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When the stomach of

hurts the person often of something hurts. Many get used to it and even speak:“ If something hurts, means still is live“. Joke, of course, good, but disputable.

Quite often we hear stories of acquaintances and friends about what twists today a stomach or again in a stomach “war“ or “the nightmare as a stomach hurts today“. It is very important to p to understand

that pain is a signal of danger. Belly-ache can be different. But the special attention should be paid to the sharp and extremely dangerous diseases which are shown belly-ache.

Most often pain and discomfort in a stomach is a sign of malfunctions in system zheludochno - an intestinal path. However it not always so. There are diseases of other bodies at which the main symptom - belly-ache.

of the Malfunction can demand the different speed of reaction - rendering the immediate help and a disease which develop and proceed it is long and do not bear danger of life “now“.


about sharp surgical pathology, physicians often use the term “sharp stomach“. It is about the states demanding fast reaction and, as a rule, expeditious treatment. However the term “sharp stomach“ is rather right at treatment tactics definition, but not descriptions of the most pain syndrome. Quite often really acute pain does not demand emergency measures whereas not intensive can be extremely dangerous.

to Each person should know

about such sharp states and about how to behave if there was a danger.


As the illness can be shown? As a rule, the disease has an effect one of 3 ways or a combination of manifestations: pain, general manifestations, malfunction of body.

What is pain, all know. Treat the general symptoms: temperature increase, perspiration, sleeplessness, dizziness, headache, indisposition, weakness, small appetite. It is possible to assume malfunction of body if vomiting developed, diarrhea, is absent a chair, gases.

When it is necessary for
immediately irrespective of time of day and day of week to ask for the help in service of an emergency medical service or directly in a hospital?
  1. stomach Injury (blow, wound, squeezing)
  2. of Bleeding: plentiful nasal bleedings, vomiting blood, a chair of black color, blood in Calais. Let`s note also much more plentiful or suddenly begun periods. In this case it is worth addressing the treating gynecologist as soon as possible. Attention! Any bleedings, even those which seem not plentiful followed by dizziness, deterioration in health, weakness, demand the emergency survey of the doctor.
  3. Suddenly arisen acute pain (including sudden the night, caused awakening and sleeplessness)
  4. the Belly-ache which is followed by fever
  5. the Belly-ache which is followed by a diarrhea and/or vomiting
  6. the Acute pain amplifying up to intolerable
  7. the Poured pains of the moderated or expressed intensity, amplifying up to intolerable
  8. Pain with development of tension of muscles of a stomach (a stomach firm, painful, the respiratory movements of a stomach are limited)
  9. of Belly-ache with lack of gases and a chair
  10. of Belly-ache, followed by pallor and cold then
  11. of Belly-ache, followed by tachycardia

to the Nonspecialist tension of muscles of a belly wall is difficult to determine some signs, for example. It is worth leaving it to the doctor. But the main disturbing symptoms can quite be noticed in complexity of a situation. For example, if sweat acted or “heart beats“, and pain only amplifies, rose temperature, vomiting or diarrhea, the most right exit developed - to gather 03 phone without doubts as the situation can soon accept fatal character.

What specifically diseases can become the reason of “a sharp stomach“?

Sharp inflammatory diseases of an abdominal cavity:

  1. the Acute appendicitis - an inflammation of a worm-shaped shoot of a blind gut (appendix). The symptomatology of an acute appendicitis is extremely various therefore diagnosis of appendicitis is difficult from what the disease seeming simple is very dangerous. Despite an arrangement of a worm-shaped shoot in the right podvzdoshny area (in the bottom of a stomach on the right side) pain can arise in a stomach and then “go down“ to the podvzdoshny area. Pain is accompanied by nausea and sometimes vomiting. Body temperature is quite often increased.
  2. Sharp is divertikulit by Mekkelya. Mekkelev a diverticulum - the invagination (protrusion) of a wall of a small intestine formed owing to an incomplete zarashcheniye of a zheltochny channel which participates in food of a fruit. Most often occurs at children till 6 years, but can become the reason of sharp pathology and at adults. It can be shown by intestinal bleeding (at the same time the kcal gets bloody or korichnevato - black color), intestinal impassability. Sharp cholecystitis - an inflammation of a gall bladder. Pain in this case arises suddenly under edges on the right, it intensive, constant. It is important to note that pain can “give“ to the area of heart, a shoulder, a clavicle or a shovel that sometimes gives the grounds to confuse cholecystitis to heart diseases. Pain is followed by nausea and vomiting. From the first days body temperature increases.
  3. Sharp pancreatitis - a pancreas inflammation. Dangerous and serious disease. The main symptoms - belly-ache, swelling, painful vomiting. A typical arrangement of pain - area of a navel with gradual distribution on all stomach. Sometimes diarrhea develops.
  4. Peritonitis - a peritoneum inflammation syndrome. Extremely dangerous state which demands urgent reaction. At peritonitis patients complain of the sharp severe pains in a stomach amplifying at change of position of a body. Often vomiting, usually is not present a chair. The condition of the patient quickly worsens, the organism is dehydrated, toxins in a huge number get into blood that can lead even to shock. The patient feels dryness in a mouth, heartbeat is speeded up, the pale face, can be cold sweat.

