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The frank story about house sorts

I again a great event in my life - was born the new little man, my younger daughter. I gave birth at home this time. Now to my younger daughter of Stefanie 3 months, and now it is possible to comprehend already more quietly all events which took place in my life.

the experience, the delights and experiences I first of all would like to share

with those who are going to follow my example and chooses such a little extreme option as childbirth at home. Why I this experience call extreme? About it is slightly lower, and now I would like to share the reasonings why I all - made such choice.

In spite of the fact that I long enough went to the motherhood, and at me was, according to physicians, “the burdened anamnesis“, I took out the first pregnancy rather easily. I gave birth in maternity hospital № 8, childbirth took place, according to doctors, very well, without complications, my senior daughter Sofiyushka was born the healthy and dear child, the recovery period was fast. But if to speak not so detached about all events, then, of course, to put it mildly, it was not so pleasant to me to remember a lot of things how it would be desirable.

I very seriously prepared For appearance of the senior daughter: went to courses for pregnant women, listened to pleasant music, constantly communicated with “tummy“ - generally, felt like quite healthy and happy woman. With my daughter, my long-awaited firstborn I had very good psychological contact, we often communicated, I already called her by name, and sometimes understood her signals sent me through a tummy.

But only me should have crossed a threshold of maternity hospital, I felt at once that I am “patient“ and that I will be persistently “treated“, and a lot of things depend on these unfamiliar to me people in white dressing gowns. In maternity hospital I was just shaken by the fact that so far the child was not born, of it practically do not think, call it only “fruit“, and only after the birth of the kid the attitude towards him changes a little. It did not suit me at all.

In turn I was confident

that both pregnancy, and childbirth are absolutely physiological process, and at the normal course of pregnancy and a certain preparation the woman is quite capable to give rise independently by means of the midwife, without additional medical intervention in the form of drugs or other methods which are widely used in labor. Generally, having passed through experience of roddomovsky childbirth, I made for myself such tough decision - to get absolutely other experience and to completely be given to process. And to try to create all conditions for natural, physiologic childbirth at home.

I Want to tell

at once that childbirth at home for me was not a simple whim, I fully realized some danger of this action and very seriously prepared for it. Except the necessary first-aid kit and continuous consultations with the midwife I on any case decided to consult with doctors who observed my pregnancy. I was strongly surprised by their relation to my decision though I had still certain doubts. Generally, any doctor categorically did not tell me “no“, and practically each advised something or told something about childbirth which takes place out of a hospital and what I can face or what it is necessary to be afraid of. So, for example, the doctor of TsIR Tyo Sergey Aleksandrovich advised me to hire the device for measurement of KTG (measurement of heartbeat of a fruit during patrimonial process). And my attending physician, Sergeyeva Anna Valentinovna told that often at childbirth there are severe bleedings which even in a hospital lead sometimes to lethal consequences therefore advised to make a doplerometriya on rather late term. I took many wishes and manuals into consideration. Also I was very much helped by councils of women who already repeatedly gave birth houses, they also made useful recommendations.

But here long-awaited hour of “X“ came. Long-awaited because by all calculations I transferred the pregnancy to 2 - 3 weeks. Fights began at 13:15, I just brought together the starshenky daughter Sofiyushka on walk with the father in park on attractions, and itself began to make a lunch. Fights were not painful therefore I something sang , periodically breathed, prepared and already reported about the beginning of process to the midwife. I continued to do homework, was a little tidied up, got all necessary things, prepared the first-aid kit, made a nettle. The midwife asked to note time between fights, but they went not regularly: 1 strong and 2 is weaker, through different intervals of time. When fights became more long, I relaxed on a fitball, also breathed and sang sounds. Sent the husband with Sofiyushka on a visit to the sister, and at 17:00 to me there arrived the midwife. All this time I freely moved on the house, relaxed, got up in need of a pose and breathed, I practically did not feel pain. When the midwife looked at me, she told that already disclosure of 8 - 9 cm what I very much was surprised to.

For comparison: in maternity hospital I to such disclosure “went“ 9 hours, to me practically did not allow to get up so about free behavior in labor it was possible to forget. To a stomach KTG sensors and one more device measuring intensity and frequency of fight were fastened, in 5 hours after the beginning of childbirth delivered me a dropper with oxytocin that too considerably held down my movements.

After we managed to reach such disclosure mail without serious consequences, me my midwife suggested to make an enema, but not really deep (about 1 liter, with physiological solution (boiled water with a limonchik)).

For comparison: the maternity hospital does this enema at once at receipt (and it can be in 10 hours prior to childbirth) and pour in cold water from - under the crane, about 2 liters.

Each giving birth woman knows that the most difficult and painful period in labor is predpotuzhny the period when the neck of a uterus reveals to 12 cm and when there is already a wish to be extinguished on fight, but it is impossible to make an effort still. During this period my midwife gathered water in a bathtub and I, having plunged into water, experienced not just relaxation, and some pleasure. I do not want to tell that pain absolutely ceased, of course, fight was still painful, but in a break between fights I could relax and have a rest completely. Still the midwife prompted to me how to breathe, brought to drink, generally, constantly was near, supported and helped me.

