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My comfortable childbirth in Germany

Hi, the real and future mummies! All pregnancy read stories about childbirth, and now, came true - I became a mother and I want to share impressions!!

we Are married

10 years and wanted the child from the first day of joint life, but I did not become pregnant, and did not become pregnant... And time went... Hospitals, doctors, treatments, inspections. The husband for these years accepted such amount of vitamins that, according to him, they in him raged! To tell that I was upset, to tell nothing it. A lot of my friends became pregnant at a polikistoza, and I slowly turned in scatter-brained.

Then on the Internet saw article about treatment in Germany and decided to try, the husband agreed, and we found, through friends, the Russian travel agency which is engaged in reception of tourists in Germany and the organization of treatment.

To put it briefly, we arrived to Munich, at the airport we were met by the representative of firm and brought to hotel. On the same day we appointed interview and inspection at the doctor. Pleasant doctor, very cheerful. It was pleasant to me that he operating and has the right to deliver. With me there was a girl the translator, thanks to her big, for participation. Looked at me, made gynecologic ultrasonography, took a lot of analyses. Equipment and in general level of service just super! The husband was carried to hand over a spermogram.

All remained time we went on excursions, went shopping and just derived pleasure from life!

the Doctor wrote out treatment for three months, painted when and that I have to accept, and we departed home. To put it briefly, I will not tire you with details, in brief I will tell, I became pregnant in this arrival to Germany. Without having waited monthly to begin a course of treatment, I bought the test and did not begin to wait for morning, and made in the same evening. Two strips! It seems to me that I just distracted, did not think of anything - and here result! Perhaps also thermal sources helped, we were carried in the smart center near Munich, there by a heap of saunas, pools... Heap only...

We decided that to go for 9 months to Germany to be observed - it is strong abruptly and the husband could not leave business so for a long time. It was observed at the gynecologist, but several times flew to Munich on consultation, ultrasonography, analyses, just called with any questions.

At the same time in arrivals bought to herself smart clothes for pregnant women, a carriage, manezhik there, the seat for the car and is a lot of any children`s features!

Everything passed

normally, however, felt sick all pregnancy, but is not strong. The stomach was big and round as Kolobok simply! Long it was not visible who there at us, but I was sure that the girl, and turned out!

Gained for pregnancy 12 kg, already in the usual weight. The term of childbirth was on September 10, but at the beginning of August it became heavy to go, my girl very low settled down in a tummy. We decided to fly to Germany, worried that can not let in the plane, but everything managed.

Reached, lodged, and carried us at first to the doctor, then on clinics, to choose maternity hospital. Time flew quickly, we walked on the city, however, to go was rather heavy. Went to courses of preparation for childbirth. On a course there were 7 families, all of 40 years and is more senior. So strange! Rains poured constantly, just a flood. The sun left in day of childbirth!

in the Morning, on September 5, I woke up early and went to a toilet, the stomach ached, but is tolerant, and was shivering a little. Stood under a warm shower, it became easier when it began to be wiped, waters departed. Called the husband, called the translator and went to give birth! In the car fights began, but it was tolerant, was rather afraid of the forthcoming events a little. The clinic changed clothes for a “fashionable“ dressing gown at once with a naked back as the clothes got wet from waters, and put on monitoring. It was heavy to lie, fights already were strong. Then took away in chamber, sent the translator to have breakfast, and we with the husband began to look round.

Chamber very modern, all brand new, the TV under a ceiling, a toilet with a shower cabin and a big bathroom - it is possible to lie during fights. There is a sphere, a rope on which it is possible to hang for a while during fight, internal phone with the button of a call of personnel - generally, all conditions. Then, when it became absolutely heavy, I got into the small pool where lay long enough. It is much easier to be there, the midwife muffled light, and it was quite good. Brought to the husband to eat, he refused. In general it was in such shock from the events that frightened me by the look.

me was driven Then on a viewing chair, looked and told that already soon, it was sick, regretted that refused an epiduralka, but then put some dropper, it became easier.

All gathered in a maternity room, the husband with the translator stood at me behind the back. I gave birth on a bed - a transformer, on each side there are such supports for legs, as in a gynecologic chair, only with such pieces in which it is convenient to rest against time of fights. All of us made an effort and breathed together, including the translator. The obstetrician smeared with oil a crotch all the time what I am madly grateful to it for. Cracks! In 17. 29, our daughter, our red Inka was born on September 5, 2008!! Weight 3100 gr., height is 52 cm!

our Father began to cry a thin golosochok, and the baby cried a bass! The same bass we demand sisyu. I recognized it by a voice from the first days!! Presented us a heap of gifts from clinic: nipples, any children`s creams, powders, hairbrushes, teas from a tummy and many other things. The clinic provides to women in labor everything! Laying, disposable shorts, body oil and everything that is required for the child. Wrote out us in hospital pink romper suit and a jacket as the husband forgot to bring clothes. But it is allowed, and clothes there very beautiful.

Already I dream that next year we will go for the brother to the same clinic!