Sharp violations of passability on zheludochno - to an intestinal path:

  1. Sharp intestinal impassability. Depending on a type of impassability of pain can be more or less intensive, but they always arise suddenly, have skhvatkoobrazny character and is frequent without exact localization. Vomiting, a delay of a chair and gases - typical symptoms intestinal impassability.
  2. Infringement of hernia. Usually patients know about existence at them of hernia and have to be warned about a possibility of infringement. 4 signs are characteristic of hernia: sharp pain on all stomach or in the field of hernia, a nevpravimost (hernia when pressing is not set) hernias, tension and morbidity of hernia, lack of transfer of a kashlevy push (this sign comes to light doctors at inspection).

Perforation of hollow bodies:

  1. Perforation of stomach ulcers or a duodenum
  2. Perforation of diverticulums
  3. Perforation of a gall bladder
  4. of the Tumour

At perforation of hollow bodies develops peritonitis. Not always at once it is possible to establish the peritonitis reason, but peritonitis is always the sharpest pains, vomiting, tachycardia, intoxication, temperature increase of a body.

of Bleeding in a gleam of hollow bodies or in an abdominal cavity:

the Rupture of a spleen
  • the Rupture of a liver
  • the Rupture of a belly aorta
  • the Rupture of an ovary
  • Bleeding from stomach ulcers or 12perstnoy guts
  • Intestinal bleeding
  • Bleeding from gemorroidalny knots
  • of Bleeding are always very dangerous by

    1. , especially if it is about internal gaps. The general symptoms of blood loss is a sharp general weakness, dizziness, heartbeat, loss of consciousness. At bleedings from stomach ulcers, a gullet, intestines or a rectum vomiting by blood (scarlet or changed), a melena (a black chair) or blood in Calais respectively is observed. If the patient suddenly faints, is weak, pale, as soon as possible it is necessary to bring him in a hospital.

      Violation of blood circulation in abdominal organs: obstruction, a spasm, a mechanical sdavleniye of vessels of abdominal organs leads to sharp intensive ultimate belly-aches which localization depends on an arrangement of body.

      “Female“ problems:

      the Rupture of an ovary
    2. Extra-uterine pregnancy
    3. of Violation of blood circulation in ovaries, miomatozny knots, tumoral formations of a small pelvis

    of Pain at gynecologic diseases can be

    1. not intensive (excepting gaps), to amplify gradually. Pain is localized in the bottom of a stomach on the right or at the left.

      However belly-ache is not always caused by a problem in an abdominal cavity. But from it the situation is not less serious. Quite often belly-ache is caused by renal pathology. Pyelonephritis, glomerulonefrit, renal colic - all these diseases can mask and be shown only by belly-ache (depending on the affected kidney, pain is localized in lumbar area or in a stomach is closer to sick body).

      Pain does not suffer jokes and lightness. She demands very valid relation to herself. It is anyway better to warn the tragedy, than to provoke it.

      Other extremely dangerous state is the myocardial infarction. If blood supply of a cardiac muscle is broken in back part of heart, pain will be to be localized in a stomach (in a stomach) that quite often misleads the patient who hesitates in hope that “everything will pass“.

      If you see that the relative, the friend or any other person has signs of a sharp stomach, call “ambulance“, leave the decision on danger or safety of current situation to the professional.