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Cheerful walks of

Movement with the child on the city this some kind of test for mother. Here both numerous poles, and roughnesses are expensive (if you walk with a carriage), and attempts to calm the child when he very much wanted to pokapriznichat, and the clever aunties who are eternally climbing with councils and you never know surprises waits for mothers on the street. And if children two...

When my younger daughter was born

, one and a half years were senior. I refused the nurse at once and flatly, having decided for myself that strangers will not participate in education of my children. Silly, of course, but the matter is that I grew with nurses and the experience which is taken out from the childhood was not really pleasant.

of the House more and more or less settled. I thought up occupations for the oldest daughter that that did not miss while I feed the baby. The automatic washing machine coped with mountains of children`s things. With bathing and laying the husband helped to sleep. Generally, for each problem the solution was found.

A here the visit of policlinic, daily walks and other street misfortunes long time remained for me a real handful. I found out that one hand (as another you conduct senior), it is impossible to carry a carriage in any way that crisis of awkward age at senior especially escalates when younger begins to cry during walk etc. But, as they say, desperate situations do not happen and gradually we learned to walk three together.

So far Taide (so call younger) was not executed by

three months, I carried it in a carriage, and to Ilan (Sr.) asked to hold strong an eyelet on one side a carriage. Then we from Ilankaya bought a beautiful tape and thought up to tie up one end of a tape her wrist, and to others mine. On such peculiar lead the daughter had on the one hand bigger freedom, than holding a carriage, with another I all - controlled it. In the places adapted for walks with children the tape easily and quickly was removed. However, it was necessary to listen in the address to phrases it seems: “What you as a dog on a lead drive it?“ But I unperturbably declared to such clever men: “And so it is pleasant to us!“

If Taida began to cry to prevent support from senior, I appealed to the last about the help at once, and that, in turn, distracted with own experiences and responded to an appeal, either being enough a rattle, or keeping saying: “More quietly, Taida, more quietly.“

A still we thought up peculiar tags, on all extent of our usual routes. We go, let us assume, to policlinic. And here begins Ilan goes obstinate and pulls me in other party or the bush or a stray dog stops near everyone Bol or less significant object, whether it be. Here also tags come to the rescue.“ Listen, - I say, we will go we will look at a sad monkey in a show-window which we always greet“. We reach a monkey, in every possible way we welcome her, under puzzled looks of passersby. “And now went we will look whether still the blue ribbon which we tied on a branch hangs“. And so to the policlinic. Sometimes we do new tags: we will put a beautiful stone under a bench, we will draw a tick with a piece of chalk, in a window we will notice a pot with flowers. And the daughter herself even more often remembers the next tag: “And there the dog is drawn“, - she says, specifying the direction of a route. “

generally, any cunnings we invented the whole heap, and our walks from cheerful figuratively, became really cheerful. Of course, problems remain much, but together we will surely solve them.