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Maternal happiness in New year of

Dear Father Frost! In New year it is accepted to ask from you gifts, but any mother already has the most expensive gift - it is her child. When he smiles when to it it is cheerful then at mother the mood is lightened. And as it is pleasant when it nestles on you, kisses the small sponges, tries to pronounce the first words or to take the first step. His smile, each fold of his body - all such native and familiar. Each child is a small copy you or your favourite person.


U me two remarkable sons - Sashenka and Danilk grow. When Sashka was small, I told him as you fly on reindeers at night and look in windows. You look whether the child well behaves. Only kind and obedient Father Frost brings gifts. The little son constantly asked about you and could listen to my fantastic stories for hours and hours. Before New year he left you the letter on a window sill and, peering into darkness, tried to see your silver carriage. When the letter disappeared, on its place there was a small souvenir - the shining asterisk or the gold cone. It was interesting to watch it when he ran in the room and with delight told that to it Father Frost arrived and took away his letter.

Then he waited for

on January 1 to find the long-awaited gift under a fir-tree. Now, of course, everything changed. Sashka grew up - to him 13 years, but we gave birth to Danilka, and now our New year will become magic and fantastic again.

As any mother I constantly think with what my boys will grow up as there will be their destiny what profession will be chosen as their private life will be arranged. And on the eve of New year I ask you: let my boys will be the happiest and healthy. Let them be surrounded only kind, light with soul by people. Let good luck smile to them, and they let they will meet pure and unconditional love. I ask: save them from envy, hatred and rage.

What the loving mother can wish still? Happiness of mother in happiness of her children. And when will punch a chiming clock, I will make a wish which thanks to you will surely come true.

A still I want to congratulate you with coming New year and to tell many thanks to you that you bring to our world a lot of joy, fun, warmth and family happiness. Also I want to wish all mothers a lot of love, good luck and health it and to their small suns.