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We will surely meet

Hello, Father Frost. My name is Yulia. I write you for the second time. Last year I wrote you the letter and, even without expecting, received from you the answer. Having unpacked your wish and a New Year`s envelope, I carried away it to friends in school, but they over me laughed and told that you do not exist, and send letters of mother and the father. But I do not trust in it. And I always hoped that I will sometime save up a lot of money and I will arrive to you on a visit. You promised me that in my life there will be miracles, and here I to you go on December 19, we will arrive to you with mother and other children by big bus. And friends so told, most likely, out of envy, and now I precisely believe that you - the most real also are able to achieve dream. In the letter you promised that you will maintain my efforts by a magic power, and this force works wonders. And here what. I from the first class had an unimportant handwriting, the teacher it called very bad. I very much tried the whole summer: implemented all mother`s recommendations, was engaged in capital notebooks, read much. And here a miracle - on Russian for the first quarter of the second class at me the five, and firm. I in general study on “perfectly“. In the first class I did not like many objects, but in the second class I very much fell in love to study. When you learn lessons with desire, but not “from - under sticks“, knowledge to you just sticks, seize all on the fly. Mother very much is happy with me, says that she is proud of me.

Mother at me was an honors pupil at school too. In the first class with me it was hard for it, and in the second class I learn lessons, mother should not remind me every time of my duties. It means that I am already almost adult.

A still, Father Frost, I forgot to tell you: at me right after New year the brother Stepa was born. I very much wanted the little sister, but mother calmed me, said that the brother - it is remarkable too. Now I understood what happiness when a big family!

Now to my brother 9 months, it too, as well as I, clever boy. I do not even know how we lived without it all this time. The grandmother and the grandfather give me a money for holidays that I put it in a moneybox, and I on this money buy to the brother inexpensive toys, books or juice. He so rejoices when I come from school with some gift for it. I teach Stepa to English, it comes to me easily, and mother smiles and says that it is necessary at first in Russian to teach to talk.

Here so, Father Frost, we also live our big close-knit family. I very much love the parents though the father at me nonnative, but I am so grateful to him that it met to us mother when we very difficult lived. The father loves me, both mother, and the brother too. He, however, should work hard that we did not need anything. But, as he speaks, all this is temporary, there will take place crisis and again everything will be good.

Father Frost, I wait I will not wait for a meeting with you. I after a trip will surely show to friends the pictures taken in your house, and they will change the opinion.

Say hello

to the assistants. Strong to you health, be not ill. Let`s surely meet! See you again.