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Whether you know what is Welling?

When to the child are four months, in his development the interesting and important stage which is called the period of introduction of a feeding up begins. The feeding up is the generalized concept which concerns more dense and more high-calorie dishes, that is products, noticeable differing on the consistence and on structure from breast milk or dairy mixes. it is important to p to approach

each child individually. For example, if the child too quickly gains weight if it notes tendency to locks, then it is better to begin a feeding up with vegetable purees which are rich with vegetable cellulose. If the kid insufficiently well puts on weight or has an unstable chair, then as the first feeding up it will suit porridge.

Cereal porridges are

a source of carbohydrates, vegetable proteins, vitamins of group B and food fibers. Milk porridges as at them there is an optimum ratio of proteins of an animal and a phytogenesis are very useful. Therefore their continuous presence at a diet of the kid is just necessary. However, nonmilk porridges by means of which it is possible to create a nonmilk diet can be necessary for children with an allergy to proteins of cow`s milk.

Porridge can be prepared for

also in house conditions from the grain bought in shop, having spent some time at a plate. But the essential difference is that using ready children`s porridges of industrial production, you precisely know that they contain vitamins and mineral substances, so necessary for development of the child, at the expense of which a certain part of daily need of the child for these major batteries becomes covered. Very important and the fact that all components for children`s porridges undergo careful testing for lack of harmful impurity (pesticides, salts of heavy metals) that it is not always possible to tell about grain of “the general use“.


, it seems, of porridges knows practically all. And still from time to time even in this area of baby food something brand new appears.

be not surprised to

if during the next visit of shop where you buy baby food for the kid, the seller suggests you to try new, still a product, insufficiently known in Russia, under the name Welling . Having studied a label, you will tell: yes it is porridge! Really, on the structure Welling who contains milk and different types of grain is most of all similar to porridge. And, nevertheless, Welling considerably differs from products habitual to us under this name. It is traditional Scandinavian food which is known since the time of Vikings. Earlier in each Swedish yard there was a bell which called all family to be supported with tasty Welling. So it Welling?

Welling is the liquid nutritious dairy squash reminding the acquaintance to us since the childhood milkshake with pleasant natural taste. Thanks to the liquid consistence and pleasant natural taste Welling takes the intermediate place between usual dairy mixes and typical thick porridges. It is drunk from a cup, and only to the smallest given from a small bottle. It will help them smoothly and to pass naturally from liquid food (dairy mixes) to more dense and high-calorie.

it would Seem to

, it is possible to add more water to any porridge - here and the liquid squash will turn out. But the fact of the matter is that the liquid consistence of Welling, ready to the use, does not mean decrease in content of feedstuffs, in comparison with thick porridges. Every portion of the prepared Welling contains all complex of feedstuffs, necessary for development of the child, in the necessary quantities and a proper correlation.

“Wake a stomach softly“, - Swedes about Welling say. In the morning warm Welling`s cup will serve as an ideal breakfast, and in the evening will help the kid to fall asleep and to sleep all night long tight. In assortment Semper is the Corn Welling who is not containing gluten (protein of cereal cultures which can cause an allergy in small children), Oat Welling , Ovsyano`s - wheaten Welling and Multicereal Welling . Velling are prepared without addition of sugar and salt, enriched with iron and iodine, contain all vitamins and mineral substances necessary for kids. They do not contain artificial fragrances and additives. And the food fibers which are contained in Vellingakh improve work of intestines that is very important for children.

U Vellingov is one more small secret - they can be eaten both small and adult. And if you are going to go with the kid to a trip or travel, Vellingi will surely be useful to you. It is necessary just to take with itself a thermos with hot water and a cup with a spoon, and on warm and nourishing Welling`s preparation only several minutes will leave. At any age warm Welling`s cup is an additional power source and health.

Semper (Sweden) you can obtain Additional information on products of baby food of firm by phone of “the hot line“ (095) 135 94 23 Monday through Friday from 10 to 18 o`clock.

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