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Tears of happiness

I will ask forgiveness for the beremyashka reading the story At once that I will write the truth (when I was with puziky, similar stories so enraged me!) . And already taken place mothers will understand me.

Ya lay in maternity hospital and cheerfully spent time, and in day of PDR on May 22 nothing began. By the way, in soul I was even a little glad that I do not give birth. In total - it is frightening...

To me my doctor with whom I was going to give birth came, he finished daily watch and told that I did not give birth tomorrow because he will sleep and will not arrive (“and in general, days off, have conscience, wait till Monday). Slavnenko we with him laughed and said goodbye. In the head the thought crept in that under “the law of meanness“ childbirth will begin that day when it is not able to accept them. On this case he told that accepted watch at it the most popular doctor of maternity hospital and if that, I have nothing to be afraid. Yes I was also not afraid! All as that was not believed me that I in general can give rise.

there Came night, began on May 23. We do not sleep with the neigbour in chamber, we tell each other ridiculous stories and we neigh as two horses. At two o`clock in the morning through laughter I distinctly feel fight. “And knew!“ I mark. Exactly in seven minutes. Become in five minutes, on a minute exactly. I awake the midwife, it appears, she sleeps behind a door of our chamber in KTG, and we very much disturb it the laughter. I apologize. I speak as as. She called the doctor. Veroskaya Tatyana Aleksandrovna came, looked and told that lowered in rodzat, disclosure three fingers. I do not understand yet that everything began.

Packed things, said goodbye to the neigbour in chamber (eyes on a five-copeck coin - us already not so cheerfully). Took away in a toilet, made an enema. And here we begin a way in rodzat.

I Come, I change clothes. Fights in five minutes on a minute to lie is painful to me, I sit on a bed and I jump on it as on a fitball. The fitball stands nearby, but I hesitate to take it.

Tatyana Aleksandrovna Comes, looks, speaks, what`s the use from me as from a goat of milk. Nothing opens. I complain that it is sick. To me puncture a bubble (it is not sick at all), hot water flows. I state: “About! Lukewarm went!“ We neigh. Fight - a tin, something is not ridiculous. The nice doctor comes and inserts to me a catheter under an epiduralka. It was where that at 3:30. From this point the high began!

We stirred

with my midwife about everything on light! We are with it coevals and studied even in one college! Criminal life ended, potuzhny the period at 7 in the morning began.

In advance I was warned by

that “the high faucet“ to me by that moment will be blocked. Did not tell lies. Fights with attempts went, I say that I “shchas obkakatsya“, say to me that I cannot make an effort categorically so far.

I Call the husband, I say that attempts began, come, somewhere in an hour I will give rise to a maximum, and to you will take out Artyom to show. There passed three hours. These three hours I will never forget. At ten o`clock told that my husband sits at a door. But it is impossible to make an effort so far. All the matter is that the son appeared krupnovat for me, and his head sverkhmedlenno fell and moved ahead also. I begged to allow me to make an effort, I have from seven in the morning a full disclosure, to me it is very bad. Told so: “You will make an effort now - there will be 258 internal gaps. And there itself solve.“ Of course, I decide not to make an effort, I decide to die. Seriously! Not for fun, and seriously I begin to shout at all crew (the doctor, by the way, was replaced at 9 in the morning with another, but it did not concern me) that they killed me. Killed, poisoned...

