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Councils of the children`s ENT specialist: an ear, a throat, a nose, further everywhere

After a summer break we continue the publication of the materials devoted to work of doctors - specialists of children`s policlinic. We already told about what the ophthalmologist and the orthopedist (“NANOMETER“ No. No. 4 and 5, 2001 of) can be useful to mother with the kid and as it is necessary to be prepared for reception at these doctors. Today about that part of health of the child that is under authority of the otorhinolaryngologist, Natalya Vasilyevna Semenova, the doctor of the Moscow policlinic No. 108 tells.

the First visit to the ENT specialist

It is good if it takes place at monthly age when mother with the kid for the first time passes some doctors of children`s policlinic.

Why to me would like to see the child in a month? In - the first to specify recommendations about care of the kid which mother received in maternity hospital. Still, which - where give not reasonable advice: for example, to dig in in ears and in a nose to the baby oil.

In - the second, at this age it is already possible to check hearing of the child. Usually does not come to parents to mind that the kid can badly hear, and the child with undetected and, respectively, an uncured hearing disorder in the first months of life begins to lag behind in development very quickly.

If everything is all right, then I appoint the following routine inspection - in a year.

And if ached?

In general the pediatrician is engaged in

in treatment of catarrhal diseases, respiratory infections. But the help of the otorhinolaryngologist is necessary too. It is necessary to look at the child if cold (especially at the baby!) does not pass within 10 days. If at mother it is the first child, she should show how to clear a nose of the kid of slime as it is correct to dig drops.

the otorhinolaryngologist is absolutely necessary for

I if there is a suspicion on otitis - an inflammation of a middle ear. What has to guard mother? The kid who is nursed refuses to suck. Sometimes with crying, sometimes without. The child strongly twirls by the head, when pressing on an ear feels pain.

Babies are especially predisposed with

to otitises as anatomic their ear differs from the adult`s ear. The acoustical pipe at kids very wide, and any infection from a nasopharynx gets to it very easily. So prevention of otitis is the correct and timely treatment of any cold.

Routine inspection of the otorhinolaryngologist -

Even if to the child is possible to avoid every year frequent respiratory diseases and the related complications, I insist on need of annual survey. By my experience, only thus it is possible to notice in time the most unexpected things to which parents do not pay attention.

For example, the child does not breathe a nose. Or it is a bad habit, or it is disturbed by the expanded adenoides, there can be also other reasons. But houses already got used to it, and it seems to parents that and has to be. But it is abnormal.

is farther than

. At the child it is long the nose does not breathe, no drops help. Besides at survey I see that the mucous membrane of a nose is changed as at an allergy. We surely direct such child to the allergist to confirm the cold nature, to find out on what it has an allergic reaction, and to appoint adequate treatment - because vasoconstrictive drops which parents so like to treat independently cold here will not rescue any more but only they will worsen a condition of mucous. So, routine inspection helps to reveal allergic cold in time.

Sometimes at medical examination we find

in a nose, in ears foreign matters, and big. Too - either do not pay attention, or come with complaints to the pediatrician instead of the otorhinolaryngologist.

Happens, after the standard answer of mother “There are no complaints“ begin to ask the child, and it becomes clear that at it headaches, noise or a ring in ears are frequent. That it: the beginning hearing disorder, result of any injury of the head or vascular processes connected with change of atmospheric pressure? It is necessary to understand.

Very widespread phenomenon - sulfuric traffic jams which are formed if ears incorrectly clean. In general quite often it is necessary to warn parents against mistakes which they make by someone`s unqualified council.

should not be done to

of What at cold at children

to Use for treatment of cold at children of a drop on an oil basis . You watch what occurs: the child has a sharp cold, at the same time slime is developed several times more, than normal, and we also oils add. Drops in this case just do not act on the oil basis. On the contrary, they are necessary for mitigation of the thinned, atrofichny mucous membrane when there is a dryness in a nose, - but such problem arises usually not earlier 10 - 12 - summer age. And till this time mucous also perfectly works for the child herself.

to Use vasoconstrictive preparations as medical . Actually they those are not, and serve in order that exempt a nose from allocations. So, correct scheme of actions: to dig a vasoconstrictive preparation, then in 3 - 5 minutes to blow the nose a nose and to dig the medical preparations appointed by the doctor.

to Children who are not able to blow nose yet a nose is cleared so. Dig in vasoconstrictive drops. In 2 - 3 minutes take the small syringe with a soft rubber tip, let out from it a half of the air, bring to a nose, somewhere to the middle of the nasal course. Then accurately lower down, on a bottom of the nasal course - there slime usually accumulates. And slowly release the syringe. It cannot be done sharply - we can hurt the child, damage mucous up to that bleeding will begin.

