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Trust, hope, you love

Outside March. The head is stuffed by career plans, study. But a week ago I felt something wrong with the health: became irritable, sleepy, sluggish. Made in the afternoon the test for pregnancy, result negative. Even a little bit was upset. At the end of March - birthday of the husband. His friend Dima came to a holiday to us. Saw me and asked at once whether I am the pregnant woman. I answered “no“. Dima did not lag behind me and continued to claim that I in situation. The husband convinced him that I do not lie. Dima calmed down, sat down at a table and asked me to whom I would like to give birth if I was a pregnant woman. Without hesitation answered - the boy. The friend of the husband sighed and told that we will have a boy, and he with the wife has a girl.

on April 1, early morning. Hardly scraped off itself from a bed. Went to a bathroom repeatedly to do the test for pregnancy. As it appeared, the first test I managed to make incorrectly. This test showed two strips. I did not believe the eyes. Did not know to rejoice or cry. Called the husband, and he at this moment just cleaned a roof of the car from a huge number of a bird`s dung (this sign to news). The husband very much was delighted. At heart at me felt better.

But on it I did not calm down, decided to go to the medical center and to make ultrasonography. The gynecologist confirmed my pregnancy, the fruit is 2 weeks old. In the center to me appointed to drink vitamins and hormones for development of a yellow body of pregnancy.

On pleasures I called mother and told her that she will become a grandmother soon. To happiness of my mother there was no limit. It was very happy, all - the first grandson or the granddaughter. But there passed hour, and future grandmother called back to me. Mother lectured me for the fact that I joked such things for April 1. It was necessary to explain long that my pregnancy which is not invented.

the First 2 months of pregnancy passed

quietly. Only occasionally I was tormented by toxicosis. At the end of the first trimester I decided what will be enough for me to drink hormones and independently began to reduce their reception. Thanks to such independent “diagnostics“ and excessive expenditure of nerves on trifles I was hospitalized with bleeding. To self-medicate it appeared very dangerously. In the first days in hospital my state was heavy, hardly doctors stopped bleeding. I blamed myself for everything. Within a month in hospital to me gave droppers, injections, stuffed with tablets. The result was worth it - pregnancy to me was kept.

After this case the doctor in a maternity welfare unit treated me more attentively. At the slightest indisposition it hospitalized me in hospital on preservation.

In the second half of pregnancy I faced medical disagreement. The matter is that I had a placenta giperplaziya. One doctors considered it normal, and others tried to put me with such diagnosis in hospital. I did not know to whom to listen, there were no wish to go to hospital. On this background I developed a severe depression. Thank God, the attending physician sent me in is advisory - the diagnostic center. There in a complex surveyed my tummy and came to a conclusion that the placenta giperplaziya does not harm a fruit. I calmed down.

On the 8th month of pregnancy together with the husband we went to “school of parents“ in maternity hospital. (And to the husband) these lectures very much helped me. I ceased to be afraid of the forthcoming childbirth. Became more self-assured.

by results of ultrasonography date of my childbirth was appointed to the first of December. In the middle of November the father-in-law approached me and declared that I have to give rise to his birthday - on November 25. I protested - eventually, I am not car to give birth by request. Nevertheless, on the eve of the birthday future grandfather repeated the request. Being indignant from such persistence, I advised it to appeal to “weather gods“.

2 o`clock in the morning on November 25. Looked through the movie with the husband, discussed it and went to bed. In 10 minutes at me waters departed. I understood that I am fated to give rise on birthday of the father-in-law! Such rage took me, there was a wish to give rise for harm in other day. But there is no place to disappear.

“Ambulance“ arrived quickly - for half an hour. The maternity hospital in which I wanted to give birth was closed this night. I was carried to another, far away from the house. The duty nurse in maternity hospital accepted me tenderly, explained everything. The young doctor on duty even tried to play a trick to lighten mood to future mummy. Fights at first were painless, but through a couple of hours became frequent and became painful. Attempts began only when outside it is light. It was heavy to give birth as I all night long did not sleep. Constantly there was a wish to be forgotten and fall asleep. I was delivered by morning shift.

At the time of delivery to the kid it was necessary to

hardly. I am thin, and the child was born large - 4400 gr. 57 cm. I would need to make “Cesarean section“, but doctors insisted on independent childbirth.

Ya gave birth to the boy. We named him Dmitry, in honor of the person who predicted his birth.

Next day after the delivery the children`s doctor reported

to me about a trauma of handles of the child. Began to prick to the child in maternity hospital magnesia and vitamins. Did not help. I went and roared on corners of maternity hospital, did not know how to help the kid. From maternity hospital of my child took away on “ambulance“ in neurologic hospital. I came back home without child. The child was in neurologic hospital one. Mamam was allowed to come and feed children only. Here skilled neurologists made us the diagnosis - a cut of the left hand (as it appeared, the right hand slightly suffered at the time of delivery).

In a month of treatment in hospital the child could already lift the left handle to shoulder level. At an extract home to us suggested to be hospitalized repeatedly in a month.

there Passed 2 months. I did not want to hospitalize the child of one without mother. By means of a case we got to children`s hospital where there was a neurologic office. Three times I was hospitalized together with the child in this office. Every time we lay on a month. Here did to the child dot and general massages, physical therapy, pricks, gave drugs. We were very lucky with attending physicians in this hospital. After the third hospitalization we were told that we any more not patients of this office. The child fully worked with both handles. Our “purgatory“ ended.

Now to the child year. Looking at it, nobody will tell that he was born with a trauma! Dimka is active, cheerful, inquisitive. Every day pleases parents with new opening.