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And everything was not so terrible

that I already as 2 months future mother, I did not suspect. Just went out with the friend on streets.“ Stomach, - I say, - at me something sips . Monthly is not present long ago. So what. I had it recently. Everything managed“. The girlfriend looked at me as on the madwoman and pulled in a drugstore behind the test. And further... Farther came home, threw the test far away in a bedside table. Then thought and decided that all - should be made. For fun.


. The second stripe became brighter and brighter, and I slipped on a wall below and below. Well, all. Hurrah. Came true. However, a little bit earlier, than reflected. Years so on two a bit earlier. But doubts is that I want not to sleep at the nights and to smear with brilliant green a navel, was not.

Pregnancy went in general without problems. The only time I received “strict reprimand“ from the doctor. It was the 7th month.

I Come into an office. The doctor with huge eyes sits, long looks at me. I begin to worry. First of all, of course, the inadequate thought arises in the head:“ Perhaps I forgot to put on something?“ The doctor breaks the silence:“ Tell me, please, and you did not try to jump in length?“ I stand, I think. About what it in general? The doctor continues: “Of course, some physical exercises are necessary and useful to pregnant women. But not run about the speed of 60 km/h on snow, in a sheepskin coat and a seven-months stomach behind bus!!“ Frankly speaking, for me it was such commonplace - to be run behind the leaving transport that I did not even begin to think when I was found behind the next cross-country.

9 months Rushed. The term of childbirth was put for May 21. But did not include in the plans of my son to be born 21 - go numbers. On May 26 went to a maternity welfare unit. Doctors have a short conversation. In pathology. On prenatal preparation. I go from the doctor, I pay. On the street of heat +35. There is no wish to roll in maternity hospital very much. Decided that I wait for two more days, till Monday, and I go “to give up“ to pathology.

this day at 11 o`clock in the evening went to bed. Through an hour and a half me sharp belly-ache woke. In 20 minutes again the same... I resort to the room to mother. Thank God, remained to spend the night with it. And yes would drive that on the apartment together with the husband, did not give rise yet. I speak: “Something somehow somewhere at me not that. Give but - to a shp. Harbingers, probably“. It to me: “What harbingers? You have already regular contractions. Be going to maternity hospital“. ß: “I will not go. I am not ready to give birth morally today“. About myself I think: “Well, nothing in books wrote themselves. Skhvatochki in the beginning weak, lyogenky, pulling and hardly noticeable. If it is hardly noticeable, what will be farther?“

Arrived to maternity hospital. “Sit down“, - say. What sit down there. I drive on a reception as an electrobroom. I am filled up with questions, answers to which are in black and white written down in the prenatal record for a long time: “And the husband had chicken pox? And you? And experts of all passed?“ I think: “Here, people. Before them the paunch to and fro runs, probably, not because suffers from a hyperactivity.“ Further in the head, probably, because of a stress the thought is born: “Waters! Waters have to depart.“ Convulsively I begin to think, than to wipe them if suddenly pour down. I am enough from a package a dressing gown and I hold on preparing. Well, it was necessary to guess it!

Then popular procedure with an enema. At me and so sparks from eyes, but when I saw this hose which is called “enema“ poured, in a second blew off me from a couch. In a pursuit of me with lamentations “this speed!“ the elderly nurse rushed. But I was all the same caught...

Rose in patrimonial office. Again ask something, force somewhere to undersign. To me already somehow not before. Noticeably takes each 5 minutes. I continue to drive along corridors. It is so easier for me. The midwife laughs already in a voice: “Such miracle I see the first time“. I explain to her: “You know, I have an opening already there full“ It everything laughs loudly:“ Now that`s something like it. Do not invent. And it made the diagnosis to itself, and checked opening. You have first labor, fights only an hour and a half go. Let`s manage to look at you“.

At last pay attention to me after a while. “Opening... full“. Well, and I to them that told!. So grew proud of herself that about fights forgot. To me punctured a bubble and here rushed. Attempts.

It is strange, but I am sent for some reason to lie down on a couch on the right side. Allowed to make an effort. Never thought that attempts such high. Pain just instantly leaves. How many I so lay on one side, I do not remember. It seemed that eternity. Even somehow became boring and is a pity that to me the attention is not paid. Here the midwife comes: “Well, went to give birth“.

Ya for pleasure jumped and barefoot forward it ran. I run and jump on the first chair. For me the midwife with boot covers runs:“ Not on that chair“. Well not on that, so not on. Ran on another. to me - that already all the same. Ya - that is already ready to give birth. Fights, of course, already painful, but not such that it was possible to shout with quiet conscience at all maternity hospital. I suffer.

For some reason it became unreal terribly. And when to me it is terrible, I begin to talk to everyone. I manage and to be extinguished, and about essential to chat. In some the moment to me made an epiziotomiya, I did not even feel how and when. Just burned with something we heat. And practically at once after that someone with insult zakryakhtet. It appears, already I gave rise to it. And my angry sonny instead of beginning to cry, notified the world on the birth here such dissatisfied grumble. For the sonny then I began to cry. And probably, in support right there was heard powerful “ua - ua“. Then to me this small pink lump was put on a stomach. First thought: “Oh, what soft“. 3730 gr. and 54 cm of happiness.

As it was p, process weak skhvatochek successfully passed me. Everything began at once at full scale. Perhaps therefore waiting for even more terrible torments what happened to me seemed tolerant. Or perhaps so it also was actually. All process of childbirth from the first fight before shout of the sonny took about 3 hours 15 minutes. Quickly, easily and quite tolerantly. Everything as I also represented myself in thoughts. The main thing not to panic. Of course, a pain threshold and the course of childbirth at all different. But spirit too important issue! Easy childbirth and healthy kids to future mummies!