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One day from a mozayka of happiness

the Husband told: “On Sunday promise the last warm day - we will go to a zoo. Children of animals will look and at the same time and fresh air we will breathe“.

we Live in Siberia, and our zoo of “Roy Ruchey“ is behind city boundaries, near the reserve “Columns“.

Nikita declared

at once: “I will not go with you!“ It was the blow to my ideas of family days off. When I was small and not absolutely small, and already a student, we each day off went to the grandfather. There came all 5 father`s sisters and, respectively, my numerous cousins and sisters.

our cheerful company always found

to itself entertainments. It was especially good in the winter. We with a laughter rode from the mountain, rolled in snow, wandered about ice floes on the bank of nonfreezing Yenisei, and then were heated at the Russian oven.

always considered

Ya, as our family will be amicable, and all of us will do together. Well, to have a rest - that precisely! And suddenly in 15 years the son, my son, declares: “I will not go with you!“ The commander in me led the army in attack: “Why? You hesitate of us? What you will be engaged in? To play the whole day on the computer? Read better!“

A Nikita in reply: “Mother, it in your childhood was not other entertainments, and you read books!“ Killed on the spot.“ And in general, you forgot, I in this zoo worked all summer - I cannot see these animals so far. And if it is serious: we with a class to a campaign go, on “Columns“ - the son added.

my army is disarmed by

, its remains with advantage recede, having in passing given advice how to put on and what to take to have a bite.

Here and Sunday. Well, we go three together: I, husband and 11 monthly Sashenka.

Loaded a carriage (a subject of jokes of car owners of our yard who for dimensions and wheels the jeep klinut it), collected clothes and diapers (though why all this in a zoo?) and, the main thing, - a package of steering-wheels, fresh carrots, cabbage and other good.

All road laughed - same a daughter`s first campaign in a zoo. How it will react? Which of animals will interest her?

Tried to keep step with a long chain of cars and, at last, arrived. While the husband made the most difficult maneuvers on search of the parking for the car, we with Sasha drove to ticket offices.

there, at once at cash desks, at the gate children`s happiness began

A... There sold balloons. Well, you, of course, know, the toys such shining, torn in the sky, hearts and heroes of animated films which aim to depart.

our father slightly was late, but we did not miss, the daughter joyfully stared around.

Imagination of all children passing by spheres first of all was struck by the zebra who is cheerfully dangling on wind. Its sizes commanded respect, they almost reached the sizes of real. And, of course, such magnificence was not passed by any kid. The children struck by miracle spoke:“ Buy“.

my Heart trembled, I understood that next year when our daughter starts talking, all family should prepare for purchase something so fine and equivalent.

Should pay tribute to the poor parents turning as on a frying pan to avoid acquisition of it a miracle - a sphere. All of them were patient and polite in the explanations.

of Parents - pedestrians were generally rescued that with such animal they will not be let in the bus, and kids were offered to choose somebody less. After thoughts and persistent arrangements the child agreed. It was more difficult to fathers with cars, but also they somehow got out.

Here, at last, there arrived our happy father, and we entered a zoo. From all directions sounds reached: music, growl, laughter. The daughter in a carriage did not wish to sit. The father took it on hands and began to run along cages.

“Birdies! Eagles, owls, swans?“ Not that...“ Ah, look, a polar bear!“ And we do not want to look... “And brown bears?“ Well, all right, slightly - slightly we will look.

So, being enriched with new information, we reached “A children`s court yard“.

fed with

of the Child ducks and chickens. “And we will feed!“ It is strange that at us in a zoo it is authorized to feed animals, but it is already tradition. Fed... No, melkovata of a birdie, not our razmerchik. “And here pig!“ Already more interestingly and ran away into a lodge... “Give, feed and we will stroke a goat“. The husband pushes me sideways and mutters: “You that look what it is dirty!“ It is fine, mother one will have a good time also itself will stroke. Though the goat already interested the daughter, probably, our razmerchik more.

the Father wearily sat down on a shop and said:“ If about 20 years ago I was told that I will be torn to look at hens moreover to pay for it money, I would not believe for anything“. Yes, darling, is cruel facts of life!

At last, our Sashenka agreed to sit down in a carriage, solemnly we hand it steering-wheels and juice, we go to giraffes. They still walk, and tomorrow will already transfer them to winter open-air cages. Well, and giraffes in Siberia are good, but the small Chinese excavator is better what digs a hole behind cages. Here we will look at it.

we Move to zebras, children`s squeal and a laughter there. All were treated with steering-wheels: both animal, and courageous visitors.

Suddenly our child waves hands and something hotly speaks! Offers! Coherently, in children`s language! Who caused such delight? Who blew the children`s mind?

It. The pony standing aside from the amicably chewing relatives.

Long we feed a pony with carrot. And the daughter rejoices and loudly the pony as it is good to live on Earth and as it is great that they met shouts to the friend. Passersby, smiling, look back at our company.

Everything, the food came to an end, emotions ceased, we wave a pony a hand at parting. The daughter overflowed with impressions falls asleep. And we with the husband sit on a small bench, then we wander among hoofed animals, carrying the sleeping Sasha near deer and bisons. Probably, too we are drawn towards the large sizes.

was Called by Nikita, reported that they reached “Columns“ only together with the friend (well, 5 kilometers in a hill are not a joke, other “skhlyuzdil“). And after having a snack began to come back slowly from the half-road. Nikita already goes home. It is time to gather also to us...

A when we left a zoo, the zebra - a ball still hung...