I Rush about on a rodzala with entreaties about death. For me carry this stick with droppers, in a hand a catheter. I break from myself devices KTG, I pull out a catheter, I reach a chair I fall on it, I lay down, legs are wider, I stand - so easier. For a long time between attempts there are practically no breaks. I am shocked. I receive the next refusal in death. Speak to me: “Open eyes! You hear? Open! Look at me! If not you give rise Artyom - nobody will give rise! For you nobody will make it!“ And it is impossible to make an effort still, already 11:15. I hear all these words, but I understand that I am powerless here... I understand that I do not exist any more. I shout that I cannot any more. To Creech in all throat from seven in the morning. I hear myself and I do not learn the voice. I hear the phrase: “Give on a chair, it is already necessary to give birth!“ I climb, I rest legs, I undertake pieces for hands... I am just a rag! I cannot move at all not that to make an effort! Just I shout in all throat. Say to me that supposedly give one just once try and everything will end. Threefold attempt. Made. Praise. However nothing ended. I try. Attempts through ten say to me that there in me in a vagina a ring muscular as if, and the head big. I hear: “Ant. So wanted to preserve you, but it is necessary to make a cut, differently in any way...“

One second I think that I read once that as soon as made an incision - everything came to an end. And as it seemed to me that the end will never come, I began to shout that they cut me and up and down if only everything ended. A cut - it is sick, I shout: “You what you do, monsters? It is not a shame to you? And? On live!“ I hear: “Tuzhsya on the following attempt“. And here it. I from all force, and it and not so much was also required. I feel how there was a head. I see it and at once a humeral belt. It is only a half of the child, and it seems to me that it he all (just the newborn had his size as as I imagined it).

It sticks out of me and shouts. The doctor with the midwife laugh: “You to give birth - that will be?“ I am perplexed: “Yet not all?“ Not all! “Tuzhsya!“ “Chpok“ - and the midwife lifts it up that I everything saw it. I have eyes on a five-copeck coin! I think: “Now that`s something like it... Here big!“

Put it to me on a stomach, it is such hot! Lies on me and cries, then calms down... I hold it: I am afraid that will slide off my ailing little body. They: “It is pleasant?“ I: “Still! Such pink and not terrible! Only I am afraid to drop“ - “Be not afraid, you will not drop! It was not yet!“

everyones Took away it on procedures - I observe. Here I remember about a placenta. I look - the midwife and the doctor study it. I am interested whether everything is good. Hurrah! All! End! Aha... About seams forgot. I begin to shout and beg that it was not painful to me because I do not want to feel pain in the life any more. Everything does me an epiduralka and in a vein much. The doctor sews up, and I shout in all throat. At the same time to me it is not painful at all, all laugh and ask why I shout. I laugh and I answer that it is a habit.

I Remember the behavior (everything that I created in labor in one story you will not tell), I remember how all on me swore. I begin to apologize at all and to cry. All laugh again and say that I am forgiven. I am sewed still, so long! I hear: “Catgut suture, still catgut suture...“ I ask the doctor how many seams? The midwife says what supposedly do not distract, will finish - will tell. I speak: “And I know how many! 258!“ Again neigh. I hear, tell height of 57 cm, weight 4150.

was Incurred to the father. I hear conversation: “We congratulate you on Artyom! Weight such - growth such-! Oh, and to the folder - that it is similar!“ And shout of ours of the folder: “Thanks a lot! Thanks!“

was Sewn up. The doctor with the offended person speaks: “And seams at you only three. Just I tried that everything was beautiful!“ I thank her. Again I apologize. The son was brought, shown and carried away to be heated, say that he was tired. And that I had a rest. Will transfer me to office and will bring it. I sob! I say that so wanted to feed him, but I was told: “Be not afraid, will not grow thin!“

one lay Then, under three blankets all shivered, I demanded all childbirth that poured over me cold water from legs to the head. And here also ice on a paunch.

Ya it is happy for one thousand percent! I ring round all. I laugh. The midwife comes, asks whether I will come to them for the daughter, I answer what in two years, I promise!

Then I lie with the son in a bed, he sucks sisyu, I look at it and I understand that for the sake of this little man it is possible to endure anything that it the most favourite and native on the earth! It is already similar to the father!

I Thank the Lord, the doctor - the obstetrician who conducted pregnancy, the ultrasonographer, all teams of doctors who participated in labor, the midwife Tatyana Valeryevna, mother, the father and the husband! We love you!