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As in my life Kityonok appeared of

Ya, probably, years from fifteen dreamed of small. But in the head evil thoughts about what not to see to me such happiness climbed. From what? Still I do not understand. Perhaps subconsciously was afraid of childbirth and motherhood, and can and vice versa... I do not know. In 19 years I got acquainted with the future husband. We got acquainted in airfield of the city of Dirt - both played parachuting. Dimka was engaged for a long time, I only began. Our novel began instantly as parachute jump, at first sight...

We began to meet, walk, together went on collecting. Dima helped me “with development of the sky“. We met two years. All was remarkable.

I here on next “jumps“ I felt weight in a stomach. I had a small delay - 2 days therefore I decided to postpone jumps until clarification of circumstances. Of course, I already then guessed the reason of the indisposition. At once remembered the unique moment of conception - on May 20 when we from acquiescence forgot about kontratseptivna... I even knew date! Dima then still grinned: “You will become pregnant!“ And I: “Yes well, will be enough for you...“ I remember it with a smile now.

the Test showed to

two strips. And the second. And the third... I then, having learned about pregnancy, was even frightened a little. A question to leave the child or not, did not stand. But here the fact that we were not married was not pleasant to me. I am, probably, the victim of public opinion. Was afraid of sidelong glances. Having thought, having talked to parents, we decided to celebrate a wedding. Mother, of course, was upset. Like, “that you, could not wait a little?“ In September celebrated a wedding, bought the apartment, began joint life.


Ya it was observed in a regional maternity welfare unit. The stomach grew before the eyes. In four months I bought special clothes - usual jeans were already small. The baby began to move in 15 weeks - nobody believed me, except the doctor. In October I began occupations at university. I was afraid to go a little there. Nobody knew about my pregnancy and a marriage, except two girlfriends. My pregnancy was obvious. The tummy - that at me was oho - go for my five and a half months. Fellow students attacked on me with words: “You what, was stunned? You will leave in akady - at whom we will write off?“ In akady I did not leave. Childbirth was assumed for the beginning of February, just on externship, and thesis defense - for the end of June.

I Felt

perfectly. With analyses and ultrasonography of problems was not too. Therefore solved, as with study of problems should not arise.

Actually and was. In six months on planned ultrasonography the doctor told that I will have a boy. I raised on it the head and asked to look still, it could not be. We waited for Vika. Here so the female intuition brought me for the second time.

long and painful selections of a man`s name Began

: the name was not pleasant to me, the husband. Stopped on a name of Nikitk. But for some reason all the same it seemed to me that I will have a girl. In seven months night heartburn began to torment me, muscular spasms in legs developed. From spasms the preparation registered by the doctor helped, from heartburn rescue was not - I even got used then. In December handed over session on “perfectly“. Only I was surprised by behavior of one absolutely young teacher - she asked me more than an hour almost under all tickets while my stomach shook - Kityonok stormed. Other teachers belonged loyally, I did not go any more, and rolled over.

On the eighth month problems began

- I began to gain very quickly weight, hypostases developed. On planned KTG recorded small oxygen starvation of the child. Appointed treatment. Hypostases amplified, and after planned visit of consultation I was handed the direction in the Lipetsk city maternity hospital № 1 in office of pathology of pregnant women.

Already the ninth month went. I very hard moved. From treatment to me appointed vitamins (something from group B), nicotinic acid, an askorbinka and tablets.

on February 2 at me the stomach began to sip

on what the doctor told:“ It is normal“. In 3 days I lifted temperature to 38 degrees. Twisted a stomach. The child was constantly pushed. Neigbours in chamber called my doctor, but he did not come, having told:“ It is cold, nothing terrible“.

It actually, but from it it became more slight not. The doctor did not come, to me it was worse. The same neigbours, having secured with support of the duty nurse, nevertheless found my attending physician. Probably, not for nothing it for eyes called “Seryozhenk“. Seryozhenka condescended to my problems and decided to examine me. During survey he decided “to help to reveal to a neck“. I shouted literally this word. The doctor stopped necessary, in his opinion, procedure. The nurse on point duty came running. Asked not to frighten women in labor (very ridiculously). I began small bleeding. Childbirth did not begin yet, and there was no wish to live any more.

Ya reached chamber and decided to have a good cry properly. Temperature rose. All was ill. There was a manager of office. Fast sorted things out. I had to go to viewing again. Having looked at me, she told that to me touched a mucous stopper, and waters will depart soon, but just in case called the manager of maternity hospital and Serezhenka.


justified itself supposedly at the woman in labor of fight began, he wanted to help only... He did not answer a question of incorrectly completed card and not recorded temperature increase.

