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What happiness to be mother!

“So that at us there“, - he kept saying, opening a box. I with impatience and curiosity monitor each its movement and in half-minute I try to catch on myself an enthusiastic eye... “How? Then?“ - he still does not trust, examining a small strip of paper on which two pink hyphens are seen...

“Happy New Year, darling!“ - and it clasps me in the arms...

of 8 months of pregnancy was passed without special complications.

36 week. The next reception at the gynecologist. Since morning I see small mucous allocations and I feel an easy pandiculation in the bottom of a stomach. The doctor puts threat of premature birth. Hardly I plead from lying in hospital. I ask the baby not to hurry and wait a weeks more two.

37 week. My doctor on holiday. I go to another, channelizes on KTG. I continue to explain to the daughter that else early. Yes she and knows everything.

38 week. Hurrah!! To me allowed to give birth. But the baby does not react to this joyful news and continues to sit in the cozy nest.

of KTG of 7 points, everything is good. The doctor puts a hypoxia and channelizes in a hospital. I have on a face a mute question which I did not manage to set: the nurse called the following patient, even without having allowed me to leave. I in frustration, everything is good, only KTG not really. 1,5 weeks of stresses with the unfamiliar doctor and all harbingers somewhere were gone. The organism stood.

39 week. There is no choice. I lay down on preparation. I pound a little. I sing to the crumb songs that we already very much want to see it.

of 40 weeks. Who told prematurely? Already term, and she also does not think to get out.

40 weeks and 2 days. Thursday. The doctor suggests to go to maternity hospital and to puncture a bubble. How? Today? I am not ready!. Perhaps we will wait till Monday?. Perhaps I will be able? Long foot walks, sex, stimulation of nipples - nothing helps. Grief.

of 40 weeks and 5 days. Revival. I reconcile to thought that tomorrow will puncture. I train the child that knew that tomorrow she has a birthday!

of 40 weeks and 6 days. Monday. 7th mornings. We with the husband come to maternity hospital. Before us still a couple. We wait until accept the little girl. Too amniotopiya. On a chair she plaintively shouts:“ What do you do?“ As it appeared, the little girl was directed, but why, did not tell. She, poor, thought that else she will lie down, will be prepared, and her under white ruchenk and to give birth. It is shocked. Doctors have a bewilderment. We have with the husband an easy laughter. I understand that I am waited now by the same.

7 - 30. I Sit down on a chair. “You - that though know why you came?“, - with a smile the doctor asks. “On an amniotopiya“, - I shortly answer. The doctor with relief sighs.

7 - 45. Opened a fetal bubble. Unpleasantly and a little painfully. Waters light, uterus soft, disclosure good.

B prenatal I meet my predecessor. Call Natasha.

fights Begin

. Pain is tolerant, I try to pacify her as learned at school of preparation. “To you it is not painful?“ - Natasha asks.“ Painfully, but I will see the baby soon“, - I optimistically answer.

of 10 hours. Survey showed that fights not rather effective, the neck reveals slowly. Put a dropper, and begins to scold stronger. Pain rolls. I go, I ride a ball, I breathe, in fight I fall hands on a bedside table and I hang, trying to peredyshat pain. Sometimes forces I do not remain, lay down sideways at all and I fail between fights somewhere... So far will not punch pain on the following fight again. Time flies. The dear child, we will meet soon.

of 13 hours. Natasha is taken away on survey. Comes back. And me?

13 - 20. Fights punch with an unknown force each two minutes. Really it is not enough? After the next fight I go in viewing, meters 8 there, and at once I fall on a bedside table, being bent from pain. Doctor? No, the doctor during a lunch, will only look at me at 14 o`clock.

13 - 40. Appearance of the doctor causes simplification in the head, but the body continues to shudder from pain nearly an every minute. Already presses, presses on a rectum. The doctor gives command to cover a patrimonial bed. The movement around me distracts from pain a little.

to Make an effort as it is necessary, it turned out not at once. I breathe, and all tension remains above. At last it turns out to make an effort down. I exhale, helping my child. Fight, then still, I lose time sense and I do not know how many still...

I Exhale

again and I see the blood fountain, it falls to me on a breast, on the doctor, on the midwife. I still badly understand what occurs, but on actions of medical staff and shy first shout I guess that everything, and through some fractions of a second I see the krovinochka. I forget about pain, and eyes begin to shine an impetuous smile. On hours 14 - 00.

the Small red being is that miracle for which I so waited which I so carefully carried under heart. Put on a stomach, and I feel how its tiny heart fights, I feel its heat, any more not as a particle me somewhere inside, and the new little man, here, in this big world where now us only two.

the Crumb is carried away, processed. 3550 grams, 53 cm. My favourite weight, my favourite size.

Me is sewn up. In pain of attempts it is difficult to feel when you are cut. And here when sew up, painfully. Even with anesthesia. But feeling that will sew not infinitely, and expectation help to see the daughter again.“ When to you it is heavy, think of what gives you strength“ - very correct words.

I I receive the miracle close again - close. I turn sideways, I feel its breath and even minutes 40 with affection I watch how she with appetite eats the first delicacy which I carefully prepared. Nearby Natasha gives birth. I encourage her.

I find

After patrimonial on congratulation phone from the husband: “Thanks to you. I love you!“ He already knows everything, tears of happiness run on cheeks. Its voice, and both of us drown in the ocean of feelings, is not enough only to be near...

Next time we met the daughter about 22 hours and did not leave any more. Despite fatigue, there was no wish to sleep, I watched everything and watched how my child with pleasure sleeps, and understood: “Here it, happiness!“