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If in kitchen the smell of

appeared It is removed the main causes of emergence of unpleasant smells in kitchen.

the Main problems

  1. the Ware which absorbed an unpleasant smell.
  2. Garbage can.
  3. Refrigerator, dishwasher.
  4. Sink and grinder of waste.
the Fast decision
  1. Eliminate with

    a smell after cooking. Try an easy way to eliminate a smell from yesterday`s fish or shrimps. Mix 3 tablespoons of vinegar with liter of water and boil water within several minutes - vinegar neutralizes and will eliminate a fish smell.

  2. you Watch garbage. Without permanent care of a garbage can the smell can appear and extend on kitchen sooner or later. Therefore regularly (right after that as threw out garbage) use a paper towel. Blot with it all smudges on a bucket and the stuck food remains, paying special attention to the upper edge and a bottom. Sprinkle a little a bucket disinfecting spray and let`s it dry (it is also possible to mix in a spray vinegar with water). If to do it it is regular, once a week, the bucket will always remain pure and no smells will appear.
  3. do not forget
  4. about equipment. Admit whether always you carefully rinse ware before putting it in the dishwasher? Most likely not. And it leads, as a rule, to the fact that car filters get littered over time and there is a smell. That to eliminate it, it is necessary to clean the filter which is, as a rule, under the lower shelf of the car. Collect by a paper towel all remains of food, and then start a cycle of rinsing or fast washing without ware. After the termination of a cycle slightly slightly open a door of the car and leave for a while to be aired.
    From the refrigerator and the freezer first of all throw out all expired products and clean old ice cubes which also absorb a smell. By means of a sponge remove separate spots from the spilled liquids. Then take several sockets for jam and fill in them a little baking soda. Close sockets food wrap and make several openings a toothpick that air inside could arrive. Place sockets with soda on shelves of the refrigerator. Soda will neutralize smells for three months.
  5. Moika and grinder of waste. A smell source from a sink are most likely the remains of food or pieces of food which stuck to walls of a pipe (knee) on a grinder of waste. Edges of a grinder can be cleaned, having passed through it several cubes of ice. Then pay attention and if necessary wash out all available rubber laying in a drain opening. If you have a usual sink, it is possible to pour out half-cups of baking soda and to include a strong stream of hot water. It did not work? Then it is necessary to sort a spillway and to wash out it under a shower. The smell will surely be gone.