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Leave in an amicable way!

it is possible to Make the decision on dismissal for various reasons: the salary does not arrange, there is no prospect of professional growth, the administration ignores your labor feats, there are no relations with collective etc. As the known saying says, “fish looks for where is deeper, and the person - where is better“. Therefore there is nothing shameful that you want to improve the financial position or to have from work moral satisfaction, and most often - both that, and another.

However cases when leaving becomes in the opinion of the employer and the staff of firm the enemy No 1 are frequent

.“ The traitor“, namely can be so apprehended your leaving, can strike a blow to the image to the company, having passed to competitors, especially if he held a senior position and performed responsible work.

If to you was lucky

with the management, the conflict can be avoided, but also certain obligations have to be of you fulfilled.

Disinterested aid

According to the Labour code, the employee in writing has to warn about dismissal not later than two weeks - during this time the company has to find to it replacement. But in practice often it turns out that this term appears insufficiently to find the competent worker. Therefore if there is opportunity, inform the management in advance. And it is even better - show an initiative in search of the candidate for your place. It will characterize you as responsible person and will relieve of possible bureaucratic delays at dismissal.

What help you can give to the company? In - the first to ring round the acquaintances - can be, at this moment they look for work, or to leave information on vacancy at the corresponding forums and on social networks where on professional subjects communicate both beginners, and experts in the area. As a rule, there is a section devoted to employment. In - the second, it is possible to give feasible help in selection of candidates. The administration will be very grateful to you if you relieve it of loss of time and money for search of the suitable employee.

of Companies on the lock

Very often the company employing the employee besides a set of standard documents gives it on signing the contract on nondisclosure of confidential information. Documents, draft copies, data on negotiations and clients of firm concern to her. Besides, property of the company are developments of the employee - drawings, computer programs etc. For disclosure of a trade secret the employer has the right to bring “talker“ to legal responsibility. Therefore in order to avoid judicial proceedings attentively re-read the contract from the last place of work before starting new.


of the Practician of the conclusion of such agreements it is extended not in all companies, however it does not mean that after dismissal the former employee of firm can open all nuances of its activity. Giving the classified information, he thereby creates to himself bad reputation, and on the new place work of trust to it will not be.

However, the truth and nothing except the truth

Sometimes the director shows natural desire to learn where you are going to leave and that did not suit you on the former place of work. It is optional to give the exact name to the organization in which you are going to work at all. As for the leaving reasons, in this case it is necessary to show honesty. The remarks stated in a benevolent form will be useful to the management which sometimes just lacks time to penetrate into problems of collective. Perhaps, after your conversation this information will be taken into consideration. However it is not necessary to criticize work of the company and furthermore the director, in the presence of him subordinated.


Sometimes, having reasoned the decision on dismissal, the employee receives from the administration the counter offer (increase in a salary or increase in a position), and sometimes and an opportunity to return if on the new place something is not taken. But the company shows such loyalty only in relation to especially valuable shots - professionals of the business.

it is beautiful to p to Leave

Employees who leave from - for difficult relations with collective or the management, have to remember that leaving in such situation should not be followed by scandals, mutual reproaches and claims at all. Politeness and correctness will help you to avoid unnecessary hassle. Besides request of recommendations from the last place of work - the phenomenon presently quite widespread. Therefore whatever was the reason of your leaving, try to leave about yourself good impression. In the last working day organize a small buffet reception for the colleagues and do not forget to invite to a table the management. Note all positive moments of your cooperation and thank for the got professional experience. Leave the new coordinates and suggest to address you in case of any difficulties at work connected with your leaving. You remember, life - piece unpredictable, and good relations with the former colleagues and the boss can serve to you quite good service in the future.