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280 days of expectation

the child`s Birth - a holiday! And that moment when you understood that you give life to the new person, it is important to make a holiday too! Your career of mother begins with it. When in you one more small heart knocks - it is a miracle. So much new and joyful waits ahead: the first pushes, maybe, and not really pleasant on feelings for mother, and the first ultrasonography.

it are looked forward by all future mummies, if carries, it is possible to learn till the birth of the child who you will have - the sonny or the lassie - the daughter! All future mothers describe the movements of children in own way, most often it is compared to a shchekotaniye, trembling or trembling in a stomach, waves of wings of a butterfly...

of Feeling at all different, as well as variously time of the beginning of the most long-awaited movements on light - the first movements of your kid. I felt the first pushes of the second daughter, having been three months gone. And from this day I became with impatience to listen to the feelings, expectations all of new “signs of attention“ of my baby.

the Husband mistrustfully ironed a stomach and too waited, but the daughter, to its big regret, persistently did not wish to show the location... But the spouse did not give up, and therefore decided to accompany me on ultrasonography in twenty two weeks of pregnancy with own eyes to see the baby.

The fact that it is the girl he learned

on reception from the doctor, and having learned, long could not understand and where the boy promised by me (we already have a daughter)... But after the daughter waved to it from the monitor screen with the tiny handle, for several seconds stood, and then with the doubled eagerness began to exasperate the doctor that that in all details explained where the child has a head, a nose, a mouth and eyes... As a result our reception dragged on almost on hour. But memoirs lasted for all remained months of pregnancy.

Till the birth of our daughter remained several weeks. Our family with big impatience waits for it birth. And me every day it becomes a little sad, soon this fine state - pregnancy - will disappear. So that dear mummies, a holta also cherish yourself, enjoy the pregnancy, you will remember all the life it.


And those women who only dreams to become mothers I wish two stripes surprised an eye of the husband, tiny toxicosis, feeling of butterflies in a stomach and pyatochek under edges, talk of future father through a navel... And unreal happiness for three with favourite by the husband for all nine months of expectation!

P. S. Before appearance of my second baby on light there was less than a month. I devote this story to it.