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I believe that the miracle will be!

My name is Nastya, I live in the settlement Kiev. Now I am 6 years 8 months old. The neigbour Christina, she already goes to school, told that Father Frost is a father or the familiar uncle that the real Father Frost is absent, and he does not give gifts, I cried all day.

But then mother told me that everything comes true if you trust in a miracle. She always so speaks to me if I want something special.“ Remember how was in former years“. And we remembered how Father Frost with the Snow Maiden came to the hostel to us and took me on hands, I still was not able to go, was photographed with me and at once gave the magic photo.

When to me was 3 years old, we already lived in the apartment, and Father Frost brought me a gift again - Ken for my Barbie. In four years I already thought that it will not be able to come to me. Mother told that it should manage to descend on a visit to those kids which have no parents to bring them a little happiness though for New year, and I all the same waited, and the window leaf suddenly swung open, I approached to look, and on a window sill the gift, a set of children`s cosmetics and game lay. Probably, it hurried to orphans and could not come.

A last year I went with the father in the elevator, we wanted to take a walk, and at the elevator met Father Frost, I thought that it goes to some other girl, and we rose home to tell about it to mother. Suddenly at a door the call was distributed, and this Father Frost came, only it was without Snow Maiden, did not manage to come for it. I told it the poem, sang a song, and he presented me a gift. Then the neigbour Christina believed too that Father Frost is. Now we wait for it together: we learn verses about New year, we draw to Father Frost pictures... Also we believe that if it is strong - strongly to wish, then the miracle will occur, dream will be achieved, and this time we will have surprises from the real Father Frost again. Even if it will come to those children who never saw it, or who have no parents, and they have nobody to present gifts... Let on a magic holiday magic will concern all, and the miracle will occur!

P. S. I asked to write this story mother as I am not able to write much yet, I only study, I never wrote letters to Father Frost earlier!