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I want to be the pregnant woman again...

“Cannot be, it is, probably, a mistake!“ - I when the test showed positive result thought. The doctor confirmed too: pregnancy of 5 - 6 weeks. Really it is the truth, I so long could not become pregnant? Nearly 2 years... a week More it was required by

to p on that I got used to this thought.

At last I am happy

! I will be a mother soon! Walked the streets and rejoiced! Listened to stories of already given rise girlfriends and did not trust them. To me it was unclear what is toxicosis, I did not have it throughout all pregnancy, I did not suffer with hypostases, heartburn and an otdyshka. I had a small tummy, accurate and therefore special trouble was not brought. The only thing of what I was afraid - it is premature birth therefore after 30 - y weeks began to prepare given: bought a bed, komodik with a pelenalny little table, clothes for the kid and a lot of stuff which can be necessary for the newborn.

of 36 weeks.“ Faugh, well now I am more or less quiet - if the kid to be born earlier, he will have all necessary. It was necessary only to buy a carriage. “

37 - I week. Since evening the stomach hurt somehow strange, and in the morning periodically ached a bit, I thought, and it is necessary, the uterus prepares for appearance of the kid. Who could think that fights were! I read literatures much to be ready to childbirth and imagined fights as sharp, intolerable pain. But did not pay attention to it, thought, early still.

16:30 - at me waters departed, and I urgently had to go to maternity hospital. There is a doctor, having examined me, told:“ Well, we will give birth at night“. was p> On hours. Fights each 5 minutes what there at night, I will give rise already soon! But the medical staff was quiet, first labor, so will suffer, they thought. Fights in increasing frequency, but tolerant. In the next block shout... I wait for everything when it is insufferably sick.

21:30 - I understood that the child here - here will leave, called the midwife. That looked and told: “That sprawled, quickly on a chair, you give birth!“

On hours 22:00. Here it was also born, my kid! 2850, 50 cm, on 37 - y to week.

Now to the little son of 6 months, and I want to be a pregnant woman again, I in full degree did not manage to enjoy this moment!