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The kid under protection of an aloe

the First generation of the Russian children which grew in disposable diapers already graduated from school. The myths accompanying a gain of hearts of parents with this miracle of a civilization are almost dispelled. Now there is no question of necessity of purchase of a tolstenky pack of “little cowards“ who will facilitate life to mother and the baby. There is a wish to buy the kid the best.

What “best“ means in relation to a diaper? Each mother knows that the diaper has to absorb and hold well moisture, not “give“ it on a surface of skin of the kid. But at the same time he has to “breathe“ and, ideally, in addition care for the child`s skin. Skin - since the birth one of principal organs of the little man, and in many respects depends on its health as it will develop both physically, and nervously - mentally.

At the beginning skin for the kid - “window“ to the huge new world. Skin is capable to perceive the various irritations going from the outside world and to transfer them to a brain and to bring home when sight and hearing of the baby are still imperfect.

the skin role in fight against infectious diseases Is huge

. The uninjured skin interferes with penetration of microbes. Skin also participates in breath: (it absorbs 1/180 part of the oxygen entered through lungs and allocates 1/70 - 1/80 part of the carbonic acid removed through them) and in the general metabolism (water, salt, proteinaceous, carbohydrate and fatty).

, of course, already hardly where you will find
of Primogenitors of modern diapers, and long ago it is forgotten that on Far North young mothers stacked babies on a multilayered laying from a moss and cervine fur. The kid remained dry because allocations rolled down long pile of fur and were absorbed in a moss. As prototype of modern diapers it is possible to consider the diapers which appeared at the beginning of the 19th century to Europe and North America from flax and cotton of triangular shape, cotton with laying from soft wool which carried out the absorbing functions.
protective function of skin is expressed to

At children poorly, it is vulnerable and inclined to inflammations. Therefore such huge value has competent and love care of skin of the kid especially in the area which is under a diaper the most part of day. How to solve a dryness problem not to the detriment of natural humidity and softness of skin?

producers thought Of the solution of this task long ago, and such diapers already exist. Pampers Active Baby - the only diapers in the East European market where aloe balm is applied. When using such diapers need for those numerous means which provide protection against irritations disappears. Everything that is necessary for the kid, already is - balm is applied on a diaper.

At the first moment it surprises with

. How will absorb the diaper containing balm?

Manufacturing techniques of these diapers such is that the balm applied on the top layer of a diaper not only do not worsen the absorbing ability, but also protect skin from moisture and the irritating factors. The kid moves - and balm is evenly distributed, humidifying and feeding all smallest folds on skin.

But other question arises: whether this balm suits the kid whether will cause irritations?

according to the Russian and foreign experts, use of diapers with cream of an aloe reduces danger of emergence of irritations by 35% in comparison with other diapers.

Wonderful effect of extract of leaves of an aloe is known to mankind for a long time. Today from leaves of an aloe receive the medicinal substance widely known in pharmaceutics and cosmetology. Its uniqueness that it is capable to fight both against microbes, and against fungi, and sometimes and with some viruses.

juice of an aloe contains a large amount of vitamins, basic of which vitamin C, E and a beta - carotene. At it there is also a B12 vitamin which rather seldom meets in plants.

as a preparation for treatment of inflammations, including purulent, the aloe finds broad application in surgery, stomatology, gynecology, therapy, at otitises, diseases of a throat and nose...

finds for

of the Aloe the application and in cosmetology. Juice accelerates blood circulation and peels the dead horny cages, envelops skin a protective layer, thereby interfering with growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungal infections.

I at the same time substance does not cause an allergy and can be applied even at newborns.

it is Clinically proved that Pampers Active Baby with balm of an aloe helps to protect skin of the kid even during 12 - hour a night dream.

Therefore Pampers combining reliable protection and gentle leaving in one diaper - the optimum choice among abundance of goods for children in this segment.

In 1997 results of independent research of quality of life of the European women showed that most of women of Great Britain consider disposable diapers as the invention which exerted beneficial influence, the second for value, on their lifestyle during the post-war period. On the first place they put electric household appliances. More than 10 years ago curious independent research of quality of life of young women of Europe was conducted. Ladies were asked what invention radically improved the woman`s life in the second half of the century. On the first place all put electric household appliances, and on the second - reusable diapers.

Well, they made brighter and simpler not only life of parents, but also kids. And innovations of Pampers do diapers even more convenient.