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As our daughter of

on September 23, 2005 at 8:15 was born we with the husband came to regional maternity hospital to give up since there was already 42 - 43 a week, and my daughter did not want to please us with the emergence.

Well, that`s all, I in maternity hospital! Yurik (this is my husband) left for work, I began to accustom on the new place. In chamber of prenatal office us was four. All little girls lie for 2 weeks, and one about a month. It from the area so to give birth to them send! It seemed to me that they already in general lost faith to give rise and reconciled to the pregnant state.

About 10 in the morning for me the doctor came and led me on survey. She looked at me on a chair and told that the neck is ready to childbirth and if for days off I do not give rise, on Monday we will cause childbirth. I treated it quietly as though she in general told it not to me. It is visible, the intuition worked and did not give me to intimidate...

In an hour to me were made by KTG, and I, having read on the “child is healthy“ screen, I pochapat to have dinner. After a lunch to me the girlfriend came, we with her walked, stirred, sitting on a small bench, and suddenly at me took a bottom of a stomach and a waist. She rounded eyes and speaks: “I, perhaps, will go, it is time for me already“. And I to it in reply:“ Yes be not afraid, just I inconveniently sat down“. But it, without having believed me, fast started to hurry and retired. I went to miss to chamber.

there arrived the husband with a dog in the Evening, walked me in the next park and we agreed with it that tomorrow since morning it will take away me home per day, otherwise I will die from boredom.

21:00. I went to a toilet and found a mucous stopper. Well, began to doubt, of course, but I will not drag it to the doctor to show. And it can depart for 3 - 4 day to childbirth. At 10:00 a release, all sleep, got used to the mode. I till one o`clock in the morning did not sleep at home, here I lie and I dream to give rise quickly. Around 23:00 at me the stomach as began to ache a bit at monthly. Well, I think, it was acquired to the own harm. I lie, and a stomach - that does not pass. There were I time to mark also look that hurts every seven minutes moreover and for 30 seconds! Really fights?! Why it is so frequent? The first fights have to be in 20 minutes. Well, I think, it is necessary to go to be given. I woke the nurse, she looks at me, grins and says that there cannot be first fights with such interval. It, speaks, you have harbingers, stuck to me but - to a shp and ordered to go to bed. to Lay down - that I, of course, laid down, but already I could not sleep.

Prokryakhtev on a bed till one o`clock in the morning, I trudged to the nurse again, and she, dissatisfied that it again I distract it from dreams, somewhere called and called the doctor on duty. The doctor somehow very painfully looked at me and noted that opening of 2 cm. I give birth!

was followed Further by an enema. Sitting on a toilet bowl, I sent of SMS - ku to Yurik and reported that I give birth and I will call when it can arrive. Then I trudged in chamber to pack things which still up to the end did not spread out. Girls somehow strange exchanged glances and reported that they were not surprised at all that I infected as I was watched since morning by the doctor on duty, but not ward. And all whom she watches give birth in the same day. In advance they did not begin to tell me so joyful message (that was not nervous) and wished good luck! Then for me the nurse glanced and on the elevator brought me to the 5th floor in rodzat № 1.

in rodzat

of Fight at the time of receipt were tolerant, though not pleasant. At 2:30 waters began to leak. The doctor who glanced to me offered medication sleep, but, having learned that waters leak, told that it is necessary to puncture a bubble as it already executed the function and now only brakes the course of childbirth. After a puncture of a bubble of fight went strong, but tolerant.

B 6:00 I called the husband and told that it came, and in half an hour it already was with me. The same doctor looked at me again - opening of 4 cm. Sent us to a shower. In soul to me it was uncomfortable, appear, that I can give rise at any time and therefore, without having stayed there and ten minutes, we returned in rodzat. After a shower opening of 6 cm (well though some progress)!

B 9:00 opening of 6 cm, 9:30 - 6 cm B 10 mornings the new midwife came and, having looked at me, with pleasure declared that opening of 6 cm. I say to it that opening of 6 cm at me hour 4 at least.

B 11 came and the new doctor (already the man), unfortunately, I do not remember, what is his name, as after 12 hours of fights to me had already no time for names. I remember that the manager of some offices, and delivered me a dropper with oxytocin. At 11:30 opening of 9 cm. But what it were half an hour! I felt sick also tore, unscrewed on a wrong side. I was hardly similar to the person. Having madly felt thirsty, but if I drank a drink, me pulled out again. Speak, so happens when the neck quickly reveals... Then me began to grieve. The midwife, very pleasant young girl, says that else early, it is necessary to suffer! Mind - that, can, I also understood what should be suffered, but how to make it if it occurs involuntarily?. It was very sick, and I shouted at full blast. My poor husband spoke to me that I breathed as we were taught on courses, but I to him in reply to a shouting that I cannot breathe, and can only shout, and in general that it lagged behind me with the idiotic councils, I give birth - that I, but not it. Then on my shouting the doctor came running and speaks: “Flax, well you so shout, me already from “eye“ hospital (it opposite to maternity hospital) called and told that you frightened all patients there!“

the head seemed to

B 12:15, and I got over on a chair. The midwife put the husband at a headboard that he especially saw nothing and did not faint. At the next attempt I heard as scissors clanked and interrogatively looked at the midwife. She understood me without words and told that she all the same would tear as the head very big, and will so quicker begin to live. And on the following attempt our daughter was born. I looked at the watch: was exactly 12:30 on September 24, 2005

At once put it to a breast. I held it with the shivering hands, kissed and did not believe that she was already born. Cut an umbilical cord and carried away on weighing and survey (weight 4220, height of 55 cm). The happy daddy photographed all manipulations. Then I gave rise to an afterbirth and asked the midwife to show me it. She was surprised and asked: “What, you want to look at a lodge where your baby lived?“ I nodded, and it lifted for an umbilical cord a huge piece darkly - claret meat, and I right there regretted that I in general asked it to look... Then the doctor (by the way, one midwife delivered) came, to me made an anesthesia though internal gaps were not, but decided to sew up under anesthetic as, according to them, I namuchatsya as it is.

As I departed from an anesthesia badly I remember, but Yura well remembers. I opened eyes and seized by a hand the girl passing by - the nurse and joyfully reported that the husband of the house shows animated cartoons about Pokemons to me (fashionable then Chinese animated cartoons). Eyes at the husband were rounded, and he did not understand at all what it I about some animated cartoons tell which we even never watched? To me the husband long remembered it.

Then I all tortured

questions about the weight and growth of the child though it seemed to me that I asked nothing... Well to tell - an anesthesia!

Two hours after the delivery we were together: I lay on an iron bowl in which of me blood followed, and the husband sat next to the daughter on hands. And at that moment we were the happiest people on the planet.

Now our Yulenke 4 years, and so far I wrote this story, she already several times ran up to me and kissed my tummy, she already knows that her sister very soon will be born, but it will already be another story altogether...