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Wait for fights!

U me there was very easy childbirth - but without pain did not do! Term was 5 - 8 December, 2007, but nothing similar in these numbers occurred! 13 - go began to cause childbirth - the child was large, it was impossible to wait! Began with gel - about 1000 rub, went to buy to Moscow - did not help. Told that it is the first time when did not work, 14 - go made a dropper. All day lay - from 10 in the morning to 12 in the night... Nothing ached and began... Doctors in perplexity... At night silent skhvatochka, tolerant - the truth went, did not allow to sleep. Thought, to the nurse to go, but till the morning waited for everything. Waited - at daybreak fights came to an end, and I fell asleep, all exhausted at sleepless night... Hours in 7 or 8 me woke on weighing and measurement of pressure, and my doctor came to the 9th. “What, - says, - with you to do? I do not know... You takes nothing!“ It was put, and disclosure 1 finger. It is impossible to pierce a bubble! To hesitate with childbirth too... I in panic - itself already became agitated!

generally, we went to 12 o`clock in the afternoon in patrimonial, before it, of course, made an enema. Came, at once stuck to me a prick that the body relaxed, the uterus was slightly opened still at least slightly - slightly!

was Overslept by me to 3 days, doctors were surprised - so long too nobody slept. Well of course, “those“ did not toil all night long with fights too!

Looked with

at me - disclosure on 2 fingers. “Solve, - say, - or you go home before fights, or we pierce a bubble. Here again 2 decisions - or begin the fights, and you give birth itself, or through 13 - 14 hours we do Caesarian!“

Ya for phone, I call the - everyone - with the question “what to do“? Well, thought - thought, decided on a puncture! What to wait for - that is new year? Pierced - there was few water, and color it light-pink. Ya - that waited for a krovishcha - as in movies... Nothing similar, and it was not sick at all! Lie, wait for fights! Well I, of course, did not begin to lie, began to go, talk to my doctor...

generally taking into account that punctured me in 15 - 00, skhvatochka went hours at 6 in the evening, weak... Then began to accrue and accrue. I did not shout, I groaned... The doctor asked all the time: “You do not want to send me or to shout at me, it can rugnutsya by a mat, and?“ Nobody was necessary to me at that moment. About the husband and there is nothing to speak - there is nothing to do to men there! Most to... Do not take with yourself them - they are nervous! Well, all left, I in intervals between fights fell asleep, in fight writhed... But nevertheless has to tell: very much even all this is tolerant, in vain was afraid!

generally, time 9, the doctor comes seldom, I one into patrimonial. The doctor comes. I to it: “2 more times on a stolka?“ Well, said that childbirth goes 12 hours, and I lay at that time 4 hours. She smiled and left... I reflected here: if now such pain what will be then?. I was captured by horror! Well, in 40 minutes I awfully wanted in a toilet...

Well, I think, began... Wait a moment... Passed only 4,5 hours - cannot be... Called the doctor - full disclosure. Went to a table, jumped itself - I do not even remember as (it high appeared...) . It seems 3 - 4 fights were , I was extinguished and gave birth to the little son - in 22 - 10, 4120 gr., 55 cm. It was put to me on a stomach, I stroked it - he was as the ordinary child who is not wrinkled without dirt... Very accurate child! And here that moment when the stomach fell, I do not remember - not before was, is even a pity that did not pay attention to it. Tore from a little - for the doctor - when the sonny climbed, she fingers to it helped in “to get through a hole“, “moved apart“, and it is unpleasant, and I moved. Then the acquaintance anasteziolog came, to give to me again an injection for mending, I also was cut down - here already I remember everything as in fog, I remember how my kid shouted on the next little table as the doctor brought it to my breast. Sucked ineptly, it seems calmed down. Again I fall asleep...

I Open eyes - the husband costs (at the time of delivery at home was)! I was surprised! In the head a mess, plainly I do not understand that it spoke - drugs still worked, it appears, my doctor called it, and it came in 12 nights of the son to take! I remember, ironed me on the head, told about a meeting with the son, said that I am a good fellow. And thanks for the son. Though the midwife prompted it to it.

Then spoke

already at home that I looked bad (well, it is necessary to think!) and from me bore drugs. And he felt very sorry for me! Well, generally, to the son across Apgar delivered to 8 - 9, to what we are very happy. Told that the neperenoshenny and good boy.

Then I vegetated in maternity hospital of 10 more days - there was temperature from - for milk. Me there all was cleaned antibiotics - dripped on 1,5 - 2 liter in day of droppers just in case if something remained or sepsis, and it appeared - a breast! I left maternity hospital all swelled up with an awful depression - cried then still at home till 3 months and on business, and not on business! Here the stress was such!

After a gap and uneven imposing of an internal seam 2 years I suffer with the milkwoman and an inflammation of interiors, the gynecologist insists on “straightening“ of this seam in the surgical way. I will not decide in any way. Also after attempts muscles stretched - now I suffer from an urine incontience.

generally, I will draw a conclusion under told above. .

to Give birth not painfully! More precisely, bolnovato. But very much it is even tolerant - I can 5 more give rise - I will not be afraid of pain! The question will rise already material here!

That, I will replace maternity hospital and I will go only with fights there!

P. S. Already 3 months my son go to yaselk, and we relaxed... And for the second we do not hurry any more, but we will surely go!