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Treasured desire of

Hello, dear Father Frost! I want to congratulate you with coming New year and to tell you, the kindest wizard, about the desire.


, you for me already gave the main gift in life. You remember about what I asked three years ago? Here now this treasure “helps“ me to write you the message. My daughter Alinka is 2 years old and 1 month. She very cheerful, active child, likes to have a good time, dance and to sing (the truth, in the children`s language so far). And already 2 times she was lucky to meet you, only for some reason in suits of Father Frost and Snow Maiden were Ilya (my childhood friend) and the grandmother (my mother). Thank you for gifts, it was very happy with them.

we will get a fir-tree Soon, we will dress up it in multi-colored toys, we will decorate the apartment with tinsel, garlands, balls, we will cut out snowflakes and to paste them on windows, as in the childhood...

Ah, childhood, childhood. . These unforgettable memoirs! My darlings the cousin brother and the sister came from Voronezh to the grandmother (and we live with her in one city) to Rostov Veliky every summer. Between vacation communicated in letters, I looked forward to each envelope. We were very amicable and when time to leave, all four came (I have still a brother) sobbed as small children (which at that time and were). But on that 1995 New year Sveta and Artem arrived with parents to the grandmother. The general pleasure was not a limit: still, to meet “in the middle of“ a year moreover and to celebrate together such remarkable holiday!

It magic and, probably. Passed many years, we became adults. Now all of us have different interests, we live in the different cities and even the countries (the sister lives 2,5 years and works in the USA), we correspond and call up, sometimes we see each other, the benefit the Internet and phone now near at hand. But so all want to meet “alive“, to embrace each other, to talk, looking each other in eyes, to share reminiscence.

Every year these memoirs, on the one hand, help to plunge into the carefree childhood where it was so good, and with another - afflict as I understand that not to return it any more.

Dear Father, I still believe in you and your miracles. Organize us, please, the same amicable, warm, pleasant and joyful meeting as then, 15 years ago. Also help me to make this holiday unforgettable for my little daughter. Also I want to ask you about health and happiness for all my family... And excellent to them moods on New Year`s Eve.

A now mine to you wishes: I wish health and longevity. Without them, Father, in such difficult and responsible work not to manage. And, of course, I wish to bear pleasure to adults and kids always!!!

P. S. Forgot about the most important desire: Father Frost, it is advisable to try to shroud the earth in a white snow cover, and that without it and mood some not New Year`s. In advance huge to you thanks!!