Me was dug out from temperature and punctured a bubble. Having entered into chamber, I felt the first fight. Hurrah! I could not mix. It was it! I began skipping if it it was possible to call, be going to patrimonial office so. The interval between fights was five minutes. Further an enema (most of all was afraid), a toilet, a shower and patrimonial office.

Filling of the card took with

minutes three as part of data transferred from office of pathology. And further there was what I least of all expected. I wanted to go, and me put sideways, attached the sensor of listening of heartbeat of the child to a stomach and told less to move.

In 20 minutes of fight painful with an interval. I called the doctor - I was told it is better to suffer and think of the child that he too with me suffers. Arrangements helped me for about ten minutes. On fight I tried to convince myself that to me it is not painful.

to me was suggested to be passed in rodzat. Opening was 6 cm. And forces were not any more. The interval of fights was reduced to a minute. I was already in a subconscious state. The doctor suggested to make anesthetic. To me stuck in a hand medicine, in a mouth instantly appeared disgustingly - bitter taste. Pain quickly receded. It was farther dreamily. I still thought:“ Here, probably, that addicts feel“. The head did not think. In the head confused thoughts climbed. I dozed a little.

But suddenly pain returned. Medicine did not remove spasms of fights any more. And the head was still drunk with medicine. I made impression that fights did not stop. Called the doctor, told that I die. Over me, of course, laughed. Still in a few minutes began to twist a stomach. It was just awful as there was one bile. It was bitter and opposite to me. Pomochili was not allowed to drink. Lips. Through some time I felt attempts, but was afraid to make an effort still. Called the midwife, but that answered that it seems to me that to attempts still far. Then I used other reception to draw attention.

In all books about pregnancy of an attempt is compared to desire to descend in a toilet “on - big“. And so I also told that I want in a toilet. At once all gathered - both the doctor and the midwife. Looked. Disclosure is full! Told that it is possible to make an effort. Oh, I did not believe the happiness and once again asked again: “Truth? It is possible?“ The midwife told that it is possible and that she even already sees a head. Here I, of course, tried. The child appeared on the third attempt. Having not absolutely been issued yet, he tried to begin to cry hoarsely. The midwife smiled: “Was not born yet, and already cries!“ To me rassekl a crotch, and through a fraction of a second Nikityonok appeared.

He was violet, wet, on the head there was hypostasis, but at the same time it is impossible beautiful! To me put it on a stomach. He looked at me! But did not begin to cry... I noticed an umbilical cord - not a sight for the faint of heart. The baby was carried away. He gave a vote - yes what!

U me something was asked, gave an injection. Further I gave rise to an afterbirth. And I all looked out on Kityonk (so we also call him).


Then to me made an anesthesia to impose seams. I dreamed sea hedgehogs who were strongly pricked. Having opened eyes, I began to tell any nonsense. Even it became a shame then. Asked whether I gave rise, whom when and why...

I Felt

perfectly. With analyses and ultrasonography of problems was not too. But this time he was told that he gave birth to the boy at ten in the evening exactly, 3660 gr. and 53 cm

Me shifted

to a wheelchair and took out from a rodzal. I lay and listened as behind a wall the doctor and the anesthesiologist talk that the midwife noticed an umbilical cord on a neck of the kid in time and that this umbilical cord dragged on and by all means would strangle the kid if it did not take necessary actions. I then did not know what is told about my small.

Chamber. Days did not give me the child and did not explain anything to either me, or the husband by phone until my mother made small scandal there. Only after that I was answered that to the child droppers put, but I could not find out what and from what. Also the mark about an obvitiya an umbilical cord was not then in an extract.

After the delivery I made the whole day attempts to reach a sink to wash, but felt forces only by the evening. To me brought down temperature again. I did not sleep all night long waiting for the baby.

in the Morning me brought to

the kid - it already was white, hypostasis left a head. The sonny slept, and I all izmuchatsya waiting for his awakening. He slept 4 hours!

With feeding by a breast of problems special was not, except for readiness of the kid to suck a milk more than an hour.

For the fourth day us was written out. The first night Kityonok did not sleep at home in general. Alternately with the husband we did not let the son. But further the sonny became very quiet, well slept, well ate and did not give special troubles to us.

I graduated from the University with the diploma with honors. And now even I miss student`s life. I think of second higher education. My former fellow students look for by the sweat of the brow work. All say that at first it is necessary to promote. And I enjoy the sonny.

Now Nikitke nine months. He is very clever, bright and amusing kid. At first I also did not think more than nobody to give birth. And now I catch myself on thought that to a thicket and a thicket I think of it...