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My not last childbirth of

Earlier I thought that to plan pregnancy - it is simple not to be protected. And all. It turned out that not everything in this life is so simple. Skhodiv to mountains and having favorably updated reserves of the organism, we decided to try. Made tests, were treated. I even bazalny temperature began to take and live from a cycle to a cycle. And here - treasured 2 stripes, at first absolutely weak, are brighter and brighter then, and is brighter. We agreed not to speak to anybody, only the very best relatives and when on the sixth month I spent week in field camp, almost nobody under a camouflage suit noticed in me the pregnant woman.

Only then when I left in holiday and went to sanatorium, began to add on a kilogram in week, then fasting days and so all summer... Rescued the pool, I went there till 35th week, then simply it is heavy to go became.

September, days hot Went, having felt thirsty awfully, the doctor planned to put me in a hospital in advance though indications special were not, the truth in 32 weeks put placentary insufficiency, but KTG were all good, just she went on leave, and to leave me for the 38th week to the unfamiliar doctor there was no sense. Gave week on thoughts and went on leave.

I Come to other doctor, of 37 - 38 weeks, a set of the weight of 10,5 kg. By the way, this weight also remained until the end of pregnancy. Well, I also decided not to refuse anything to myself and nayet even 1,3 kg in a week - ate a water-melon, well it that... As she shouted! Told that I am a stupid person and I do not care for the child and that came in 5 days and threw off everything. In total. Any analyses, KTG and other. But, having closed a card and having seen record in a hospital from my doctor, channelized with the diagnosis “gestoz“. I just was stunned. Silently took a leaf and left in a huff.

All frightened me by a bolnichka. But there I was simply struck... All wanted to give rise rather and not simply, and through “Caesarian“. Only I one was wound with thought there to give rise on the 40th week. Puz was small, and I hoped to run away in 7 days home what I reminded every time to the attending physician of.

the Spirit on childbirth of me was iron: I sacredly believed that I will give rise itself, quickly, without gaps; fights will begin at home, and I will arrive to maternity hospital with disclosure of 5 cm. And here... But even the hospital spirit and the general moaning did not break my spirit!

Me, of course, was not let out because blood bad. Dripped, diluted. Somehow on walk I blurted out to the husband that till Monday (5. 10) I will not give birth, I do not want, and I will give birth to 7. 10, and PDR 12. The 10, seventh is just pleasant to me. He so with astonishment looked at me.

4. 10 I went secretly home, the whole day of the house - what happiness! Especially when the husband nearby, well and a sin not to use a folk remedy of stimulation of childbirth. After that harbingers went. 6. 10 I sent to a consultation where look a heap to the people and all want to climb up to an elbow and “to massage a sheechka“. Thank God, in that day was urgent Caesarian, and watched me only 2 persons. Told that tomorrow on stimulation, the small child (him was all the same that I was born in time and 2600 gr., and the sister of 2700 per day before term), blood bad. I was even delighted that some clarity appeared though, let and not as I wanted. Therefore to persuade the baby got out independently was a matter of principle

After a consultation harbingers went as usual. Only by 5 in the evening became hours more or less regular. We walked with the husband in reception hours with 5 to 7, weather good, skhvatochka it seems is, and it seems and is not present. In 19. 00 mother came tearing along, stared looking that I quiet as a boa. And tomorrow to me to give birth...


Ya so: if tomorrow an enema, so we walk. After leaving relatives got drunk from a paunch, skhvatochka already went, but I quietly ate a liver and giggled with girls.

of Hours in 9 the real fights in 4 minutes went. I reeled up along a corridor (there - back - just one fight), massed to myself a back, very much did not want to go down a rodblok in advance, and suddenly it is only harbingers. Some girls left, and at daybreak came back.

