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Care of hair in the winter of

it is unimportant what hair at you: light, dark or red, direct, wavy or curly, dry, normal or fat - for all types of hair winter - stressful time. How to look after hair it is correct, rational in the winter, with skill?

Many complain of the bad condition of hair which is aggravated during the winter period. The wrong metabolism, infectious and chronic diseases can be the reasons of dryness, fragility or fat content of hair. And these troubles most often amplify in a winter season. In the winter hair are or under a warm headdress, or (generally at youth) are not protected from cold at all - both does not promote the good growth and a healthy type of hair at all.

Very frequent reason of an illness of hair in the winter - effect of cold air. Fresh air in itself is very useful to hair and to all organism. But in cold days they need to be protected from a frost as the frost, narrowing vessels, breaks blood supply of skin of hairy part of the head, and, therefore, worsens its food. It follows from this that it is necessary to carry headdresses not only being in the fashion, but, first of all, for prevention of injury of hair.

Insufficient access of fresh air is not less harmful to

therefore, being in the room, the headdress needs to be removed.

Sharp differences from heat to cold and vice versa are equally harmful to

not only to all organism, but also to hair. In - the first, hair lose the natural gloss, in - the second, they become fragile and weak.

the Type of hair of each person depends on work of sebaceous glands of head skin. And in the winter process of normalization of activity of sebaceous glands is broken.

Normal hair are a large number of healthy hair. The normal gain of healthy hair in a winter season makes of 1 - 1,5 cm in a month.

Clarification of normal hair

of Instructions how many time needs to be washed the head, does not exist. It is necessary to do it in process of pollution - no more and not less. It depends on working conditions and on environmental pollution. Use normal hair shampoos, water should not be higher than 40 °.

Clarification of dry hair

is favorable

affect dry hair combing with a brush from a natural bristle, a wrapping with liquid oils which return to dry hair gloss. It is recommended to apply the liquid containing nettle extract, or broth of birch leaves with vegetable oil.

needs to Wash dry hair as often as it is necessary, but obligatory with the special shampoos intended for this purpose like hair. They contain impurity of fatty substances, an egg extract or special substances: protein, albumine and lecithin. After washing it is necessary to apply special liquid oil. It is useful to do a wrapping also.

Clarification of an oily hair

If at you is an oily hair, first of all get rid of wrong opinion that frequent washing will do harm. Hair can be washed every day, but only obligatory with the shampoos intended for this purpose like hair (for example, containing birch sap). For washing of excessively oily hair it is recommended to use also special medical soap, it, for example, as sulfuric, tar, rezortsinny, boric etc.

When washing hair needs to watch that water was not too hot as high temperature strengthens activity of sebaceous glands.

Washing of an oily hair in the dry way in a cold season

to Wash with

hair, i.e. to delete from them fat, it is possible also by means of so-called dry shampoo. It is recommended to apply this way of washing only in exceptional cases when at a lack of time it is necessary to clear quickly hair and to make a beautiful hairdress.

Hair twist

on hair curlers approximately for 2 hours. Then remove hair curlers, and fill up hair with dry shampoo (powder). It is not desirable to save shampoo as at its shortcoming hair lose gloss. Rub powder in hair fingers and after a while remove with a terry towel. Carefully comb hair.

the Lack of the given way of clarification - the grayish raid which is formed on hair. Therefore before making a hairdress, in skin of hairy part of the head it is recommended to rub special liquid with the high content of alcohol, extracts of plants or remedies against a salootdeleniye. After laying for obtaining gloss hair need to be sprinkled a varnish with gloss.

the Oily hair is not recommended to be combed a brush as in this case fatty greasing from a skin surface is transferred to hair. It is not necessary to do massage of the head also.

their rinsing before drying by broth of tea or a nettle has Good effect on an oily hair.

Shampoos of house preparation for care of hair in the winter

Shampoo with rum (for dry hair)

Components: 2 egg yolks, 4 h l. linseed oil and 3 h l. rum.

Mix components. Wet mix hair and leave for 1 hour. Wash away warm water.

the Shampoo improving a condition of hair

Components: 1 - 2 tablespoon of any shampoo, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon of powder of gelatin.

Shake up components to a monotonous consistence and rub in head skin. This effective remedy for improvement of a type of hair as egg and gelatin contain a lot of protein. Your hair will become beautiful and silky.

the Toning shampoo

Components: 1 l of water, 130 g of dry leaves of a burdock, 130 g of leaves of a nettle.

Fill in herbs with cold water and insist within 24 hours. Then boil, filter and use for to wash the heads.

the Making active shampoo

Components: 25 g of an onions peel, 5 grains of the crushed carnation and 200 g of alcohol.

Fill in components with alcohol, let`s be drawn within two weeks in the closed vessel in the dark place. At dry hair add to mix 3 of h l. castor oil. Use 2 - 3 time in a week. In a month the result will surpass expectations. Hair will look just perfectly.

egg mix Is effective

for washing and food of hair. Shake up 1 - 2 eggs with 1 glass of water and rub in wet hair on of 5 - 10 minutes. Carefully wash out hair warmish water.