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Children`s immunity: how to strengthen it? What

the traditional winter question is not familiar to young mother - whether to let the child go. On the street fluffy snow falls, in air smells of a frost, but under legs - slush. Cold is guaranteed. Meanwhile if competently to be prepared for a winter season, it is possible to derive pleasure from walk, without running for the child with a handkerchief.

the Main task - to prepare immune system of the child for fluctuations of temperature and humidity against the raised virus loading.

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it by means of a hardening, physical training and optimization of a way of life, including establishment of a rational day regimen, good nutrition, control of environment, i.e. by means of the whole complex of improving actions about which each parent knows. But in the conditions of the city where environment is quite aggressive and capable to weaken immune system of the child, parents in strengthening of children`s immunity need the additional help. For this reason in recent years very important direction in care about health of children, except a complex of the all-strengthening actions, is prevention of respiratory diseases by means of phytogenesis immunomodulators.

Immunomodulators are good

the fact that they eliminate an imbalance of various links of immune system. Their action is directed to normalization of indicators of immunity - decrease raised and increase of the lowered indicators. Normal indicators remain untouched. There is a soft correction of immune system without intervention in its functioning.

One of such preparations is new syrup of a phytogenesis Bioaron With ® .

Bioaron With ® influences function of immune system and it is used for correction of violations of immunity. It is proved that the preparation influences both on humoral, and the cellular immune answer, causes increase in number B and T of lymphocytes, and also quantity of the antibodies circulating in blood therefore the adequate immune answer leading to increase of resilience of an organism to bacterial and viral infections is reached.

In structure of a preparation Bioaron With ® water extract of leaves of an aloe treelike, juice of a black-fruited mountain ash, ascorbic acid enter.

Knows that the aloe treelike contains about two hundred various substances, each of which possesses biological activity, including, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobic, wound healing. The aloe treelike has the adaptogenny and all-toning effect, normalizes function of macrophages, improves fagotsitoz, increases formation of interferon, thereby providing antiviral protection and exerting corrective impact on the immune answer.

Ascorbic acid increases activity of macrophages in fight against infectious agents, possesses the expressed antioxidant properties, regulates synthesis of antibodies, interferon, increases the organism resilience to infections. Reduces need for B1, B2, A, E vitamins, folic acid, pantothenic acid.

Fruits of a black-fruited mountain ash (aroniya) are very rich with various vitamins (With, B2, B9, E, PP, carotene, etc.) including vitamin P which supplements effect of ascorbic acid.

Thus, the preparation has the all-strengthening effect, possesses immunomodulatory, adaptogenny and antioxidant properties, than and indications to its application for often ill children, and also in complex therapy are caused at sharp and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Besides immunity strengthening Bioaron With ® appetite improves and saturates an organism with vitamins and mineral substances.

do not forget to apply

Bioaron With ® ! Observe a day regimen and food! Go in for physical culture and a hardening!

you remember

I that only complex actions will bring the real benefit to health of your child.