course, children`s rollers will not be suitable for aggressive tricks as, however, and fitness - skates.


    In city parks people of different age and marital status prefer to

    this type of a skating. Most often on days off together with a family or alone, you leave in park and “cut“ circles to breathe fresh air and to relax a little. Sports loadings - minimum. Rollers for this style the simplest, for beginners, are surely supplied with a calcaneal brake, for safety. Boots are buttoned, as a rule, on Buckley, but not laced up. If experience you have no - that choose rollers “for rest“, they are not so bad, simply are not calculated on serious loadings.

    of Agressiv

    several types of aggressive driving Exist:

    • Vert - a skeyting - for this sport nuzhnr a special construction of “stages“ - a trench, a semi-pipe - “half - payp“ in which various turns, a somersault and jumps are carried out. The scooter flies up up and does a somersault, handstands. As a rule, among agressivshchik competitions are held. Rollers for vert - a skeyting have to be very strong, with a low boot, for example, of Rocers or Oxygen.
    • Street - more difficult jumps through obstacles. Borders, a handrail, pyramids, steps, accelerating hills, the established levels will be useful for exercises. The purpose of these dizzy tumbling stunts - to clear the greatest possible bar. That scooter which in two minutes shows the greatest number of the most difficult tricks holds authority. To secure fans of adrenaline, producers let out the strengthened rollers, with special protection. Models of rollers for a strit of K2 or Oxygen. The cost of models for aggressive driving fluctuates from 300 to 400 dollars that agree, not to everyone on a pocket.


    Practically all producers of rollers of Roces, Ultra Wheels, K2, Salomon and Rollerblade Rossignol, Bauer, produce children`s models. These rollers not only the size (minimum - 28), but also in other parameters - special system of braking which works with little effort the child differ. System “active brake“ - demands from the kid to sit down only, but not to brake pushing one leg forward with pressure upon a heel. Many models have a special design of a wheel - not such streamline as adults - fitness and aggressive models. A problem of a wheel of a square profile to reduce the maximum speed. The children`s passion to mad bustle is known! Rollers - transformers are created especially for children: allow to regulate the size - to increase or reduce it. That is become a universal remedy of movement for younger and senior offsprings. Purchase of transformers is very favorable as such rollers serve not one year. The prices of children`s rollers do not “bite“ too - from about 50 to 100 dollars. I, with a leg of the 35th size, managed to buy fine model for 1600 rubles.


    Fitness - ideal roller sport for the young mothers who are eager to grow thin, tighten muscles, to develop muscles of legs and to take care of the heart. In translation “fitness“ means “endurance“, and you really considerably improve the form if you regularly train. It is possible to combine fitness and walks with the kid of preschool age, by the way. Put the child on the bicycle, and safely go nearby. At least, you will not lag behind. As for concrete results, after an hour of driving you will spend 400 calories that to equivalently intensive game in basketball. On rollers of this class it is possible to hold high-speed run and slalom competitions, the fenced distance is for this purpose necessary. Skates have to be comfortable and reliable, convenient for high-speed run. A firm frame (on which wheels fasten), an internal boot from the special material passing air. The brake which is on rollers for “rest“ is absent here. Therefore before buying skates of the class “fitness“, you have to learn to stand firmly on rollers, and, besides, it is correct to brake, sharply putting skates across the road (so-called T - braking). Technical characteristics of such rollers: narrow wheels with a size of 76 - 80 mm and rigidity 78 - 88A, ABEC bearings. Choosing rollers for intensive trainings, give preference to a soft boot - in it in a day the leg is tired less that the whole day allows you to ride.

    Special rollers :

    It is hockey rollers of “Bauer“ and rollers for figure skating of Harmony Sports firm. The laced leather boots are suitable for figure skating, brakes are established in front. Hockey models - from special plastic, with very steady frame. Under our conditions these rollers will hardly be useful to you especially as they cost expensive. For thrill-seekers, fans of winter sports and tourists of firm are made by skates - “SUVs“ with big wheels and a powerful frame. Their metal details are covered with a water-repellent layer. Special suspension brackets do not pass moisture and dirt.


  2. the Husband adores the rollers with a removable frame: it is possible to reach to shop and to remove them. As a rule, the administration forbids an entrance on rollers. It is possible to come downstairs from the fourth floor on foot, to be passed in the subway - need to take with itself a backpack with replaceable footwear disappears. But these skates with a removable frame have two shortcomings: they differ in bad lateral support and in heavy inconvenient boots far will not leave, especially in the summer... Therefore if you are able to afford two couples of rollers (on 100 - 150 dollars everyone), “as a hobby“ choose usual rollers, and “removable“ it is possible to use as the vehicle.

  3. Rollers with a soft boot demand special care upon purchase. Put on a boot, walk and wait until the leg gets used to new “packing“.

  4. is better to choose by
  5. rollers with the checked friend having experience. In principle it is possible to address consultants in shop. As a rule, they are not inclined to deceive “beginners“.

  6. the Vast experience of professional scooters prompts
  7. that upon purchase it is better to adhere to the principle: I am not so rich to buy cheap things. Rollers have to be qualitative because bad rollers can spoil all pleasure from occupations and even to lead to serious injuries. Ideally the case has to be manufactured of rigid plastic, inside there is a soft leather boot. The main advantage of such rollers - safety: almost zero chances to sprain a leg. But happens that the means allotted for purchase of rollers are small... and you decided to present to the child the Chinese model. Carefully examine purchase.

  8. what it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase of any, especially low-quality rollers to? In - the first, the frame on which castors fasten has to sit strongly on bolts, not be unsteady at all. Wheels have to be rigid too and not “shake“, gel, but not plastic. Key parameters of wheels: rigidity (it is measured on a scale from 0 to 100) and diameter (in mm). Rollers with big wheels - high-speed, with small - not really. Therefore choose average diameter - 70 - 76 mm, such wheels are more maneuverable. Excellent material for wheels - polyurethane.