For comparison: in maternity hospital my doctor at whom I gave birth under the contract “visited“ me in a roddbloka each 1,5 - 2 hours, only in the predpotuzhny period it began to appear more often. Near me there was constantly my husband, but as it was offered to me to lie and it was impossible to move, he practically could help nothing to me. We, of course, with it tried to breathe, it did me compresses, massed legs, but all this helped a little. Just such situation “lying almost horizontally on a back“ is simply contraindicated both in the third trimester, and in labor. Business all that in such situation the lower hollow vein and an artery is often pressed sharply worsens a placentary blood-groove and outflow from extremities, process of patrimonial activity is slowed down. But doctors simply ignore all this information in favor of constancy of operation of sensors and devices.

About 1 hour I carried out

in a bathroom, then the midwife, having convinced that I disclosure full - opened an amniotic bubble. I at the same time squated across a bathroom. As soon as waters departed, me began to grieve at once. We turned over in a patrimonial position - semi-sitting, legs are bent and tightened to a stomach. In this pose it was very convenient to make an effort. On the second - the third attempt the head (at the time of the head birth the midwife lowered water in a bathroom) was born, then the midwife waited for turn of the head, without shaking and without bringing up the child. At this moment it is impossible to make an effort since only with turn of the head and the case the child can “give rise“ to a coat hanger. And then still, probably, 2 attempts - and my baby was born! It was unforgettable! It came to be on my stomach, such long, very pretty, with temnenky volosika and attentive eyes at once. She cried a little as it and is necessary to the baby, and then became silent and began to study me, and I looked at this small perfection, and I just wanted to be dissolved in this love.

it is imperceptible for me At this time and our such idyll the midwife made all necessary procedures for processing of the baby. Then I squated, slightly coughed and gave rise to a placenta. The baby and a placenta with even the pulsing umbilical cord the midwife carried to the room (there pleasant music played at this time). I took a shower and came to the room too. Then we processed and examined me. Then were accepted to the baby, by this time the umbilical cord of the baby completely otpulsirovat, and my husband just appeared in time, it was offered to it to cut an umbilical cord. Having seen me such vigorous and happy, quietly walking up and down on the room, he very much was surprised. We told how everything at us passed, he in turn admitted that he as could, delayed return home and did not want to witness my tortures, his experiences from roddomovsky childbirth still were strong 3 years ago.

Meanwhile the daughter I applied

to a breast, the midwife still gave manuals to me and told something to the husband, all were weakened and happy, the baby, having sucked a breast, too began to smile, and then fell asleep. “Life is fine and surprising, - I thought once again, - and the birth of the baby is the most unforgettable and happy moment!“

For comparison: in maternity hospital predpotuzhny I endured the period with awful pain, legs already refused (by then I lay about 7 hours on a back and practically in one situation). When I needed to rise and pass to a patrimonial table, I just could not make it, legs grew dumb, periodically cramped them. Generally, I was carried on hands by my husband. On a table again strictly horizontal position, at the same time hands it is impossible to lean and raise the case, for hands specially constructed levers, and it is better to rest legs against supports. It is very difficult to make an effort in a prone position therefore very often doctors poddavlivat “fruit“, as if “helping“ patrimonial process. After the birth (and I gave rise quickly enough, without complications) the baby exactly for 5 seconds was laid out to me on a breast and at once taken away on processing and survey. The umbilical cord was cut at once. It was already swaddled, and I did not give rise to a placenta yet. It is good that the husband was near, and so far I gave birth a placenta, and me processed, he carried our Sonyushka on hands, gently talked to it.

After the delivery I with horror accepted information that 2 more hours I have to be in a rodbloka, on a patrimonial table, and only 2 hours later me will examine again and then will transfer to chamber. All shook me and was in a fever, the back and legs strongly hurt. We just asked the nurse to disconnect me from a dropper with oxytocin and directly on a patrimonial table, somehow contrived, applied the baby to a breast. Actually I was very lucky that I gave birth under the contract, and the husband was near constantly, he very much helped me, and so just rescued the baby. It is very frequent in these 2 hours when mummy to be in a rodbloka, the kid is taken away in the children`s block and there fed up or podpaivat, and then there are big problems both with breastfeeding, and with health of the child - dysbacterioses, colibacilli etc.

I finally recovered already in chamber, I had a joint stay with the child. In 3 hours I independently got up, took the baby on hands, itself changed clothes and gently pressed her to myself. So my new life began, I fully felt mummy.

I Will tell

honestly, not everything was smooth in case of my house childbirth as literally for the second day at my baby problems with a navel, to be exact - a small inflammation of an umbilical ring began, and we were nearly hospitalized, but it already another story altogether. In general at home I received big good impression from process of childbirth, my younger daughter was born 30. 07. 2009 weighing 3700 gr., 52 cm in height. From first minutes it was as the angel - all rozovenky, such chubby and very nice. And that the most surprising - smiled much. We named her Stefiniya.