B 22. 00 I go on a post to the sister, she offers an enema. I say that else I will suffer, I want to go, she gives half an hour on thoughts and goes to drink tea. In 10. 30 I am given an enema, it is very surprising to sit on a toilet bowl on fights. And here also to tear the beginning, I try to breathe. In 23. 00 one more girl started to hurry to give birth. The midwife asks to suffer still slightly - slightly. I try to pack things, but it turns out badly, also all begins to bang as in weak fog. At last in 23. 30 we lower in a rodblok, I hardly come downstairs, stop, I breathe, I mass a back.

In prenatal chamber the girl shouts. It there from one o`clock in the afternoon. Watch on a chair - disclosure 2,5 fingers (the doctor told, 5 are necessary). Means, at least a half is passed. But so bolyuchy fights. I try to go, but there are no forces, and I lie, on fight I grit teeth and I hollow a leg in blinds and the gate of the battery, strongly bangs. Breath does not help, the girl who shouts strongly irritates. Disclosure at it 1,5 fingers, doctors say supposedly what shout, fights not strong. Doctors want to look at the time of fight and on a stomach, I groan, but I try to do everything that is told. From the husband SMS come, but to answer them there are no forces, try to keep clarity of mind, but all as in fog.

the Little girl who was brought together with me behaves extremely quietly (as it will become clear then, it rolled anesthetic on protection), and here she shouts that it grieves. Something early. It is taken away.

Time - the strange piece, apparently, that it lasts, rushes. Strange, but too begins to podtuzhivat me. It seems early still, say that the first time give birth of 10 - 12 hours.

during fights I tried not to shout, and gritted teeth, only the last fights whined, and here as I will shout: “Me grieves!“ The doctor of minutes through 10 (I already began to make an effort, did not bear, not correctly, of course) comes, punctures a bubble, speaks:“ Let`s be extinguished on a bed“. The midwife quickly prepares a chair. We make an effort 2 fights - nothing is impossible. The midwife comes and takes away me, I go - legs to bow-legs, thought, the head already appeared, naive. She laughs, says that early.

I Climb on a chair, fight covers, she says that it is necessary tuzhsya, and a half already passed, nothing is impossible. It is pleasant to make an effort, after bolyuchy fights - that, but it is heavy, it is a real physical activity to the limit of an organism. On the following fight I make an effort, not really well, the midwife speaks:“ Epizio, the small child, can not sustain“. And Chick scissors.

On fight I give birth a head, the doctor presses on edges. On following I give birth a coat hanger. And as the small fish comes up the daughter. The midwife lifts it over the head and congratulates on the girl. Gave rise at 1 hour 30 minutes, 2780 grams 49 cm. It is the happiest moment, I tried to think constantly of it on fights that I will give birth to my girl. She shouts at once, and I speak about what it is beautiful. Doctors laugh and ask to be extinguished just like that and to give rise to an afterbirth.

A me began to be sewed then. Rolled lidocaine, but it did not help, it seems. At once asked to bring phone, called the husband and parents while I was sewed. Sew, and the truth, is more sick, than to give birth, but to me was already all the same. The daughter cried under a lamp, and we communicated with the girl on the next chair, pressing a hot-water bottle to a paunch, reducing a uterus. Said what we are good fellows that so quickly gave rise and did not shout. Then to me rolled a dropper, were afraid of bleeding and all pressed a paunch, reduced a uterus. And then all left, the daughter cheeped, I sang her a lullaby directly from a chair, and she calmed down. The midwife applied the daughter to a breast, she licked tityu, I photographed it. At me and the truth demolished a tower whether with happiness whether from what: to me it was quiet and good because the daughter was born.

other problems - seams began then

A, there is no milk, then it came, then it is impossible to sit, a bed rigid, edges hurt. But all this trifles.

If me is asked whether I will go to give birth still, I will tell “yes“, but only a little bit pogodya. To give birth - it is healthy, but it is a hard work, I realize it even more now, I prepared for it all pregnancy and was not for nothing adjusted, did exercises, swam. And now I am a mother, my lump snuffles in a bedroom, and I am happy