  9. can Buy
  10. rollers, without leaving the house if you already chose model and the size. Models can be seen on the websites of the companies of producers:
    • of www. roces. com,
    • of www. k2skates. com,
    • of www. rollerblade - eu. com.
  11. But it is better than
  12. that you not only tried on the bought boots, but also tried to resemble and be passed on rollers. To choose rollers theoretically - occupation quite unpromising: consider that legs at all are individual, it is better to buy model all - after careful fitting. If boots press, then they can be returned. Do not forget to take the check.

So, it is the basic rules of purchase of roller skates.


Many skilled scooters, and, sometimes, and beginners rush on paths without protection. And speed on good asphalt reaches 20 km/h. It is possible to break most, to bring down foreign child or a carriage. The author of these lines, including herself not the beginner in this sport, trained in the yard - tried to make figured jumps. On a double sheepskin coat my native father also found. Closing a door in an entrance, he kindly shouted “will not fall, the daughter?“. On it actually, the double sheepskin coat also ended with a hole on new sports pants and a knee trauma (still crackles). So to neophytes of roller sport, and “sharks“ a helmet, kneecaps, elbow pieces and gloves are vital. You should not say how kids need them...

of Firm, the letting-out rollers, care also for protection. But there are also popular producers of equipment: “CRASHPAD“, “BONES“.“ Protection“ has to be qualitative too. At first we tried to manage the Chinese parody, but efficiency of kneecaps and elbow pieces is close to zero - there is no stocking therefore the kneecap moves down. For Sunday slow driving a helmet, apparently, is not so necessary. But consider that you or yours the baby can be brought down... Kneecaps and elbow pieces protect from gentle joints. To protect a brush from blows, protection of wrists which statistically are most subject to traumatism is put on. When you fall, usually you peel a hand. Therefore the ideal option - to go to gloves. So, theoretically protection is very necessary. There are situations when on a complete set for the kid of means is, and on itself does not remain... Usual medical elastic bandage around elbows and knees, and also leather gloves on hands will help to cope with this problem. And yes dangerous collisions pass you!

Care of rollers

As you already understood

, rollers - expensive pleasure! Bearings and wheels should be changed in process of wear, approximately times during a season or two. The set of wheels can be replaced completely, but sometimes it is enough to trade their places. Careful care of the new vehicle will allow to preserve expensive purchase:

  • Avoid pools, dirt, oil, petrol spots - all this harms bearings and wheels. Sand and dirt get in a running gear and spoil it. What to do if before you there was an absolute obstacle in the form of a pool or a piece of the earth without asphalt? Pass on foot that wheels were not scrolled. If such behavior becomes for you a habit, your rollers are not threatened by fast death. And pools are artful also that it is possible to slip easily. Therefore be especially attentive when you go together with the child, looking behind him, sometimes you look to yourself under legs.
  • After driving, shake out sand from wheels if it all - got there, wipe them and dry up if rollers became wet. We usually take out a soft boot and we erase it or we dry - only for hygienic reasons. We ride usually in the summer, legs sweat, and the boot becomes damp.
  • Change wheels at least time during two seasons - they, unfortunately, are quickly erased, especially cheap plastic (the wheel is more rigid, the less it will be erased). The set of wheels costs many 30 - 40 dollars too.
  • to
  • to Distressful bearings gets most of all - before term balls and holders as a result wear out. Pollution of bearings or disappearance of greasing is followed by a heart-breaking gnash which should be heard, as a rule. It is unethical to go by such rollers not only, but also it is heavy - the speed and maneuverability decreases. What to do? The easiest way - bearings to replace. Today it is possible to buy separately bearings, however, it is necessary to go to company shop if you have expensive and qualitative rollers. Folding bearings can be processed special greasing independently, to clean dirt and sand. The detailed instruction with pictures can be found on the website www. roller. ru in the section Workshop.

you can safely go to the nearest sports shop Now, try on the chosen model and get it. The main thing that konechek sat! Passing to you winds!

Where to buy rollers in Moscow?

  1. of ENEA, Moscow pavilion, II floor; 121 stalls “The Russian gold“
  2. SPORTMASTER Retail network: Leninsky Avenue, 81
  3. “KETTLER - SPORT“ Leninsky Avenue, 21
    Manezhnaya Square, TK “Okhotny Ryad“, the II floor; III floor (lower), 3025B
    of GUM I floor, III line, Central Department Store, section “Sports Style“, IV floor
  4. “Sport Market“, st. Saykina 4 279 - 0717
  5. “Zenith“, Sokolnicheskaya Square, m Sokolniki.
  6. the Central Toy Store, the I floor, WORLD of SPORT shop
  7. the Toy Store (the subway Domodedovo), World of Sport shop
  8. of CJSC GUM - Sport, Michurinsk pr - kt, 8
  9. the Marathon - Sport, Saykin St., 4
  10. “the Extreme - Sport“, Prosvirin Lane, house 5/6
  11. the Section “Sports Style“ in Central Department Store, m an Okhotny row
  12. “the Union - Sport“, Komsomolsky Avenue, m. Frunze.
  13. “Sports goods of the leading firms of the world“, st. 1 - I am the Tverskaya - Yamskaya, m of Beloruskaya.
  14. of Benetton sport systems of GUM, 3 - I am the line
  15. “Sport - City“, Kutuzovsky Avenue, 22.

Where to buy rollers in St. Petersburg?

  1. Apraksin the Yard, a building 1, 1 - y the floor of bodies. (812) 310 - 0769