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Who will be chosen by my daughter? I Will tell

honestly, this question rose before me in maternity hospital when I looked at her who is peacefully sleeping. She will grow up, will become “the member of the Komsomol, the sportswoman and, in general, the beauty“. As my daughter will be able to find it - that one and only that for the rest of life. To find and not to be mistaken. At once - without tears and disappointments, hysterics and other any nonsenses. Through which I passed is her mother.

How to teach what to tell how to save from pain and lie?

statistically, today every second marriage breaks up. How to keep the union of the loving people for a long time, for the rest of life? I yours faithfully look at women who chose in husbands of their worthy men and kept, increased family wealth.

I do not want

Ya that my daughter became business - the lady or the bitch. It is unlikely it will make it happy. Happy it will be made by only a strong, close-knit and happy family. A sort which proceeds.

Patrimonial memory. What is it? Where it? Where got to? Why I, it seems, not absolutely silly, even, one may say, honors pupils at school, did not have a strong family? Nobody prompted, itself did not guess, the intuition fell asleep and did not wake up.


Ya chose not that man. Or perhaps chose that and just did not manage to create with it the strong relations? Yes, if only I am one...

Neither mother, nor the grandmother, nor at school learn how to create the union. Such union that the love over the years got stronger. There are some secrets! How earlier in olden days? Who knows it secret and is silent? No, only not “love spells“. But not about it. It from dirty.


to us need only all pure and good feelings. With all the heart, from heart.

the Statistics says that about 70% of men change the wives. Also consider it normal.

From screens of TVs at us are watched by the men changing women as gloves. It is considered correct, and it is imitated. It is possible to tell, appreciate it and respect. The image is imposed to us. Men look and begin to follow an example of television heroes. Or begin to believe that have to have many women.

I do not want

A that my daughter met the man who tried tens of women. What will he create? What union for ages? It is unlikely it will be acquired. And will look at the party.

But here matter not only in men. Matter and in women. How to be such what he would not go to look for another? What my daughter should be to become only for the darling? That ancestors not heaven were glad for the union of hearts. As it is necessary to live also what to do how to think what to dream of? How to comprehend all depth of a female essence? To be wise, womanly, gentle. Marya - the mistress, Vasilisa - fine? Lyubava? As to teach me to it my daughter if I do not know the answer to these questions. I do not know yet...