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Rest on horses in the estate the Old mill
29. 09 - 07. 10. 2001

Once long ago, six years ago, having broken the announcement in native HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION entitled “Horse hunting“ we with friends decided on extreme rest. Horse hunting promised in the Lipetsk region, Yelets area, the village of Golikovo. Went, caught a hare, it was pleasant and somehow in vanity it was forgotten. And here six years later, thinking out with the husband where to spend week of unplanned rest, remembered about that remarkable place. Having looked on the Internet, found out that now this place is called the estate “Old Mill“ and has the website www. oldmill. hotmail. ru. The husband long ago wishing to learn to go by a horse agreed with pleasure. Especially as there promised to teach to own a sword and a spear, to shoot a bow and to dip into other medieval romanticism. Previously having made a reservation via the website, having printed out the plan of journey to the estate from Yelets, having captured the dog - a red ridgeback of Harley, on Saturday in the second half of day we started on on a way. In principle, it is possible to go night by train, and then by bus to the village, but we decided to make autotravel on the route M4. We did not manage to leave Moscow as watered a heavy rain which accompanied us to Tula. To Yelets (391 km) reached without adventures, the road decent, practically throughout a way goes repair and the new highway is under construction. Around eleven in the evening, having reached to Yelets, we began to be verified with listing from the website and to understand that we cannot find the shown road from the city to Golikovo. Having strayed minutes 40 around Yelets, we found, at last, the local who knew the road to the village necessary to us. The kind uncle, at half past eleven p.m., saw us by the car to the necessary road and explained how to go further. Following its advice, we passed several small villages about which existence and listing from the website, and “The atlas of highways“ was held back. Having finally squabbled also in a full depression, we suddenly saw the name of the necessary village and the index! Whether it is necessary to say that our pleasure was not the end! Well, having strayed a little more, we in twelve nights arrived to the place. Lack of any signs of life in a lodge in which on my memoirs of six-year prescription and instructions from the website, there had to live owners was a last straw. Thank God, I remembered about a guest lodge, we drove up to it and found Sveta there - the hostess of the estate which though did not fall down, but did not expect guests at all! It appears, to her previously it was reported about our arrival, but she did not know exact date and time. The owner of the estate - Volodya was away, Sveta gave to drink us tea, placed in a lodge, and placement was connected with some difficulties as the husband has an allergy to hay, and in many lodges or a bed from hay (very romantically, by the way), or hay in an outer entrance hall. At last, having found a lodge without hay traces, we flopped on beds and safely fell asleep.

Having risen next day, we with Lesha, at last, properly considered everything that surrounded us. Lodged us in a lodge with three beds, quite soft, but at the request of them it is possible to make more rigidly. Except beds, was in a lodge couple of little tables, an oven which we so never also flooded, thanks to a heater. Conveniences on the street, water from a well - the pump, a wash basin in an outer entrance hall. In general we were ready to such Spartan conditions and especially did not worry about it.

Weather was fine, on the way to a lodge where we were fed, red horses whom we should ride the whole week were grazed. Our dog of Harley, having seen for the first time a horse, took them for big dogs and began to jump and run around them, inviting to play. Only the mare Masha accepted his invitation and, kicking up, ran round behind it on a rope. In a “table“ lodge we were met by the fleet Sweetheart, a sheep-dog Atilla, three cats - Vanya, Motya and Paranya. At the sight of such amount of “allergens“, Lesh gloomy told that it is necessary to go urgently for suprastiny to Yelets. What we also made, having densely had breakfast. The road took only half an hour this time, in the market we bought cheap (to the Moscow measures) pork, having decided to make a shish kebab in the evening.

After a lunch, having pickled a shish kebab, having rolled about and podrykhnuv (we have a rest all-!) decided to get onto a horse. The whole hour the instructor Lena taught the husband to sit correctly on a horse to Galya, to go at a slow pace and at a trot, and I remembered at this time the lost skills too, went around by the Baby. Horses very pleasant, obedient, hour past quickly, reminded only tired muscles of time spent on a horse.

in the Evening well sat with beer, gorged on a tasty shish kebab, saw enough photos, chatted and, happy, went to the lodge to sleep.