With effort to wash out a nose by means of the syringe . In the washing of a nose physical solution or the added some salt water there is nothing bad: the nose is easier cleared after that of slime. But it is necessary to do it very carefully, it is impossible to wash out a nose under a big pressure as the considerable part of this liquid containing the infected allocations through a nasopharynx gets into ears. Result: otitises.

it is thoughtless to p to use as drops for a nose juice of plants - beets, carrots, onions, etc. In - the first, it is not necessary to think that juice of beet will help the child better, than the modern preparations intended for treatment of cold. In - the second, it is necessary to know how it is correct to prepare such vegetable drops, to observe right proportions. And it is obligatory to try at first on himself - before to drip it is unknown that to the child. It is possible to get both burn mucous, and allergic reaction - the result is unpredictable.

Against what I do not object

as the doctor - so it to drops which do of juice of an aloe and a kalanchoe. In case you are sure that the child has on them no allergy. But all the same they should be prepared correctly and at first to be influenced.

Adenoides and almonds

They cause the greatest concern of parents of often ill children of preschool age, and is not casual.

Adenoides are conceived by the nature to protect an organism from an infection. Every time when on mucous a nose anti-genes get (bacteria, viruses causing respiratory diseases), adenoides increase to absorb this infection.

Here the child had a SARS and recovered - and adenoides become the normal sizes again. But if the kid is ill often - time in two months, once a month, two times a month, - that adenoides do not manage to decrease, they grow and grow. Over time can even block the nasal courses, preventing normal breath.

Conclusion: the less child is ill, the probability is less that adenoides will expand, there will be their hypertrophy. Therefore any hardening which allows to avoid frequent colds is useful also for prevention of a hypertrophy of adenoides.

grow at

of the Almond gradually and approximately by 5 years reach the maximum size, 3 - y degrees. It is normal and if almonds are healthy, they should not be deleted at all as some doctors sometimes advise. After 5 years they, having executed the main function, begin to decrease also slowly, and at later age too usually do not cause trouble.

of the Almond unlike adenoides can be tempered specially: it is simple not to accustom the child to drink constantly only warm. Not at once, of course, to give water from the refrigerator, but to accustom gradually to cool drinks. On my supervision, it gives very good effect.

Daily hygiene

For prevention of respiratory diseases I advise

to both adults, and children, having come home from work, from a garden or from school, to wash out a nose. In each half of a nose to dig on one pipette of usual water of room temperature. All anti-genes which accumulated on mucous a nose in a day are washed away by this water - it is possible either to blow the nose it, or to swallow, in acidic environment of a stomach anti-genes are quickly neutralized.


happens to children who during evening bathing swim and dive in a house bathroom or just lower the person in water.

By the way, the same way we try to obtain also prevention of diseases of adenoides, one may say, we facilitate their work: they should not increase strongly “to use“ all these anti-genes.

A for prevention of diseases of a rotoglotka the throat (usual water from - under the crane of room temperature makes sense to wash away the same anti-genes, polosky, for example, at evening toothbrushing).

here daily cleaning of ears is unhealthy

A - so we clean a secret which is specially allocated by ear glands to protect ears from penetration of an external infection. Ears are enough to be cleaned once a week, it is desirable after a bathroom, in order to avoid damages - the usual densely twisted wadded wick.

I, at last, it is important to p to teach the child to blow nose correctly. By two years he is already able to master it. So, we develop a handkerchief, we close one nostril a finger, another we blow, having inclined the head down. Not really strongly, because at a smorkaniye slime can get into an ear. And it is impossible to blow nose at all at once two nostrils because in this case sharp pressure differences are created and ears can suffer.