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About the vacuum cleaner, Father Frost and expiring year of

Lovely Father Frost, hi! I write you. Probably, you remember, about 20 years ago the girl with thin braids wrote? During this time I, of course, grew up, and itself became mother of two girls. But it changes nothing, in me still there lives the belief in miracles, that the wishes made under peal of bells come true.

Is not present

, on this New Year`s Eve I will not be as in 3 years you (remember) to get out in a window leaf and to bawl: “Father Frost is Father Frost, present me the vacuum cleaner or the sewing machine!“ Now the window leaf is occupied by the senior daughter who will ask from you the rocket. And where we to it will look for this rocket? But time the child wants...

Sorry, distracted. And what will be asked by me? Probably, no, not likely, and the most important, I will ask from you health! Health for the family. This year was not absolutely easy for my family, but we coped with everything! It is terrible to remember how it was awful when drunk geeks on my eyes and eyes of children beat the husband. But we endured it, the husband recovered, and everything at us is good. It was awful when the senior daughter herself decided to go from a circle home, one, in the dark. As we ran, looked for, and I asked only about one: that everything ended well. And everything really ended well, it was given home whole and safe.

But it were only two “bad“ days old in our year. And in general, it was good year, year of the Family, year of our family. Our babies grew up, became cleverer, senior goes to dances and fine sings in national chorus, and younger - just learned to go! Why I write you about progress of the daughters, but not about myself? Just children now - the most important in my life! And I... I became one year more adult, more tolerant, more indulgent. And again I study, now at the daughters, to trust in a miracle...

To a meeting, Father Frost!

Well, and under laws of a genre, an obligatory rhyme. The stool is occupied so only in writing. Not mine, but nevertheless...

Children will go to bed a bit earlier
In day the last December,
And will wake up is one year more senior In the first day of a calendar.
Year will begin silence,
Unfamiliar with last winters: Noise behind a frame double
Hardly - is almost inaudible br.
But children Winter day through glass ice -
In the refreshing icy cold
From cozy heat calls outside
we will speak well Years old leaving,
Beginning in the morning early
New day and new year! *

Just matured girl

* the Author of the poem - S. Marshak