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How to choose alpine skiing camp

you want that the child spent winter vacation on a slope, riding mountain skiing or a snowboard? To make a choice at the same time and simply, and it is difficult. It is simple because the camps offering rest for young mountain skiers and snowboarders, a little. It is difficult because the price of a mistake can be much higher, than at the wrong choice of a “usual“ recreation camp situated near Moscow.

In - the first, the majority of alpine skiing camps are carried out abroad (more suitable infrastructure for similar rest there), and “if something happens“ to take away the child from there will be problematic earlier. In - the second, on the mountain demands carrying out occupations from organizers of similar camps of heavy responsibility and careful observance of safety measures.

At the choice of alpine skiing option of rest needs to be found out what enters the price of the permit and what should be paid on the place? There are two options. The first: everything enters the price which should be paid parents in Moscow - both an alpine skiing insurance, and payment of elevators, and payment of occupations (and then the price of the permit can seem rather high in comparison with other types of rest). Second option: the price included only the road, accommodation and food. If you want that the child really rode, and not just “lived and ate“, the initial price (which will look quite attractively) can be multiplied safely, at least, by two.

does not need to be forgotten that the child will not ride itself, without instructor. The ski resort is not a hill situated near Moscow, but tens or even hundreds of kilometers of routes on which to get lost as easy as shelling pears. At best it is fraught with delay for lunch, in the worst - the child will appear on the route which to it too hard. And further - as will carry.

Take an interest in

how training / driving of children is organized. Who will see off them how many people in group? Only the correct option - classes are given by the mountain skiing / snowboard instructors having the necessary preparation confirmed with certificates. Only a few camp include in a line-up, leaving with children, instructors from Moscow, and it, in our opinion - the best option. The number of the children falling on one instructor is also important. Optimum - to 6 people. Perhaps - 8 - 10. If in the program of camp it is written that 15 children are the share of one adult, then quality of carrying out occupations and “supervision“ for children during driving has to raise doubts.


the service of instructors operates On any ski resort. There can be a question: and why not to use it? Actually, even if to reject a language problem, there are also other problems. The local instructor will hardly begin to watch that at the child did not blot a mitten, and the jacket was buttoned. It is not its work. And in cafe to give to drink the frozen children tea it will not turn. And to get acquainted in advance with those who will teach children to parents and it is useful, and it is interesting.

What line-up of the team of camp? Whether there is as a part of change a doctor? Of course, all going abroad have a health insurance, however presence of the doctor in children`s group is desirable: he will be able to give first aid at a small indisposition (at the same bruises from which practically any skier - a border is not insured). The doctor will give consultation in a case when the address and a hospital excessively, and does not miss an opportunity when the trip to medical institution is strictly obligatory. Whether it is enough in team of adults who will track the correct equipment of the child at an exit to slopes, will help it to tighten laces on snoubordovy boots, fastenings - on alpine skiing, and then will look whether everything things were sent to dry. Instructors with whom children will be engaged on slopes will hardly manage to make all this, they should make toilet before occupations that occupations really were qualitative.

What structure of children`s group with which your child will spend one or one and a half weeks? Alpine skiing programs, as a rule, - small, contain of 20 - 50 participants. In this case it is very important to nobr to know on what age organizers are focused. If you see “age of participants of 8 - 20 years“ in the description, the sense is to reflect whether your child will get to the company of peers or it will be the only thing “child“ (option - too adult in this “the kindergarten company“). At too small number of participants it will be problematic to create groups for occupations on slopes from children of approximately equal level. It can result in difficulties at the organization of occupations / driving on the mountain and the child`s dissatisfaction (or “advanced“ will brake lagging behind, or the beginner will not be in time behind “advanced“ and will not be able to derive pleasure from comprehension of “alpine skiing sciences“).

Where children will live? Stay in big hotel (though very comfortable) together with other tourists (as a rule, adults) - not the best option for children`s camp. It is better if organizers remove small board, and in it there will live only children and adults working with them.

What apres program - ski, than children will be engaged out of slopes? The normal duration of stay on slopes - is no more than 4 hours in day. Whether will suit your child daily discos and visit of bouling? Or you prefer that the child was engaged in in something to more serious, for example, invented and created in the company of peers? Whether the numerous excursions offered by organizers (as a rule, paid in addition) will prevent the main idea of alpine skiing rest - to occupations and driving on slopes?

we Hope that our recommendations will help you to choose good alpine skiing camp, and fine rest will for a long time be remembered to your child.