Next day Lesh studied

again, and then we with the instructor Lena went on Galya and Malyshke to fields which around great variety. Just around fields, fields, fields... With myself I took Harley, and itself the fleet Sweetheart was coordinated - she very much likes to accompany people on riding trips. Harley, unfortunately, could not explain that to run closely behind and in front of a horse it is impossible, but he quickly acquired it, having received few times a hoof and further moved only sideways :). At the end of a trip made small gallop, on bigger I also did not apply, considering that last time on a horse sat well oooochen long ago...

the Next day was marked by bad weather, the sky dragged on clouds and threatened a rain. Only Lesh the next hour on the, already become darling, Galya managed to be disaccustomed as such rain went that it became clear that soon to ride / study us does not shine. We grieved not for long, decided that in such weather it is a high time to descend in a bath. In the estate of a bath, unfortunately, is not present (though it in the near-term outlook) therefore we with the owner of the estate - Volodya, went to Yelets, to a city bath No. 3. Having properly taken a steam bath and having bought in company shop of Yelets “Starka“, we on arrival to the estate, estimated its flavoring and heating qualities.

For the fourth day of our stay, Lena told that Lesh can already quite “let out“ to fields, the rain was not, and we hurried to use it. Though the word was “hurried“ here it is a little inappropriate. The matter is that life in Golikovo is extremely slow, and it is necessary at once to try to get used to it :). As Volodya told:“ Here either you will go mad, or you will become the philosopher“. Well, it is necessary to become “philosopher“! Because after a breakfast (approximately at 11:00), Lena meeedlenno followed horses, then we slowly pulled out a burdock which horses gathered in large quantities from a mane and a tail, meeedlenno cleaned and saddled. Somewhere at 12:30 - 13:00 we, at last, crept out. To the fourth day I got used to local slowness too and I remember it with a smile as pleasant local color, no offense to inhabitants of the estate it will be told :). That day Lena led our small change to the place where the river Pine (on the bank of which costs Golikovo) flows into Don. We did not manage to admire the most beautiful local landscapes, to enjoy driving lynx and an anticipation of gallop as again the heavy rain went, and we were forced to return. Absolutely wet and tired, getting over through a small flood gully, on the way back frightened away a hare! Horses jerked gallop, the borzoi jerked for a hare, our Harley did not jerk anywhere as understood nothing :). Unfortunately, as from one borzoi to hunt nobody, the Sweetheart could not catch up with a hare, and our “lions hunter“ behaved as “not the hares hunter“. After a lunch I dried and read now and then books, sitting in our lodge, and Lesh went to learn in art of ancient medieval soldiers - to be cut on swords. They with Volodya were cut before dark, and the husband returned with the huge cone on the head, but awfully happy!

In the next days we went for two hours to fields, did small, but quick galopchik, went to the Golikovsky stone pit, once passable by birch landings, gathered a heap of birch mushrooms. We did not see hares any more, but from - under hoofs partridges often flew up. On my offer to hunt on them, to me it was strictly told that they, appears, are included in “Red List“. As acquaintance with local sights, we went on Saturday on the local barakholny market in Yelets where it is possible to buy stuff for small money. As a result we nearly bought huge, but is perfect to us not the necessary, woolen carpet, for only 100 dollars! However the reason was stronger and, having remembered that a carpet to us to anything, we calmed down a little, having decided to visit here when it it is valid to us to be necessary.

Week somehow very quickly ended with

, in the last evening we made the most tasty shish kebabs again, sat with owners behind a small bottle of Yelets “Starka“. By the end of rest of Lesh awfully rubbed legs about a saddle, but already tolerably went, well “owned“ a sword, and in the last day got on on himself a chain armor, a helmet, took a board and went very happy with itself! Harley at the sight of horses did not fall into puppyish delight any more, and grandly ran near change though to disaccustom him we could not send neighbour`s calfs :).

generally, we were with rest very much and very satisfied. There is a wish to express gratitude to all who fed us (and food very tasty there), learned to go by a horse (Lena, Sveta), well, to all who organized our rest! To owners of the estate “Old Mill“ - Volodya and Sveta, separate many thanks for warm-heartedness and warmth with which they receive guests. We plan to come here and from now on, to have a rest from a civilization, to ride horses especially as similar places where it is possible to have a rest, enjoy the nature, and every day long to be engaged in riding, we do not know yet. Especially as there is a wish to go even on excursion in Galichyyu Gore, to expiate in the summer of horses in the river and Lesh did not shoot a bow yet. Horses by whom we went (Masha, Galya the Dewdrop, the Baby, the Cossack) made impression obedient, in too time enough quick that and was required to us initially. In my opinion, this ideal vacation spot of people, not choosy to living conditions, and also the place where it is possible quickly to learn to go by a horse or to continue to improve already available skills of riding.