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In the world there are miracles! Mother wrote

, the letter did not reach... I will write also to all - I will show all!

Hi, Father Frost!
I am a grandson your Hare,
I Waited for you the whole year, the Meeting was represented by me!
Call me Andreyka,
Absolutely I young (3. The 5th year),
mother told Me about the one who you are such!
Now I sleep and I see,
That you to me will come, I prepared the Rhyme,
I Will dance and I will accustom to drinking,
All - all the drawings I will show you!
With the sister you I will make friends!
She yet does not know,
That soon New Year,
That on this wonderful holiday,
To us Father Frost will come, And all - all wishes In a bag it will bring br!
I obeyed parents,
Than could, helped them,
Therefore I the did not lose hope. I trust, I trust fairy tales,
And I believe in you,
do not deceive, please,
You, Father, me!
Father Frost, do not regret you for us gifts!

Father Frost, we composed this rhyme for you. We hope that it was pleasant to you, wrote it heartily and warm hearts! Of course, Andryushenka and Nastenka still absolutely small also cannot write letters still, however they drew drawings, having looked on which, I had a desire and inspiration from their person to write pismetso. I also as if plunged into the world of the childhood, happiness and belief in miracles!

I Will open for you a secret: last time I wrote the letter to Father Frost when I was 11 years old. But, unfortunately, the letter remained not noticed, and the belief in miracles disappeared over time. And today I as if recovered, started and tomorrow I will surely thank the kids for the fact that for moments returned me to the childhood. Dear, dear, hotly favourite Father Frost, do not allow repetition, please, of that old case! Send to kids something as a keepsake about this event, they hope, wait and trust. The little son goes waiting, he told to already all the friends and acquaintances that he drew the letter and that mother sent it, and in reply only snickers and the confused views... Here to prove to all that in the world there are miracles and it is only necessary to wait and trust!!!

Koshelyaev` Family (the father, mother, Andryushka (3,5 years) and Nastyushk - (1 year 3 months)).