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Parental needlework. Part 1

the opinion Is standard: - to feed and not to give the main thing in care of the child to freeze. In both of these processes - the set of subtleties and rules, hundreds of pages of popular and special works are devoted to “secrets“ of feeding and clothing. However there are concerning the baby of action less significant, but capable to nonplus a young family.

Hygienic needlework

Only - only arrived from maternity hospital, developed and found: at it, it appears, nails on fingers grow! And these nails from this so-called finger it is necessary for to someone to cut off! Take the child on hands is terrible, any minute, you will break something, and here a finger... A finger of half-centimeter! And numerous clever relatives - advisers somehow hung and do not want to participate samolichno, and the doctor that came from policlinic, was only limited to instructions:“ to cut off a marigold, to process a navel“, and we sit in melancholy now, we suffer and we are afraid. We are afraid to break, cut and in general to do much harm...

to reduce intensity of fears, we will try to light very shortly the basic rules of implementation of the simplest hygienic procedures. The main preliminary conditions are based on three elementary principles:

Two basic rules concerning carrying out one and all hygienic procedures consist that, in - the first, before to do something, main “maker“ has to put in order of - to wash hands, will dress convenient clothes. Hygienic procedures never carry urgent character and there will be nothing dangerous if you postpone them for several hours, but will find personally for yourself an opportunity to eat and have a sleep. In - the second, it is necessary to consider a condition of the baby - it is not necessary “to stick“ to it if it sleepy, hungry or whimsical.

First, but the obligatory manipulation concerning only the newborn - care of an umbilical wound.

the Main paradox is that the more often you manipulate over a navel, the more actively try to make it similar on own - the can create more problems. In principle no sticks by means of which you from a navel will pick out something are necessary. It is necessary to have: a pipette, 3% solution of peroxide of hydrogen and solution diamond green (brilliant green in popular speech).

Peroxide of hydrogen is only necessary to

in case there are bloody allocations from a navel. Moisten vatu with peroxide of hydrogen and several times blot a navel (not to rub, namely to get wet!) . It is possible to act still simpler: to take stomach skin in a fold (that the navel was in this fold) and just to drop in a navel hydrogen peroxide - 3 - 4 drops enough. And through several seconds - to get wet with cotton wool. Similarly it is necessary to arrive also with brilliant green. It is clear, that if an umbilical wound dry, then the first stage (hydrogen peroxide use) can quite be passed.

If to the baby is more than two weeks old from a sort and within two days the umbilical wound remains dry - the subject of processing of a navel can be considered closed.


the Hairstyle of nails - it is more difficult. It for the rest of life...

it is Very desirable for

that the child had, personal scissors. Small, those that call manicure, sharp and with the rounded edges. It is very desirable to sterilize the bought scissors - on 5 - 10 minutes to lower in boiled water. Further it is enough to rinse soap water. Zealous admirers of purity can process the cutting surface alcohol (vodka, cologne). In it there is no special need, but for this child is not harmful, and at heart is quieter. the Hairstyle of nails it is the best of all for p to carry out

after a bathtub, but also it is not obligatory at all. It is very important to remember that by what well nails are cut off, that a high probability of agnails and formation of the so-called grown nails. Therefore be not fond. On legs nails cut off directly, on handles - around.

Careful cleaning of ears - at all is optional

. If, especially after a bathtub, carefully to wipe with damp cotton wool an auricle, then from it to nobody it will become worse not, and here intensive manipulations in the field of the acoustical channel just conceal in themselves a number of dangers. The risk of use of long and thin objects does not raise doubts, and here the fact that, trying to remove sulfur by means of wadded turundochek, we not so much delete sulfur how many we push it more deeply in acoustical pass - it is obvious not to all.

The matter is that in ear pass there are special microfibers, they fluctuate, advancing sulfur to an exit. Everything, than we can really help - to remove sulfur which already reached an exit... For this reason follows incidentally (one - two times a week) to put in order seen (once again I emphasize: seen) part of the acoustical canal. An indispensable preliminary condition - slightly to delay an auricle back and up, then a dense wadded tampon (the cotton wool which is reeled up on a match or the cut-off toothpick), it is desirable moistened with physiological solution, slowly enter into the ear canal, slightly drive into the corner the channel and the fast movement take - and so several times as it is several walls. The tampon has to be rather thin - it that its diameter was less (!) diameter of the acoustical channel.

should not moisten a tampon with oil, motivating it with the fact that to oil sulfur sticks better. It sticks really better, but if oil becomes numb in the acoustical channel, then the sulfur which bulked up under its (oils) influence will not move already anywhere...

One more part of a body without fail demanding leaving - a nose. In the nasal courses slime and as air in premises quite often happens warm and dry is constantly formed, the mentioned slime turns into the dense crusts complicating breath. Everything that we already told about cleaning of ears, in relation to cleaning of a nose in a bigger degree is actual. To remove the accumulated dry slime without special devices very difficult, and here active manipulations during which Q-tips are thrust into children`s noses - are very undesirable. It is proved that it, in - the first, promotes penetration into an infection nose, and in - the second, considerable danger is represented by cotton wool microparticles - they not only in itself strengthen production of slime, but also are capable to cause serious trouble breathing if when crying or a deep breath get into the lower airways.

two quite logical conclusions follow

From the listed “horror stories“: a wadded tampon it is obligatory for p to moisten

As the concept “physiological solution“ emerges in our description already the third time, we will notice that it is simple to prepare it independently, having dissolved a salt teaspoon (without top) in 1 liter of boiled water. Under the name “isotonic solution of sodium of chloride“ physical solution is on sale in drugstores in sterile bottles with a capacity of 200 and 400 ml. The bottle is not obligatory to be opened at all: it is necessary to puncture with the disposable syringe with a thin needle a rubber pro-barrel and to gather the necessary amount of liquid then a needle to take and store a bottle in the refrigerator.

Physiological solution not only prevents formation of crusts, but also humidifies already formed - it gives the chance to suck away them by means of a small rubber pear.

the wadded tampons which are Plentifully moistened with physical solution with success are applied by

also to washing of eyes. There are simple rules: for each eye the separate tampon and in the course of washing the movement is carried out from an external corner of an eye to internal.