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The little Angel of

Hello, my name is Natasha. At me the remarkable daughter - Anechka grows now (her 8 months now) . It is just small lump of happiness! Such joyful, smiling, mobile little girl! All relatives cannot rejoice!

all began

A with the fact that I studied on the 2nd course of university, and at this time the girlfriend acquainted me with the remarkable guy. He was the beautiful, high, brown-eyed brunette. Well as it was possible not to fall in love here! So to me also it happened. But there was one “but“ - it was more senior than me for 9 years though it did not play a large role. And everything at us so well went: romanticism, walks under the moon, flowers, gifts. I was just in the seventh heaven. But pressed my heart from one problem. My mother had very a serious illness.

After my brother died, my mother almost got sick. Constant hospitals, treatments, diets. She very strongly grew thin, grew old. I just could not look at it! It was necessary to do something. And I knew what could lift it - grandsons. Having discussed everything with darling, we decided not to be protected and create grandsons! Especially he already was 29 years old!

I here at last long-awaited 2 strips! From emotions just takes the breath away. When I left from a bathroom, just could not tell anything to it! Both pleasure, and at the same time small fear! Veda it for the first time!

In few months the wedding took place. We told parents about our pleasure only before the wedding. I cannot describe words how many they had pleasures, especially at my mother. She waited so many years for grandsons (now my brother would be 32 years old). And here waited! And these 9 months past so quickly, during this time I could graduate from the university (thanks a lot to my daughter who in a puzika helped me to make it), to lie down once in hospital on preservation (it is direct before the Newest year)...

I there came March. And I already all in impatience with a huge puzik go. Doctors repeat that to give birth to me for April 1, well I do not trust them! I feel that my sun has to appear at the end of March, and in every way I prepare. I buy remarkable things to my krokhotulechka, I pack things in maternity hospital. And here on March 16 in the morning I myself quietly go to policlinic to make tests (in the head assuming that it last time), I hand over them (thanks a lot to the grandfather who passed me without turn). And already I come back home, hardly moving legs.

to me in policlinic it became so bad

that I hardly reached home, but to the doctor decided not to go today, I descend supposedly tomorrow. By a lunch it became easier for me, on the TV showed the interesting movie. And here about 4 hours of something pricked me slightly. I did not attach significance to it, but thought that, probably, at night all and happens.

without having managed to comprehend everything, I noticed that I am all wet. Holy Christ! Waters departed! And here everything began!

“Fast“. Maternity hospital. Rodzal. Thanks a lot to my darling that he supported me, for a minute did not depart from me, it very much helped me.

I here our long-awaited meeting in 20. 32. These are just indescribable emotions, the happiest day in my life! Small happiness growth in 52 cm and weighing 3560 gr.

I here our life abruptly exchanged. Now us three... My Mamulechka slowly recovers. Constantly nurses the granddaughter, plays with her, to carry on hands (I to it doctors forbade to lift freight more than 1 kg, and Anka already weighs nearly 8 kg.). Slowly our grief faded into the background, and now in our family there is more pleasure! Thanks a lot to my little Angel!